Man Stomps and Kills Cat, Defends Actions to FOX17

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

CEDAR SPRINGS, Mich (April 11, 2014) – A Cedar Springs man faces a felony charge for allegedly killing a cat that ran into his home and started fighting with his two dogs.

cat killer image

Michael Stackhouse (Friday, April 11th)

The incident happened at a home in the Cedar Springs Mobile Estates on Monday just before 4:00 p.m.

Investigators say a homeowner called police saying a cat had jumped over a partial door barrier into a mobile home and was now fighting with their two dogs.

“I was walking into my kitchen, this cat jumps over that and into my house.”, said Michael Stackhouse.  “It goes into my kitchen. I tried to grab it to “shoo” it out the door.”

“I grabbed it with one hand and I yanked it away out from underneath the bed and away from the dogs and when I did that it hit the wall or the door jam or something.”, said Stackhouse.

The 9-1-1 caller later informed dispatch that the cat may have been killed by her husband.

“It started twitching. I didn’t mean to hurt it. I was just trying to get it out and away from the dogs and in the process it got hurt.”, said Stackhouse.

Michael Patrick Stackhouse, 35, of Cedar Springs is accused of throwing the cat into the street in front of children and neighbors.

Investigators say he later admitted to stomping on the cat’s head to put it out of its misery because it was lying in the street twitching from seizures.

“When you have 15 to 20 people all around you and I wasn’t thinking clearly. I wasn’t and I do feel bad. I did stomp the cat in front of god and everybody.”, said Stackhouse.  “Yes, it was my wrongful judgment in stomping that cat. You know, what I’m calling, telling everybody euthanizing.”

“The cat came into my house. I was just trying to defend my house. My wife, she’s allergic to cats. It was fighting with my dog. I got tiny kids. I don’t know what that cat is going to do. I didn’t know nothing about this cat.”, said Stackhouse.

On Wednesday, Stackhouse was arrested on a felony charge of Animal Cruelty Causing Death.  He’ll be back in court for a preliminary examination later this month.

Stackhouse says he’s facing up to 8 years in prison if convicted instead of 4 years because of prior convictions for home invasion and drugs.

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  • :o)

    Dear Judicial system,

    Please incarcerate this scum ball to the fullest extent of the law or your capability.

    Please remember that those who sacrifice/abuse animals usually have or will injure, abuse or even kill human beings.

    My guess is this is not the first time this no good monster has done this.


    His wife is just as bad if she stays with this troll-

    Condoning this reprehensible behavior! Get out and get out quick lady! Because you or your children (if you have any) May be next!!!

  • localdog

    if the cat ran into a home where it was occupied by people and dogs then isnt that home invasion? i believe the guy had every right to take care of his homestead. cats are just crazy.

    • *****

      Homestead? He lives in a “trailer” That hardly qualifies as a homestead! Never the less, It was a domestic cat, Not a cougar! Hmm, So you condone beating and killing small animals? If so, You are just as bad, You piece of debri!

      • animal lover

        homested trailer isnt it still his? the "Stray cat" is twice the size of the dog. how much attention did you pay to the broad cast? he didnt beat it and no one is sure it wasnt dead before he stomped on it. Why are you even commenting? you clearly didnt pay attention.

    • private-anonymous-guest

      @Localhog, Soo, I guess with your so called logic, It should have been within his victims right to have him killed for invading their home, right?
      And to dispatch his neighbors cat right in front of his children? I think that would fall under the definition of child abuse-
      Lets see, Drug charges, Home invasion, Killing a cat in front of children, Yes.. What an upstanding individual he is!
      (sarcasm intended)

    • Ssgbestwife

      The whole story they tell is full of lies. Lies don’t make sence truth is logical in realality their kid was probably playing with it and then the switch was flipped and the crazy came out. A declawed kitten doesn’t scratch they run (logic) anyone who defends them is trying to rationalize their own guilt for their own past actions.

  • John

    If any unknown animal barged into my house and started attcking my animals, while I had two young kids inside the house… I’d assume it had rabies and do whatever was necessary to get it out of the home.

