Tulip Time Festivities have Sprouted, Despite Fewer Tulips

HOLLAND, Mich. (May 4, 2014) – This weekend marked the first big days of Tulip Time in Holland. Dutch dancers, arts and crafts vendors, and families filled the streets in excitement.

“When you hear that clumping on the streets in Holland, then everybody knows locally Tulip Time is here,” said Judy Tuinenga, an event planner with Tulip Time.

Little ones played and marched in Dutch outfits helping to kick-off the festive season.

“A busy, fun, festive time in Holland, kind of a kick-off to Spring with the tulips,” said Brooke McKinney, a Holland resident.

Two hundred-fifty vendors unpacked their goods in a bustling Centennial Park during one of the festival’s first events, its arts and crafts show.

“A very special time in Holland: the Tulip Time Festival has a long, long history and it’s just a time where people come out of the woodwork, they’re out in the streets and enjoying the festival together,” said Tuinenga.

Event planners said the festival makes an estimated $10 million impact on the area, and called Tulip Time a true community event.

“It’s not just the immediate festival events that might benefit, but certainly our community partners and the downtown merchants, restaurants, and hotels; it brings a lot of people and really gives our whole economy a boost,” explained Tuinenga.

Throughout the festival around 70 performances feature 1,000 Dutch dancers; at one point, organizers said four generations danced together.

“People are so kind, so friendly, it’s so refreshing; it’s not that way everywhere. I really love our whole community, and that’s what it is a community effort,” added Tuinenga.

It’s a festive kick-off to Tulip Time, no matter how many tulips have already sprouted this spring.

Organizers said tickets for Tulip Time events are still available. Tickets can be purchased at the doors of most events, at the Tulip Time Festival office on 8th Street in Holland, or at the festival website.

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