Garry has been with FOX 17 since April of 2015, coming to West Michigan from the sunniest place on the planet in Yuma, Arizona. He graduated from the University of Missouri and has been interested in the weather since he was a child in Kansas City, Missouri. He’s a scratch golfer and you’ll likely find him teeing it up after he completes his early morning shift on FOX 17 Morning News.

Recent Articles
  • Cold front disrupts late April warmth

    WEST MICHIGAN- We’ve finally had several days in a row of fairly dry conditions.  It seemed like it was raining every other day for quite a while (which eventually led to several areas being flooded.) We’re poised to see a cold front move in from the west as we move into Wednesday night.  Out ahead of it?  A few clouds and much warmer conditions.  In fact, it’s likely we’ll see a few areas to the south hit 80! Most of […]

  • More storms this afternoon

    WEST MICHIGAN-  We’ve seen several rounds of storms this morning in many locations in West Michigan, and we’re primed to see a few more later on this afternoon. While a lot of West Michigan isn’t primed for severe weather (Grand Rapids, Muskegon, South Haven,) many locations to our south and east are under an “enhanced” risk for severe weather this afternoon. While the “enhanced” risk often includes possible tornadoes, I don’t think those would be the main threats for our […]

  • Severe Weather Awareness Week

    WEST MICHIGAN-  Every year we designate a special week for severe weather awareness and preparedness.  That week has begun and we’ll do several things to remind you how to keep you and your family safe during the upcoming severe weather season. Even though we’ve already heard the tornado sirens this year, we’re going to hear one on Wednesday.  A tornado drill is planned statewide for 1:00pm Wednesday.  This is to practice your plan for when actual severe weather strikes, you can […]

  • Drier conditions prevail for the week ahead

    WEST MICHIGAN — Over the last few weeks, we’ve had a very difficult time stringing together several days of very dry conditions. As a result, pictures like this have been very common throughout West Michigan. River flooding is fairly widespread, but looks like it will head in the right direction this week. Fortunately, this morning’s storms fizzled out as they reached the lakeshore and areas inland.  As a result, the two day rain totals are large in part below a quarter […]

  • Rainy Easter weekend? Don’t let the icons fool you

    WEST MICHIGAN-  If you’re like many people nowadays, you need information fast and you don’t want to spend time reading much of anything to get that information.  You’ve probably already lost interest in what I am saying and moved on.  Ok, so I’m only kidding about that, but I don’t blame you.  I do it too! You see the rain and thunderstorm icons, and you think it’s going to rain all day!  Most apps will just say “thunderstorms” or “rain […]

  • Stormy return from spring break

        WEST MICHIGAN-  Several areas have already seen one round of severe weather this morning, and it’s likely we’ll see another round later on this afternoon. While many locations didn’t see any rain this morning, places like Shelby and New Era saw up to golf ball size hail! This all has to do with a cold front and a low pressure disturbance off to our west this morning.  Additionally, a line of thunderstorms will develop as the front draws […]

  • From snow to shorts

    WEST MICHIGAN- A lot of West Michigan saw some form of snow this morning as we had varying levels of cold air move into the region.  We discussed previously that forecasting amounts of snowfall were difficult because of the nature of our temperatures being above freezing (see Ty’s article from yesterday.) Totally different pictures from a dividing line of rain and snow near highway 131.  For those that were “lucky” enough to see snow (depending on how you look at it,) […]

  • April snowfall on the way

      WEST MICHIGAN-  Snow in April isn’t uncommon, as I mentioned the other day.  I remember it specifically because I was all amped up to watch the Masters and play golf and at this same time last year, we got about 6 inches of snow. — Garry Frank (@GarryFOX17) April 4, 2017 A low pressure center that will drag in cold air from the northeast will change our rain to snow overnight tonight, as illustrated above.  There are many […]

  • Say it ain’t snow!

    WEST MICHIGAN-  We’re no stranger to having snow in April and even May, so this shouldn’t be much of a surprise, but it may not be something a lot of you want to hear anyway. A disturbance that will move in from the southwest late on Wednesday is going to provide us with a lot of rain to start out, but it’s the colder air that moves in behind it that gives us the possibility for snow overnight Wednesday into […]