Closings And Cancellations
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Jessica McMaster is a reporter and one of the FOX 17 Problem Solvers.

After interning with FOX 17 in the summer of 2012, she joined the news team that following December as a web producer. Within a few short months of writing stories for FOX 17’s website, she began reporting on-air three days a week. At that time, she also produced the 10 p.m. weekend newscast.

Jessica’s time at FOX 17 began after a bit of a career change. For seven years, she worked as a certified nursing assistant at hospitals and nursing homes across the state. While caring for the ill, elderly and people with disabilities, Jessica found her greatest joy came in the form of listening. While learning about her patients, she realized everyone has a story to tell. She says her desire to help others is the biggest driving force behind her work as a journalist.

Jessica grew up in Swartz Creek, a small town located near Flint. She has a bachelor’s degree in Journalism from Grand Valley State University.

You can watch her five nights a week on FOX 17 News at 10 and 11.

Recent Articles
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    WYOMING, Mich.– A cancer survivor from Wyoming is crediting Mercy Health Saint Mary’s $99 screening program for saving her life. Mary Blumenstein began smoking at just 16 years old. Despite caring for cancer patients as a nurse and losing her father to lung cancer, it wasn’t until her children were grown that she found a reason to quit. “Both my daughters were pregnant and I was going to be a new grandma and I thought, ‘This is it, it’s time,'” […]

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    KENT COUNTY, Mich. — The three suspects who police arrested following an armed robbery at Paul Medawar Fine Jewelry were in court Monday. Charles Fortune, Darnell Brown and Zack Cender are all expected to be charged with felony conspiracy to commit retail fraud. According to the Kent County Sheriff’s Department, four suspects walked into the jewelry store, located at 4518 Plainfield Ave. NE, where they attempted to break a Rolex Watch display case with hammers. That’s when deputies said an employee pulled […]

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  • Metro Transit bus in Kalamazoo catches fire with riders on board

    KALAMAZOO, Mich.– It was a close call for riders after a Metro Transit bus caught fire. It happened Wednesday at about 7:30 a.m. Video surveillance from the bus shows smoke filling the backseat.  A woman can be jumping out of her seat, yelling to the bus driver, that it was on fire. The driver, Guy Stevens, said it was like any other day. That he was cruising along the South Westnedge Avenue route when suddenly the ordinary turned dangerous. “I […]

  • Police investigate Custom Logistics after Problem Solvers report

    GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. — Police are investigating Custom Logistics, a storage and moving company in Grand Rapids, following a FOX 17 Problem Solver’s report. For months, it’s  been a back-and-forth battle between Diana Krynycky and Custom Logistics manager, John Young. Krynycky said she and her husband, who moved to Alto from Maine, stored their John Deere lawn mower and tractor at the business. However, when delivery day came, those two items never showed up at their new home. “We went […]

  • Flight instructor watches in horror as student pilot crashes plane

    LOWELL, Mich.– It was a scary sight Monday night as a single-engine plane came crashing to the ground just feet from a home in Lowell. It happened as the flight instructor stood near the Lowell City Airport runway waiting for his student pilot to come in. Jeff Ostrander, owner of Majestic Air, said that the pilot was coming in too fast and too high. “For some reason, during the climb out, he lost airspeed and stalled the airplane,” Ostrander said. “It […]

  • Plainwell radio station loses music library in ransomware attack

    PLAINWELL, Mich.– A radio station in Plainwell has lost its music library in a ransomware attack. The hack happened to WAKV on Jan. 9. Jim Higgs, owner of the station, has been a radio host for more than 50 years. For decades, he’s operated WAKV out of his basement. But two weeks ago, he noticed something he hadn’t heard before: silence. “The radio wasn’t playing anything. “Well that right off the bat is a hint there’s something wrong,” Higgs said. […]

  • Allegan Co. man graduates from meth diversion program after years of addiction

    ALLEGAN, Mich.– An Allegan County man graduated Wednesday from the METH Diversion Program after years of addiction. Donald Johnson began using the drug at just 17 years old. “First time I tried it I fell in love with it,” Johnson said. “The energy, the focus, the being able to basically live an unstoppable party life. It made me feel like king of the world.” Like most highs, Johnson’s highs came with devastating lows, resulting in a ripple effect of trouble, […]