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Locket with child’s ashes found in Allegan not connected with Niles missing locket

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. - Dozens of FOX 17 viewers have been contacting us today regarding the story about a Niles woman who lost a locket that contained her son's ashes.

Tosha Fitzhugh found a similar locket at the Vitale's Restaurant in Allegan earlier this week and posted it on Facebook. She now has almost 3,000 shares, with many people telling FOX 17 that they found the locket that went belonged to Amanda Shears of Niles. Unfortunately, these are different lockets.

The locket Fitzhugh found is a heart with wings sprouting out the back. On the back, it says "RIP Erin 6-13-2014." It wasn't on a chain. Fitzgugh suspects it contains the ashes of a loved one, possibly a child.

Fitzhugh says she's happy she's found the locket and wants to return it to its owner. If you know who it might belong to, you can call the newsroom at 616-364-1717.

Shears' locket remains missing, however. It's a silver heart with wings folded on top of it on a gold chain.

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