Meteorologist Kevin Craig joined FOX 17 in 2001. He is one of only a few in the state that have earned the Certified Broadcast Meteorologist (CBM) seal of approval from the American Meteorological Society. Kevin started his broadcast career in 1993 at WCAR radio in Detroit as a board op and part time news anchor. He continued in radio news as an anchor/reporter for the next three years in northwest Ohio until taking his first television job in Clarksburg, West Virginia. He was a tv news reporter/anchor for about a year when the opportunity came up to fill-in for the weather department and the rest is history. Kevin became the morning weather anchor and science reporter at WIFR-TV in Rockford, Illinois in 1996. He was hired as the morning weather anchor in Madison, Wisconsin in 1998 at WKOW-TV and a private forecasting firm called Weather Central. Kevin started taking classes at the University of Wisconsin in Madison and through Mississippi State University in their broadcast meteorology program. He received his meteorological certification in 2003 with highest honors and is just a few credits short of obtaining a master’s in Geosciences. He holds a Bachelor of Arts in Communications from Wayne State University in Detroit. While Kevin functions primarily as the weekend meteorologist for FOX 17, he commonly fills-in on all shifts, produces graphics, conducts school presentations, and features upbeat, fun, and informative personal reports in his signature series West Michigan Stories. His weather forecasts on FOX 17 are typically high energy, informative, and educational. Kevin says “if I can’t be excited about giving the forecast, how can I expect people to be excited about watching it?” He is the longest running weekend anchor on any West Michigan station in news, sports, or weather…14 years! He has reported on everything from Superstorm Sandy, to 20-foot waves on Lake Michigan, tornadoes and severe storms, lightning strikes, blizzards, flooding, ice storms, drought, and a host of other news-related items. Originally from the Detroit area, he loves to spend time at the lake, on the boat, in the sand, and is self taught on both the guitar and piano. Something you might not know about him? He was responsible for training Ginger Zee as an intern at FOX 17 before she was eventually hired as the main meteorologist for Good Morning America.

Recent Articles
  • Atlantic hurricanes like Irma: How they form

    WEST MICHIGAN — We are in peak hurricane season right now as the tropical Atlantic Ocean, Caribbean Sea, and Gulf of Mexico are primed with warm water ready to fuel these monster storms we call hurricanes. Irma now holds the dubious distinction of being the strongest tropical system, the longest anywhere on the planet! That includes it global counterparts known as typhoons and cyclones. It remained a category five with 185 mile per hour winds for some 36 hours. But […]

  • How does category five Irma stack up to Michigan?

    WEST MICHIGAN — Last week it was Harvey that absolutely inundated southeast Texas with up to 52 inches of rainfall in some spots leaving places like Houston, Beaumont, and Port Arthur literally under water. This week another tropical system is in the mix. Hurricane Irma is massive in size, scope, pressure, and wind! It’s currently battering the U.S. and British Virgin Island in the tropical Atlantic. It’s expected to track over the northern shores of Puerto Rico, Hispaniola, and Cuba. […]

  • What would Harvey’s staggering rain do to Lake Michigan?

    WEST MICHIGAN — Tropical Storm Harvey has been breaking, shattering, and destroying records left and right for days! We are literally in uncharted territory and even NOAA and the National Weather Service doesn’t exactly know how to deal with it or what to expect from biblical flooding. Harvey has now shattered the all-time tropical system rain record across the entire continental United States. Just east of Houston, Cedar Bayou has reported 51.88 inches of rain. The old record from a […]

  • Great American Eclipse underway

    Folks have been waiting a long time for this! Solar eclipse day across the United States! Other countries will be able to see a partial eclipse, but only the U.S. will experience totality. Totality is when our moon completely covers the sun. West Michigan will experience only about 80 percent totality and I expect a veil of high clouds through most of the day…a milky or obscured sun is likely what we’ll see with the eclipse still visible. The cloud […]

  • Parts of West Michigan get some much needed rain

    WEST MICHIGAN — Parts of West Michigan picked up some much needed rain and thunderstorm activity Thursday evening in to Friday morning. Some areas were unfortunately missed and continue a dry, almost drought situation, but others saw almost three inches of rain in a short amount of time. A waterspout (tornado over water) was reported over Lake Michigan…closer to the Wisconsin side. It was spawned by a supercell thunderstorm…a thunderstorm with a rotating updraft! By the time the cell reached […]

  • 90 degree heat and humidity on the way

    WEST MICHIGAN — It may only be early June, but 90 degree temperatures are likely as we head in to this upcoming weekend. Along with the heat? A far more humid air mass more indicative of the southern states or tropical locations. The heat and humidity will start to ramp on Saturday, but likely peak on Sunday and Monday. So what will drive in the tropical air mass? It will be a pattern shift and a change in our upper […]

  • Summer heat and humidity arrive this week

    GRAND RAPIDS, MI. — If you’ve been waiting patiently for summer heat and humidity to arrive you’ll love the next few days. This week will mark the third time West Michigan will reach 80 degrees or better this season. Along with it, showers and thunderstorms are likely Monday night in to Tuesday morning. Afterwards, a warm front will lift through the state and usher in a significantly warmer, more humid air mass. Some strong to possibly severe storms with damaging […]

  • How much rain has fallen…how much more to come?

    WEST MICHIGAN — I always joke with folks on the street when inclement weather arrives and I say “I hate when I’m right”! Not to worry…I’ll keep my day job, but we mentioned for several days ahead of this soggy system that a significant soaking was coming. I managed to get my mower running and lawn trimmed BEFORE the rain arrived Saturday. Many locations here in West Michigan will see between two to three inches of rain (before this system […]

  • Heavy rain prompts flood watch for most of West MI

    WEST MICHIGAN — A flood watch has been issued for most of the area from late Saturday into Monday morning. A flash flood watch has also been issued for Berrien and Cass counties from late Saturday through Monday morning. Most of West Michigan will see some 2-4 inches of rain between Saturday night into Monday morning. Isolated heavier amounts are possible. Urban and river flooding is possible by later in the weekend and into early next week.