    And back in my day, when an animal is dying, you killed it instead of letting it suffer. All of you feel good hippies wanted that cat to suffer extreme pain and die a slow death for 30 mins to an hour before animal control shows up? How is that humane? Geesh. If you’ve ever seen an animal in death throes, your only thought is to end it as quickly as possible. But most of you have never really had to deal with ending a life other than having a vet walk your kitty out of sight so you can pretend precious didn’t jerk and seize as while it died. It’s life. Grow up.

        • Ssgbestwife

          Lies lies lies the origanal story was when he reach under the bed to grab it it scratch him as reflex he tossed it slamming into the doorframe that was why it was twitching then later found out it was declawed so story changed. Lies change truth stay the same that why he was convicted. The legal system did its job now if judge give him the max all is justified.

    • REK

      Sooo john if that was your pet would u want the person who did this to consult u first or just go ahead and kill it? I myself have had to put animals out of their misery and i didn ‘t do it by stomping the poor thing to death. If the cat was hiding under a bed then the cat was scared and only trying to hide. If the cat did “attack” like the guy said then it was only self defense. Imagine if u had four creatures twice your size barking in your face… WTF would u do? And this guy acts like the cat picked his locks and broke in his homestead aka trailer. The guy had his door wide open with a flimsy piece of plywood in the doorway just inviting any one or anything in. Cats and dogs can jump in case u didn ‘t know. And is the cat supposed to know the laws about entering a home uninvited? Jesus Christ hopefully no one sees u having a heart attack and takes it upon themselves to put u out of your misery right then and there.

      • animal lover

        do your research the cat was twice the size of his dogs. if he was inviting any thing in he wouldent have blocked his door. and a person should only be exspected to control their own animals not other peoples. it seems like his were under control. where is the cat owners responsibility in all this

      • animal lover

        Why should you have to go in serch of a pet owner? the pet should be under the owners control. if you watched the report then you should know that the cat is twice the size of the dog. how long would that animal have suffered while he tried to find the owner or waited for animal control? Have you ever made a complaint to them? They may respond – the next day if your lucky. If you see his gate (all a gate is -is plywood) it looked over 4 feet tall – seems appropreate to me. certinly good enough to contain the animals he is responsible for

      • a friend

        where do you get the number four from? do you think you know what your talking about? his mom died a year ago of a heart attack and the coriner said she wouldent have made it to the hospital so i can only hope god did every thing in his power to take her as fast as he could. a slow death is not one i wish on any person or animal. nothing should suffer not even for a moment

    • deborah stackhouse

      I had 4 children in my home and 3 adults he truly didnt mean to hurt it it was an accident when he pulled it out – i think it was already dead – it never moved on its own the blond on the reports saying all the crap freaked out screaming in his face a crowd gathered around – the neighborhood drunk fallowed him in the office calling him names and thretning him.the cat wasnt twitching from seasures – it was twitching but it was like when u throw frog legs in a pan. i called the cops when the blond was tripping and the crowd was gathering – the manager told me to call because we thought people were going to go after him. when he tried to come home from telling the manager what had happened they gathered around him – the blond still flipping out. a lot is not mentioned in these news reports. All the same I appreciate your support lord knows we need it

  • Kallie

    He had every right to defend his house. And yeah put it out of its misery if it's in pain! It's a cat people, not a child! Gonna spend 3 grand to save it while kids starve all around the world? I don't think so!

      • Kallie

        The point is is that this is a ridiculous charge! There are bigger problems facing the world today than a man euthanizing a cat. Spend all the money on jail and a trial for this? That's ridiculous. There are so many more bigger problems in the world!

          • in your face

            MVD, How does it feel to be a cat killer, You Coward!
            Yeah, Everyone knows it is you using a different identity! Enjoy prison bitch!

        • Normal Norman

          No, the point is that there is a man who has prior felony convictions for God knows what roaming free in our society. One who is capable of stomping a living, feeling being to death without regard to witnesses, which tells anyone with a conscience about the absence of morals or conscience with this guy.
          It's just a cat today, tomorrow? Who knows?
          I personally do not want this guy in my society, and as for the level of the world's problems…there have been organizations around for a century trying to feed the world. Appropriately punishing this ghoul isn't going to detract from those organization's efforts.
          You're throwing red-herrings as an imitation to being rational.

