West Michigan communities impacted by frozen pipes

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BATTLE CREEK, Mich. — A series of frozen pipes and waterlines have kept city workers busy this winter.

Officials across West Michigan encourage residents to keep a gentle flow of water running to prevent freezing, as the cold temperatures carry on through the early part of the month. The flow of the stream should be about the same size as a pencil to prevent waterlines from freezing.

Battle Creek residents were notified Feb. 27 to keep their water running. Officials said that once the weather warms up, another notification will be sent out letting them know there is no need to keep the water running.

In Kalamazoo,  residents are also being told to keep the water running after the city officials received 176 calls about frozen pipes, according to the Kalamazoo Gazette.

In Otsego, cold temperatures are affecting residents along West Hammond, West Orleans, McKinley, East Franklin, East Orleans, Water and Court streets.

City officials advise residents they will be notified when it’s safe to turn off the running water.  Those running their water are asked to contact city hall to receive proper credit on their bill.

Below is a list of the addresses affected in Battle Creek:

N.  20th  St: from 9 N. 20th St. to 189 N. 20th St. (odd numbers only)

N. 21st St: from 15 N. 21st St. to 194 N. 21st St.

N. 22nd St: from 11 N. 22nd St. to 194 N. 22nd St.

N. 23rd St: from 10 N. 23rd St. to 191 N. 23rd St.

N . 24th St: from 66 N. 24th St. to 194 N. 24th St.

N . 25th St: from 5 N. 25th St. to 196 N. 25th St.

N. 26th St: from 7 N. 26th St. to 182 N. 26th St.

N. 27th St: from 10 N. 27th St. to 146 N. 27th St.

N . 8th St: from 14 N. 28th St. to 146 N. 28th St.

N. 29th St: from 5 N. 29th St. to 151 N. 29th St.

N. 0th St: from 12 N. 30th St. to 145 N. 30th St.

N. 31st St: from 4 N. 31st St. to 144 N. 31st St.

N.  32nd St: from 3 N. 32nd St. to 142 N. 32nd St.

N. 33rd St: from 81 N. 33rd St. to 150 N. 33rd St.

Floral Drive: from 124 Floral Dr. to 202 Floral Dr.

W. Goguac St: from 1109 W. Goguac St. to 1923 W. Goguac St. (odd numbers only)

N . Elmer Road: from 98 N. Helmer Rd. to 130 N Helmer Rd. (even numbers only)

W. Highland Blvd: from 709 W. Highland Blvd. to 1922 W. Highland Blvd.

W. Territorial Road: from 1000 W. Territorial Rd. to 2542 W. Territorial Rd. (even numbers only)

Walsh Street: from 3 Walsh St. to 23 Walsh St. (odd numbers only)

For a look at the map, click here: Run_Water_MapMar2015


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