Resilient Tulips Expected to Bloom On Time for Festival

tulipsHOLLAND, Mich. (April 3, 2014) — Tulip Time is a month away. Anticipation is growing, and so are the tulips. In fact, it’s the biggest question on people’s minds after a very cold and wet winter.

While it’s was quite blustery outside the Tulip Time office in downtown Holland, Thursday, inside was filled with color and thoughts of spring.

Even after the city of Holland was blanketed under at least 115 inches of snow this winter, Executive Director Gwen Auwerda says the flowers are expected to peak just in time for the week-long festival.

“The flowers are really resilient so they can handle a lot of the cold,” explain Auwerda. “They can even handle a little bit of snow in the month of April.”

Their bright green stems can be seen piercing the soil outside the offices. It was a much different story compared to 2012, when a mild winter combined with unseasonably warm weather early spring, caused the tulips to bloom in March.

“There’s over 6 million tulips planted all over the city between the attractions in the city and the parks,” said Auwerda. “Lots of color, lots of great tulips to be able to look at.”

The city plants early, mid and late-blooming tulips so something will be in bloom for 21 days once they begin.

There are also new features to this year’s Tulip Time, including a chance for people to dress their dogs up in Dutch costume and be part of the Volksparade. To learn more about the events, click here. Tulip Time runs May 3-10.

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