          • animal lover

            yes a man with prior felonys but how long ago? 10 years 15 how long must he pay? About those felonys arnt we trying to legalize weed? should we hold it aginst him?

          • dumb asses

            yep he gets 8 years while a woman gets caught trying to hire someone to kill her husband yet she only gets 6 years – his was a damn accident that went wrong! she was planning a human murder – so ass backwards

          • norman (capt. dick)

            no i believe she has it correctly just last summer a group of residents in the same park watched a cedar springs officer put a cat down! what because hes a cop he has more rights – idts! state law has no specifications for an emergency euthinization. it dont say who must do it or how- they believe it was dead already any way. so hes goes to jail for stomping on a dead animal! WHAT EVER!!! ALL OF YOU JUST STUPID!!

        • private-anonymous-guest

          You are right, There are bigger problems in this world, And they are all due to people like you who trivialize situations like this, No compassion for even the smallest of animal? BTW, He did not euthanize this animal, He murdered it you twit! He admitted he hurled it through the air, Thus, causing its “injury” Cats are very agile- He would have had to use extreme force!
          So Don’t pretend this criminal was being compassionate!

          • animal lover

            he didnt hurl it he tossed its but back out the door just like any of the rest of it would. damn thing isnt a friend if you treat it like a guest it will come back.

    • *****

      Anonymous, You are right!
      I have a feeling most of these comments defending that camo wearing pig are either him or his delusional family! It was a small cat, How much damage could it do? I don’t believe his story that it just came into his so called “house”-
      He is white trash, Just look at his appearance, He needs to be put out of pain-constipated looking pig!

      • guest

        You're an idiot. That cat was terrorizing his family. I love all animals, but my family comes first. Get back in your hole, loser.

    • animal lover

      he didnt abuse it – it was injured upon removal! things happen and yes this was unfortunate but it happened. Now are you so narrow minded that you find it safe to assume all people who live in trailers are trash?

  • ᙓᔕᙅO

    Apparently he couldn't handle this manageable situation properly. The first thing to do is secure the dogs somewhere else which would've made things easier to control. Stackhouse turned this situation into an indoor fox hunt IMO.
    Tossing this injured and dying cat into the view of children & putting it out like a cigarette doesn't work for me either. He probably gave those kids nightmares after that. Total incompetence. x (

      • Derp

        Sure you do, cowering in the corner won't work like what you're suggesting.
        If you can't approach your dog while it's going after a cat then your dog doesn't consider you the master. You just feed it, otherwise you're just a putz to it.

      • private-anonymous-guest

        Well it seems that this moron is all offended and “fearful” about a house cat breaking into his a-hem… “House trailer”,
        Gee, I wonder how the people felt when he broke into their house?
        Yes folks, This POS has been to prison on drug charges and home invasion! So, Defenders of this twits actions on beating a neighbors cat…
        Do you NOW feel he was justified? I hope he goes straight to prison, After all, Jeffery Dahmer started out abusing and killing animals as well-
        Just sayin.

        • animal lover

          Yes hes been to jail for weed are we really going to hold the thing we all fight to be legal aginst him? As far as home invasion – that covers so many things. You wernt there were you?

      • in your face

        A fighting animal? It was a cat you brain dead panty waste! If a little cat bothers him, Puleease!
        He is a bully that needs a good beating himself!
        I hardly believe he cares about allergies, Especially since these types usually beat their wives and children, Just look at the skank-
        A picture says it all!

        • deb

          this is the wife – if you know it all your invited to visit me to i may not be him but im more than happy to take a stand for him. im not afraid of your threts ill be right here at home waiting cus he dont make me work. im not abused or the kids. come visit like the rest of the threts and false crap- HES THE PASSIVE ONE!!! Im not So Fuck*ing nice!!! I dont have a background and im not afraid of jail- i will go if thats what it takes to stand up for him.

