Live – Victim Statements in Sentencing of Dr. Larry Nassar

Man gets his lawn mowed during tornado

THREE HILLS, Alberta (Fox 8) – A tornado touched down in Canada on Friday – but it wasn’t the massive funnel cloud that got all the attention after the storm passed.

It was this picture of Theunis Wessels, mowing his lawn as the tornado spun in the background behind him that captured everyone’s attention:

His wife snapped the picture, telling the Canadian Press that cutting the grass was on her husband’s to do list that evening. She went to take a nap shortly after he started mowing.

She was awakened by her daughter, who told her that there was a tornado in the sky and that “dad wouldn’t come inside.”

Well, he had a lawn to mow.

In his defense, Wessels says that the twister really was much further away than it looked in the picture and it was moving away from their location. In fact, their neighbors were out taking pictures of the storm, which did not cause any injuries. The only damage reported was to a barn.

“I was keeping an eye on it,” he promised.

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