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Cassandra Arsenault joined the FOX 17 team in July 2014.
Before making the move to the west side of the state, Arsenault was a reporter at KION Central Coast News, the CBS affiliate in Monterey, California where she covered crime, gangs, and the wonders of the sea life the coast has to offer like the starfish wasting disease.

Before landing a job in the reporting world, Arsenault started as a live producer and assistant for Lara Spencer for Good Morning America, where she worked on the set every day. A year later she jumped to Nightline where she took a production role traveling the United States and producing some of her own pieces, and working closely with anchor Cynthia McFadden, one of her biggest mentors.

Arsenault graduated from New York University with a degree in both communications and film. While attending school she interned in the communications mecca of the United states with internships at MTV, ABC’S 20/20, CBS Radio, and Good Morning America.

Originally from the Boston Area, (Go Red Sox!) coming to West Michigan is a new adventure, one she’s loving more every day.

She’s looking forward to getting to know West Michigan viewers and telling their stories.

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    BANGOR, Mich. — Bangor School officials on Monday night discussed how the district handled fallout from two controversial videos involving staff members. In one of the videos, teachers are seen talking at a bar, playing an inappropriate game and allegedly mentioning students by name. The other one appears to show a teacher duct taping a kid to a chair. The videos eventually led to the resignation of two teachers and a secretary. Monday night, Bangor Schools Chief Operations Officer Dennis […]

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  • Clarksville building blown out during winds

    CLARKSVILLE, Mich. – Wednesday’s high winds claimed a building in Clarksville, Michigan. The former grocery store on Main Street lost its back wall and roof Wednesday afternoon. No one was in the building and no one was hurt.  The building was in the process of being renovated. The damage is so extensive that crews will be out all night.  Clarksville Fire Chief Bob Cronk says he would prefer to tear the building down, syaing it could fall at any moment. […]

  • Family reunites with first responders who helped deliver baby in Starbucks parking lot

    MIDDLEVILLE, Mich. — A baby being brought into the world is a beautiful thing, especially for the parents.  However, when nature takes its course and the mother is forced to give birth in a Starbucks parking lot, things can get a little hectic. That’s what happened to a Middleville woman last week, and on Tuesday she got to meet the first responders who helped bring her baby into the world. “The whole day I had some mild contractions,” said Jolene […]

  • Former assistant prosecutor will stand trial for 5-year felony

    GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. — Former Kent County Assistant Prosecutor Joshua Kuiper is heading to trial on felony charges following an alleged drunk driving crash in mid-November. The person injured by Kuiper, Daniel Empson, gave his first-hand account of his injuries. Also, one of his doctors talked about his shoulder injury. Kuiper’s council, Craig Haehnel, said he is “stunned” that they are heading to trial for a serious injury charge when a doctor said it was  minor injury in a preliminary hearing […]

  • Mayor Bliss in State of the City: ‘Our vision is to become a city of empowerment’

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    GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. — There’s no doubt that downtown Grand Rapids is booming with new restaurants, breweries, hotels and luxury apartments.  There are several new projects underway in the city, from a 42-story tower at 10 Ionia to the West Side super block and grocery store. But with so much growth, some neighborhoods on the West Side are raising their hands and telling the city to slow down. Tuesday night those residents had a chance to voice concerns with city […]

  • Two people use Holland woman’s Social Security number

    HOLLAND, Mich.— We need it to work to identify ourselves and even get loans. When it comes to our Social Security number, we expect it to stay secure. However, as some Americans find out from time to time that’s not always the case. One Holland woman found out that some state and Social Security departments have access that can prove someone else was using her number, but they don’t alert you. In this particular case, it wasn’t just one person […]