      • Ssgbestwife

        A clawless cat people use your brains he should go to jail if this action was ignored who is to say the next one won’t be the death of a child. Be rational use you common sence stop defending th sadistic dredge of society fight about something worth fighting over like UFO’s

    • deb

      when u have animals fighting under the bed u grab the one you see first- if he tried to pick and choose then they could be hurting each other while your playing eany meany miny moe! it wasnt a damn game the cat is twice the size of my dog dumb ass – were lucky she didnt loose an eye. meanwhile my 12 year old 10 pounder suffered a hip injury- but of course no one cares that a damn stray costs the life of my family pet. yep and oh the nightmares – then maybe the kids shouldent be yelling at him to. the reports dont mention the neighborhood bully is one of the kids – im constantly seeing him doing crule crap to the other kids – he just enjoyed the attention from the news crews.

  • Hate Mean People

    Try and stomp me…buster..
    Or for that matter..try and invade my home…
    See how that shit works out for ya when your victim isn't helpless …..boy..

      • in your face

        betternu, Yeah right! YOU are the clueless 3 X loser, YOU scuz bag! Everyone knows these posts are from you , You Home invading druggie cat killer!

    • deb

      hi im the wife your invited to come by and try. you know excatly shit about shit and your going to make threts. the news gave u my address and u just go ahead and try – ill be waiting for u

      • Jase

        You’re really inviting people to come to your house and threatening them. Don’t you have kids? You’re ok with your piece of shit husband murdering a cat to protect your family but you’re willingly telling people to come to your home, inviting danger to your house where your kids live? Really? Talking about “I’ll be waiting.” You’re gross. Your husband is going to be taken care of. Hopefully your kids are taken away from cause you and your pathetic man are obviously inbreds. Give your kids up to someone who can give them a good life. Hopefully they’ll het a mother who can spell properly and isn’t full of ignorance. And maybe a father who doesn’t muder animals then try to justify it. Karma will get him. Please know that. He has a lot of people waiting to get their hands on him. See ya!

    • fam friends

      you know so much about them that you assume they will hide who they are? deb dont hide shit!!!! whats really funny about what your saying is the cat owners boyfriend is running from the law! wanted on a felony warrent – tried to fight with and disarm an officer – his crimes make mike look like a light weight. he went to their home just as his pet did and caused problems. when the cops were called on him the cedar police warned the wanted felon and sent him on his way!!!
      Id like to let you all in on a secret!!!!

  • Hate Mean People

    There is no way to justify this. anyone with a brain knows a lost cat would go into a house if it could.
    its happens here and I have dogs, some mean SOB tossed the kitten out of a car in front of my house and the cat came looking for help..
    I din't kill it, like this mean, stupid red neck, guess what…I HELPED IT and I don't like cats.
    Found it a home and a few days latter when the cat was healed from the abuse some dumb idiot inflicted on the innocent cat i brought her to her new home.
    what in the hell makes people think they can just abuse and kill things for no reason?
    what a sick, twisted messed up effing world this is.

    Well i won't tolerate it, don't let me catch you, i'll turn your ass in so fast it's make your thick head spin

    • mvd

      There was a reason you moron. I'm sure you would feel differently if a cat came into your home and started attacking you or your pet.

    • animal lover

      Maybe people like you are part of the problem. do you set out food for the strays to? maybe if people would stop feeding every cat that walked by then this one would not have thought it was ok to go in his home.

    • animal lover

      Ive called animal control before about a cat – i know its not 911 but they wont do any thing the shelters are so over run with cats that they dont want any more. Where i live its so over run with stray and wild cats we agreed to set live traps for animal control but they wont come pick the animal. Stray cats over populating an area can be a serious problem.

    • deb

      this is not the first cat to get in my house – its only the first one to get hurt. i have called the cops – to let your cat run loose on a constant can be classified as neglect and a lot of cat owners do it – it is also illegal to feed strays but a lot of people do it. the catch is if the cops dont see it they cant do any thing about it. ive called animal control and on the machine it says we dont handle cat removal or barking dog complaints. so you can call all u want for help it dont mean you will get it

  • Albeit

    and… If God was watching how come he didn't stop the cat or the dude? He's supposed to be everywhere and know everything. He helps those football players out a lot. Maybe he was too busy at an NBA game.

