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Garry has been with FOX 17 since April of 2015, coming to West Michigan from the sunniest place on the planet in Yuma, Arizona. He graduated from the University of Missouri and has been interested in the weather since he was a child in Kansas City, Missouri. He’s a scratch golfer and you’ll likely find him teeing it up after he completes his early morning shift on FOX 17 Morning News.

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    February goes out with a rumble

    WEST MICHIGAN – It’s no secret that it’s been incredibly warm for the month of February, so it shouldn’t surprise us that we’re expecting thunderstorms on the last day of the month. Another warm front and disturbance off to our southwest will be the catalyst for our rain producing storms the next 36 hours. Expect the total opposite of what we experience Monday morning for Tuesday’s commute.  It will be rainy and warm just about the entire time you’re likely […]

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    Daylight saving begins in two weeks

    WEST MICHIGAN —  A lot of people have asked me recently “When do we set the clocks forward?”  That’s coming up pretty quickly, and is actually two weeks from today! This year’s entrance to Daylight Saving Time begins Sunday, Mar 12th at 2 AM.  Many people won’t feel this transition too much, but you may notice it on Monday morning as it’s darker earlier, with the sun staying out much later in the day. We’re already gaining 3 minutes of […]

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    Enhanced severe weather threat today

        WEST MICHIGAN-  We’ve already seen several rounds of thunderstorms this morning, and we’ve got more on the way later on.  Severe weather is more likely this afternoon as we’re looking at the main disturbance moving into our area from the southwest. A low pressure center off to our southwest will push into our area by this afternoon.  As the associated warm front moves in, expect temperatures south of Grand Rapids to soar near 70 degrees in some locations. […]

  • spc-severe-dma

    Severe thunderstorms possible Friday

    WEST MICHIGAN- With several consecutive days of temperatures in the 50s and 60s in West Michigan, it’s gotten to feel quite a bit like spring of recent. With that said, in order to balance things out and make them feel more like spring, Mother Nature has offered us a possibility for severe weather on Friday.  The Storm Prediction Center already has West Michigan under some sort of severe threat for Friday.  Even a few places along the Michigan-Indiana line are […]

  • feb-17

    Three years of February weather from space

    WEST MICHIGAN — It’s no secret that warmer temperatures this week have had a lot of people in Michigan scratching their heads as to what has caused this warm air, and also maybe wondering how this has compared to recent Februaries on record. We’ll start with this date in February of 2015.  The left image is a MODIS satellite image of the Mitten State two years ago.  This is a high quality satellite image which depicts exactly what you would […]

  • record-watch-2

    Heading for records this weekend

    WEST MICHIGAN-  It’s mid February and we would normally be happy with a day like yesterday.  A little bit of sunshine, very little wind, and temps in the mid 30s.  Great, right?  That’s about normal for February, but looking ahead to the weekend, that’s the worst day we’ll see if you’re a fan of the warmer weather. A warm front off to our southwest will slowly make its way into our area today, and this will help catapult our temperatures […]

  • Tiger Woods

    Golf courses open this weekend

    WEST MICHIGAN-  It’s hard to believe that we’re talking about golf in February (that doesn’t involve the golf show,) but that is certainly the case.  While it may be a tad wet, with no snowpack, there are several places that are open for the weekend!           Here is a list of some of the golf courses that I’ve heard that are opening thus far: Quail Ridge – Ada L.E. Kaufman – Wyoming Binder Park – Battle Creek Moss […]

  • 4dayforecast_full_today

    Temperatures soar this weekend

        WEST MICHIGAN-  We’ve been talking about the warmer weekend ahead for several days and it’s on the way starting Friday. An unseasonably warm air mass spreads into the Midwest and brings record warmth to many areas in the plains.  Normally, we’d see very windy conditions when this kind of warm air spreads into the region in February, but it won’t be too bad! If you needed an excuse to take the Friday before Presidents Day weekend off, here’s […]

  • record-watch-1

    Near record highs this weekend

    WEST MICHIGAN-  Normally we’d be discussing some sort of major winter storm event at this time, or at least be discussing some sort of cold weather heading into the third week of February. That is not the case, however, as much warmer air builds off to our southwest as we lead into this weekend.  We barely have any snow on the ground as it is, and that’s likely to continue as much warmer temperatures are expected as early as Friday. […]