As a FOX 17 Problem Solver, I try to help people who feel they have nowhere else to turn. We have a great team that prides itself in getting results and seeing a situation through to the end.

I couldn’t have imagined having this opportunity when I began at FOX 17 in August 2011. Since then, I’ve reported on a wide range of issues and events happening around West Michigan.

Before helping launch Problem Solvers, I served as the Grand Rapids city commission beat reporter for two years. I covered the region’s largest municipal government.

My professional journalism career began in Lansing. I cut my teeth in the news business at WLNS.
From 2006 to 2011, I wore many hats and reported the news for my last 3 years in the Capital City.

Before that, I graduated from the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor. Go blue!

When I’m not reporting the news, I enjoy spending time with my family, volunteering at my church, and running long distance.

Recent Articles
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    Alleged purse snatcher caught after police release clear images

    GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. — Late Wednesday afternoon, police said they caught a 15-year-old purse snatching suspect. The capture happened within hours of Grand Rapids police releasing clear surveillance images. The robbery happened on July 8th in Downtown Grand Rapids. Police released an image then that wasn’t very clear. A detective with the Major Case Unit checked with area businesses and agencies and discovered the clearer images which were taken at a Rapid bus station and inside a bus. GRPD said […]

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    Family still in the dark following weekend storms

    GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. — Frederick Curtis and his family have been without power since Saturday following the storms. “We’re the only house that lost power,” Curtis said. A tornado hit parts of West Michigan on Saturday, and his Grand Rapids neighborhood felt some of the impact. Winds knocked down a tree apparently in his neighbors backyard and onto his SUV. That tree also snapped the pole on his meter which connects the electrical line to his house. The storm left […]

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    Neighbors help start cleanup in Ionia County following tornado

    IONIA COUNTY, Mich. — A small group of volunteers banded together to help clear some of the smaller branches on Jan and Chuck Sanders Orleans property. It was struck by a tornado, Saturday afternoon. “They knocked at the door this morning about 8 o’ clock this morning and told me they were here to help,” Jan Sanders said. It was a pleasant surprise for the 79-year-old. Sanders said neighbor Al Almy showed up to her Civil War-era home on his tractor. […]

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    Tornado damages Civil War-era home

    IONIA COUNTY, Mich. — Moments before an EF1 tornado snapped and uprooted dozens of trees around Jan and Chuck Sanders 150-year-old farmhouse, Mrs. Sanders said she was listening to weather coverage to keep tabs on the storm. “It looked like it was right over us or coming on soon,” she recalled. After yelling for everyone to take cover in the basement, Sanders said she went to shut the kitchen door and noticed a tree starting to snap. The tornado had […]

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    West Michigan doctor gives Georgia infant second chance at life

    GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. — Just three weeks ago, Loni Benau said she received discouraging news from doctors in Atlanta about her newborn Elijah Maliq Norman. The 28-year-old explained to FOX 17 that she had already had a difficult pregnancy. “They said there’s nothing that we can do for your baby,” Benau recalled. Baby Elijah was born five weeks premature at three pounds, fifteen ounces. He has a rare heart condition known as hypoblastic left heart syndrome. One heart chamber doesn’t […]

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    Autopsy results may toughen charges against Battle Creek man

    BATTLE CREEK, Mich. — Denise Priestly, 55, survived 9 hours after being struck in the head, according to Battle Creek police. What happened at Chateau Village Apartments appears to the end of a tragic history of domestic violence. Her boyfriend, 61-year-old Steve Harmon Jr., is accused of beating her. In court, the magistrate told him, “Assault with intent to murder carries a maximum penalty of up to life in prison.” Harmon interjected, “Uh, can I say one thing your honor? […]

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    Teens shot, bullets fly into Grand Rapids apartments

    GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. — Police are looking for two men responsible for shooting two teenagers on Grand Rapids northeast side, Sunday afternoon. Authorities said the injuries aren’t serious, however, there was lots of property damage. Among the shell casings, police tape, and uniformed officers, a pair of sliding doors stood out at a crime scene on the 1800 block of Bradford Street Northeast. Bullets shattered the glass at the Cambridge Square Apartments. “I’m like, ‘Where do I live at?’ I feel like […]

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    MSU professor unlocks murder victim’s phone with 3D fingerprint

    EAST LANSING, Mich. — A Lansing murder left police baffled, and they believed a smartphone held answers to key questions. However, the phone was locked and required the victim’s fingerprint to unlock it. So the Lansing Police Department turned to Michigan State University’s Digital Forensics Unit for help. “We have a forensic lab here, all the software you need to get into phones, or at least most phones, and they didn’t have those resources. So we were more than happy to […]

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    Police: Graffiti linked to Pokemon Go

    PORTLAND, Mich. — Police need your help locating three people believed to be responsible for spraying graffiti throughout the city. Three young men were spotted running from the Baptist church on Friday, according to a statement on the Portland Police Department Facebook Page. The pastor told police the men had bandannas covering their faces. It’s also believed the trio  were also inside the First Congregational Church. Portland police chief David Kirk said all of the locations that were tagged have one […]