    • private-anonymous-guest

      Up your dosage of adderal or lay off of the marijuana and try to stay on track! Football players? NBA?

  • David L. James

    Feral cats are nasty, worthless animals. I know very little detail as to what occurred because I was not there, but prison time for this is reflective of this crazy society.

      • Sandy Brown

        did he say that cat was feral or was he making a general statement – that's what I thought – would coulda shoulda.

      • animal lover

        If a stray came in to my home unwelcome unknown and unwanted I would consider it safe to assume it was feral or that any number of things could be wrong with a stray animal. I would want it out as fast as possible – get it away from the animals and children Now!!

  • andy

    Why is not there a law for cats to be controlled like dogs have to be, had the cat been on it's own property and or in its house like this mans dogs then this would have never had happened. Cats do not have to be licensed as dogs do but yet they are allowed to run around free as they want, get into other peoples houses and or garages, they carry disease just as a dog can and if it is a wild cat probably carries rabies.
    If a cat that I had not seen before came into my house and attacked a dog it would make me believe it was sickly and or had rabies and therefore would also get it out or stop it from attacking anyway at my disposal.

    • Rebecca

      Many areas do have those laws — but they're seldom if ever enforced.

      ….I wonder if people would be having the same knee-jerk righteous reactions if what entered his house and attacked his dogs was a raccoon, sewer rat, rattlesnake or another dog?

  • MVD

    If a person had broken in to his home he would have been justified in shooting and killing him. But he's facing prison time for defending his pets and kids from a cat? What is wrong with all you idiots who think he deserves to be punished? And he only killed it because he didn't want it to suffer more than it was. Totally justified

  • (-_-;)

    Imagine if that cat was a person. I bet killing a person for breaking into your home and terrorizing your children and pets would be completely acceptable. But oh no! A cat was killed for doing just that! Better send the guy to prison. Ridiculous.

  • Derp

    It must've took a while to mop up all those chewing tobacco trails he left chasing the cat around his mobile shack. Oh well, crack another Pabst and throw on some nascar. Pfft! hillbillies.

  • in your face

    You people defending the actions of this criminal is laughable, It was a domestic feline I.E. a regular house cat and you are all talking like it was a mountain lion!

    Defending his home etc. You dingbats! That fug bag is a masochistic deviant who should be punished beyond what the law accounts for because he is a repeat offender!

    If allowed off on this offense, Trust me, You will hear about him committing another crime against a human, You can make bank on it!

    • a friend

      I.E – trying to seem all smart! fallow the report better it was a rescued stray. did we not see the news report where the cat just attacked what looks like a pit bull – cats can be evil mean creatures when they want or need – same as we all can! get your facts straight- oh you cant – you wernt there so you have no facts

  • woodsman001

    That cat needs to be tested for rabies, or any of the other 3+dozen deadly diseases that cats carry and spread to humans today. (Even the plague is alive and well thanks to cats, people have already died from cat-transmitted plague in the USA.) He should have been applauded and given a reward for saving everyone in his neighborhood from having to undergo $5000-$8000 rabies shots per person, or at least the next child or human that would have been attacked by that cat. ANY cat exhibiting that kind of behavior needs to be destroyed on the spot and then safely disposed of to prevent anything else from catching whatever it has.

  • woodsman001

    A friend was attacked by a cat while working in his garage with the door open one time. The nearest thing within reach was a 2×4 for defense. He eventually had to bat it with the 2×4, many times, even that didn't stop it. Each time he tried to hit it away it became even more relentless and vicious. He eventually had to bash its head to a pulp with the 2×4 to make it stop.

    He actually got scared of a cat for the first time in his life, or scared of any animal for that matter. He's a hunter, horseman, and avid outdoorsman. He had never ran into any other animal during his whole life that was so persistent and vicious as that before. That cat died as it deserved. He was only glad his little girl was inside the house and didn't have to see him do that. Or worse, have her run into that cat first without him being there to destroy that cat to save her from it.

