School closings and delays

Pay It Forward Nominations

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  • Monica Styczynski

    My bestfriend Frances Castillo. She is a hard worker and lost her only transportation in theft, she would help and give the shirt off her back for Anyone! So I want to help her due to she’s always helped me ! She’s an amazing mom who just needs a little relief it’s going to be okay.

  • Jennifer Arroyo

    Carol Thomas my grandma. She is 82 years young and has done everything for her family and continues to volunteer her time to the community. She is the bravest and strongest woman I know. Angel sent from heaven who deserves something for her.

  • James

    My wife Terry. She has been through so much lately with the number of surgeries she has had and most recent one having a benign tumor removed which could of caused nerve damage to the left side of her face..Even after coming home and getting back on her feet she manages to keep everything in orddr ,she needs to pamper herself for once

  • Rebecca

    My mother Terri Randall because she gave up moving and starting her life without us kids, she gave that all up when… we found out my daughter has cerebral palsy. Now she works lots of hours to help me get back and forth to appointments for her and try to fix her van but it’s still about to die. I love her and I want her to know this