Pediatric Dermatology at Helen DeVos Children’s Hospital

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

Kids of all ages can get skin problems ranging from a newborn with a birthmark, to a teenager with acne.

Dr. Rachel Laarman, a pediatric Dermatologist at Helen DeVos Children's Hospital, can in to talk about a new program that can help providers diagnose and treat the wide variety of skin conditions kids can get.

Two of the biggest skin conditions kids get are acne and eczema.  Other common conditions that occur in children are rashes, moles, warts, hair loss disorders, birthmarks, and pigmentary disorders.


The new pediatric dermatology program is the first in-house pediatric dermatologist in West Michigan.  The program focuses solely on pediatric patients ranging from newborns to young adults 21 years or younger.

Helen DeVos Children's Hospital partners up with Pediatric Plastic Surgery, working closely with the vascular malformations, neurofibromatosis, and tuberos sclerosis clinic to make sure kids are getting the proper treatment they need. The partnerships within the hospital also make the process much more convenient for families.

When a child has a chronic, on-going skin condition, it's time to seek special treatment. Many skin conditions can be managed by a pediatrician, but when a problem continues in spite of treatments or requires more treatments, it's time to go see a specialist at Helen DeVos.

*The Helen DeVos Pediatric Dermatology center is located at located at 320 Michigan Avenue. For more information on their pediatrician dermatology program or to schedule an appointment, call (616) 486-5885.


*Location and contact information in the video are incorrect. The information has been corrected in the written article.

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