    To protect his family and own animals (even his own cats) from diseased stray cats he now destroys any that are unknown and roaming free. As do I. As does everyone in my part and other parts of the country. Not everyone is a self-deluded bliss-ninny when it comes to these diseased vermin cats.

    • LaBella

      My friend read some of your posts and she is 100% backing you. Her neighbors ferals are pooping all over her yard, and harassing her own indoor properly contained cats on a daily basis as well as harassing my friends dogs, AND she has noticed since the cats moved in, the birds at her feeders have disappeared.
      This is someone that is a cat breeder as well as a dog person.
      She suggested that you get yourself a pair of fisher cats. They were introduced into Maine to bring down the porcupine population and they are a protected species in Maine. They have been traveling down the north eastern corridor and apparently they find cats to be very tasty and easier to acquire than porcupines. I know you had issues with your natural wildlife being decimated on your property until you disposed of your “cat licker” hoarder neighbor cats. I also know you said that the cats killed wild creatures that ate the cats… But this is a natural solution and could probably keep your land clear of cats. Cause you know, mother fisher cats have to eat too.
      We know your feelings on cats. I personally think that this is the kind of cat you might actually like.

  • woodsman001

    The net is flooded with stories of feral and stray cat attacks. All of them resulting in many expensive and painful rabies shots for the unfortunate humans or their pets if the cat cannot be located again to destroy it and test it for rabies. Educate yourselves. If not, may a cat rip your face off one day too, that too has also been reported many times in the news. People have even permanently lost the use of limbs and eyes from cat-attacks.

    Two cases even report where rabid cats entered a home-owner's unlocked pet door, and another where the cat even came right through their ceiling in search of human-supplied foods. One attack so bad that the whole family required hospitalization. Everyone is under the suspicion that these are just "cute kitties", and not the wild disease-infested animals that they truly are, so they react the wrong way to them when they do show the slightest signs of aggression.

    • News_Hound

      If you look at "woodsman001's" profile, every comment he has is about his hatred for cats. We tried to look into this to find out why this is. We found his ex wife and she told us this;

  • woodsman001

    Here's another thing that you sociopathic cat-lickers never realize: Someone who will save the life of a cat over that of a human is not to be trusted by any other human alive on this planet. Not even you cat-lickers can trust your fellow cat-lickers to save each others' lives when it comes right down to it. Truth is, you'd even rather that your own family and friends die (if you have any) than any of your deadly disease-infested cats. Sociopaths and psychopaths, one and all — right to your very cores.

  • animal lover

    If any of you would do a little research this man clearly didnt intend to harm the animal. He grew up with cats dogs horses and other animals. he owns small dogs and did you see the little one? a full grown tom cat is twice its size. That cat could have put an eye out at the least. The situation called for fast action. I can see how an animal may get hurt

    • <?>

      Can you see how children would be traumatized while he stomped out his trophy kill too? Sure an animal can get hurt if you're dumb enough to not remove the dogs from the area first. He got as excited as the dogs did and acted like one of them until it was stompin' time. Are the neighborhood kids scared of him now?

      • animal lover

        i can see how any one would be but it is a fact of life that bad things do happen and as parents it is our job to do the best we can with the situation and move on. As for removing the dogs he already explained they were under the bed to. he has small dogs – they showed a picture. the cat is bigger than the dog.

      • deb

        no he genrally dont bother any one- im the one that pisses ppl off. honestly i could care less if every ones disrespectful spoiled inconsiderate self intitled snob is scared or not – honestly i hope they are then maybe they will stop cutting threw my yard. all i care about is my kid listning and fallowing the rules – he does so im a happy camper

  • Ssgbestwife

    It’s amazing how many names the same person has trieing to make it look like you have support? Try the truth ! You are exactly what you were raised to be evil. No one in there right mind would be friends with this evil and the defense of this behavior was handled by the lawyer thank god she went to testifie on his behave ,she made it worse (LOL) her ignorance was bliss for the prosecution.