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  • Holland woman keeps promise to deceased dad; saves falling white pine

    HOLLAND, Mich. — A Holland woman and her husband went to great heights to keep a promise made 16 years ago. Lynn Truhn’s father passed away in 1998 at the age of 78. Before his death, he asked her not to cut down a white pine that’s in her backyard in her wildlife sanctuary. The 120 foot tree has been bending more and more over the years. Truhn said white pines have weak roots. She and her husband, an engineer, came up […]

  • PHOTOS: We Love Our West Michigan Mutts

    WEST MICHIGAN — FOX 17 asked viewers to email pictures of their beloved mixed-breed dogs. They’re featured in this photo gallery. We tested DNA on two West Michigan dogs, and the pair’s owners found out their genetic background. A West Michigan veterinarian, as well as a geneticist with Mars Veterinary, said the tests can help determine predisposed disorders. Enjoy the gallery and thank you to those who sent in pictures! Follow Darren Cunningham on Facebook Send us your dog photos […]

  • Greenville mom needs life-changing procedure; insurance denies coverage, so far

    GREENVILLE, Mich. — A Greenville mother of three is battling a rare, debilitating disease called chronic inflammatory demyelinating polyneuropathy or CIDP. It’s a neurological disorder that impairs movement. Lori Mills, 37, said she learned a stem cell transplant could be the life-changing answer she needs. However, her insurance, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan denied coverage for the procedure. The denial letter calls the procedure ‘experimental’. So Mills’ mom started a gofundme account, found here. She’s has raised $9,640 so […]

  • Woman testifies against accused serial rapist in Kalamazoo

    KALAMAZOO, Mich. — Calvin Kelly’s rape case is heading to circuit court. Wednesday afternoon, the 57-year-old appeared in court for his preliminary hearing. His alleged victim testified against him. Kelly is accused of sexually assaulting a woman several times in one night in 2008. The Michigan Attorney General’s Office said Kelly’s DNA has also been linked to nine other rapes in Missouri, Virginia and Tennessee. These sexual assaults are said to have occurred between 1985 and 2010. The victim in […]

  • Portage public school employee contracts enterovirus

    PORTAGE, Mich. — Classes went on uninterrupted here at Haverhill Elementary today. Yesterday around 5:30 p.m., Portage Public Schools learned an employee has enterovirus. “I got a phone call around 8:00 (p.m.) saying that enterovirus had been detected here,” Kristen Waber, a parent said. That robocall went to Waber and nearly 500 other families and faculty members connected to Haverhill. “A little concerned, but you can’t panic,” Nathan Banks, another parent said. Banks added, “You have to take these things as they […]

  • Screen Shot 2014-10-13 at 5.46.26 PM

    Greenville: Cheapest gas in the USA for a short time

    GREENVILLE, Mich. — Every driver FOX 17 spoke with Monday in Greenville seemed to remember how much a gallon of gas cost when they first got their license. “When I first started driving it was around $1.19,” Derek Bodman said. “It was under a dollar,” a woman hesitantly said, then chuckled. Another driver said gas cost “about 25 cents a gallon.” That’s no where near the price at the pump nowadays. However, $2.55 is a steal, considering it’s the lowest […]

  • refundfence

    Kentwood family awaits $4,200+ Home Depot refund following incomplete fence job

    KENTWOOD, Mich. — Cherie Nauta and her family made it through the July 6th tornado unharmed. “We’re very fortunate, but it was also very unexpected and devastating given that it’s your first time you go through something like that,” Nauta said. However, the tornado destroyed her privacy fence behind her Kentwood home. Their insurance company wrote a check to replace it. Nauta contacted Home Depot and got a quote. They paid nearly $4,300 for a new fence and signed a […]

  • Phony landlord takes deposit, rent and disappears

    BATTLE CREEK, Mich. — Lora Thomas looked to move into a rental home to continue raising her two kids. She said she was out house hunting last week when she drove by 40 Ann Street in Battle Creek. The home had a “for rent” sign in the front yard. Thomas said she noticed two men doing work on the home, so she dropped in to check it out. She met a man who identified himself as the landlord. Days later, […]

  • Senior Citizen Scam

    Homeless man allegedly moves into senior citizen’s apartment, embezzles money

    GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. — Mary Rademacher helped police catch a  homeless man who allegedly moved into her aunt’s apartment at an independent living facility and stole from her. “It happens to other people. You read about it in the newspaper. It doesn’t happen to you, and who does this to elderly people?” Mary Rademacher questioned. Rademacher said her 84-year-old aunt suffers from dementia, and for the past 6 years her aunt has lived in Grandview Apartments in Grand Rapids. It’s […]