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  • Thorston Gedvick

    75-year-old felon arrested for violating parole: homeowners forgive him for past theft

    VAN BUREN COUNTY, Mich. – A 75-year-old Hartford man, and multi-convicted felon, was arrested Wednesday morning in Bangor Township for violating his parole requirements. Deputies arrested Thorston Gedvick at a home on the 62000 block of 36th Avenue in Bangor Township around 1 a.m. Wednesday. Gedvick was wanted for an outstanding felony fugitive warrant from the United States Federal District Court for the Western District of Michigan. According to deputies, Gedvick’s warrant was issued for failing to comply with his […]

  • Enterovirus testing

    Enterovirus D68 spreads to 12 states: 9-year-old hospitalized in Grand Rapids from respiratory illness

    GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. – Children across the country are fighting mild to severe respiratory illness brought on by Enterovirus. As of Tuesday, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) confirmed 130 people in 12 states have Enterovirus D68, an uncommon strain of the virus. According to the CDC, September is the middle of Enterovirus season, as they test hospital samples of suspected D68 to determine if the strain has hit Michigan. Now doctors and families wait for these test […]

  • Tri County Schools’ bus drives preschool student to wrong town, personnel call it a “little glitch”

    HOWARD CITY, Mich. – The first day of preschool for one family turned out to be longer than expected, after a Tri County Area Schools bus driver nearly drove a three-year-old student to an address that does not exist. Mother of the student Anne Gaylord told FOX 17 that the school district sent her son to Jones Road in Pierson, rather than the correct address on Jones Road in Howard City. Gaylord’s son is three-years-old—soon-to-be four-years-old, making the age cut-off […]

  • Ray Rice’s wife speaks out: West Michigan domestic violence resources

    WEST MICHIGAN – The video of NFL Baltimore Raven’s Running Back Ray Rice punching and knocking out his fiancé-now-wife has sparked nation-wide discussion about domestic violence. Since the NFL indefinitely suspended Rice, his wife and victim of Rice’s abuse, Janay Rice, released a statement in her husband’s defense. Tuesday, Janay Rice posted a statement to Instagram stating the following: “I woke up this morning feeling like I had a horrible nightmare, feeling like I’m mourning the death of my closest […]

  • turtle torture

    Outrage after West Michigan girl posts turtle mutilation on Facebook

    CEDAR SPRINGS, Mich. – A graphic video of siblings sawing off the head of a turtle was recently posted to Facebook, sparking controversy. Catrina Shears, 17, of Cedar Springs recently posted the 43 second video to Facebook. According to her comments, she was helping her brother take the head off a snapping turtle. She said they were in rush and could not find an ax. WARNING GRAPHIC VIDEO: See original Facebook video here Watching the video, you can see Catrina […]

  • GM announces driverless Cadillac by 2017

    DETROIT, Mich. – Driverless cars may hit the market sooner than thought. General Motors CEO Mary Barra announced GM’s plan to release a car with technology to drive itself by 2017. While speaking at the Intelligent Transport System World Congress in Detroit, Barra announced that the 2017 Cadillac model will be equipped with “super cruise” technology that will let it drive itself. According to GM, the technology will use radar and cameras to steer the car, keep it between lanes, […]

  • Greenville shooting scene. Courtesy: FOX 17 Photojournalist Cody Gould

    Gowen man shot and killed after homeowner found him naked, asleep on couch

    GREENVILLE, Mich. – John Russell III, 28, of Gowen was shot and killed after he fell asleep, naked, on a stranger’s couch Saturday morning, police said. Greenville Public Safety Director Mark Reiss said autopsy results showed Russell died of a gunshot wound to the torso, as investigators await toxicology results. As FOX 17 has reported, a single shot was fired around 7 A.M. Saturday on the 100 block of South Barry Street. Police received a call about a man wandering […]

  • Farmer catches thieves stealing from produce stand on camera

    LAWTON, Mich. – A Lawton farmer caught several thieves on camera stealing food and cash from his fresh produce stand, which uses the honor system and locked cash box, on M-40. Farmer Andrew Nesbitt posts surveillance videos from his stand’s trail cameras onto Facebook, which led Michigan State Police to identifying at these two suspects. One recent video shows a woman who blatantly loaded up her car with produce, including butternut squash, several bags of corn, and a basket full […]

  • sculpture

    Judge rules Saugatuck signage rules as unconstitutional

    SAUGATUCK, Mich. – The controversy over the art sculpture on 790 Lake St. may be over. Homeowners John Porzondek and Bryan Serman represented themselves in Allegan County District Court on Thursday. Judge Joseph Skocelas ruled the City of Saugatuck’s signage rules unconstitutional, and called the rules “censorship.” “The judge said, ‘if you wanted to Mr. Porzondek, you are free to put 100 signs, or more, on your lawn,'” said Porzondek. As FOX 17 reported, on July 9, the City of […]