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  • Crews cleaning oil and brine spill in Calhoun County

    CONVIS TOWNSHIP, Mich. – Thousand of gallons of oil and brine have spilled into the soil and water in a rural area of Calhoun County in recent weeks. State officials say it stems from a small underground pipe south of Bellevue, Michigan, owned by Omimex Energy. The DEQ says that Omimex owns several wells in the area and they noticed on June 12 that one of the wells was not producing as much oil as it had been. They checked […]

  • Dozens of tires, wheels stolen from local dealership resulting in $150K in damage

    GALESBURG, Mich. — When the staff at the Ford dealership arrived to work Thursday morning, they didn’t expect to see their cars damaged. Tires and wheels on nine Ford Explorers, Expeditions and F-150s, were missing. Sales manager Darrin Rinehart said he’s still in shock. “You hear about things like this happening,” said Rinehart during an interview at the dealership on M-96. “But the fact that it happened to us in such grand scale was really surprising to me.” The Kalamazoo […]

  • Community says final goodbye to beloved Comstock Fire Chief

    KALAMAZOO, Mich. — Emily Switalski tried her best to hold back the tears. But she simply couldn’t. She cried and wiped her eyes as she spoke at Fire Chief Ed Switalski’s funeral, known to her as dad. “When I sat down to write this, I honestly did not know where to begin,” said Switalski to hundreds of people at the Wings Event Center. “There’s so many things I can say about my dad.” Like how he was their biggest supporter […]

  • Hundreds honor Comstock Twp. Fire Chief at public visitation

    OSHTEMO TOWNSHIP, Mich. — When Chief Ed Switalski’s funeral procession passes through the streets of Kalamazoo County Wednesday morning many law enforcement officials are expected to stand outside and salute as it passes by. It’s what Capt. Kevin Thompson will see firsthand. He’ll be riding on the engine carrying his friend’s casket. “He touched so many people,” said Capt. Thompson of the Comstock Township Fire Department. “It was just Ed’s outgoing personality. He was a friend to everybody.” Thompson met […]

  • Friends at local gym say missing teacher always smiled: ‘She just lit up a room’

    PORTAGE, Mich. — Theresa Lockhart always had a smile on her face. It’s what people at Family Fitness remember most about her. She took Zumba classes there and even taught it too. It was rare, they said, to not see that smile. “She just lit up a room,” said fellow instructor and friend Hilary Leaf.  “When she danced, she danced her heart out and I just appreciate people that come into class and let it all go. And she did […]

  • Community mourns loss of beloved Comstock fire chief killed while on duty

    COMSTOCK TOWNSHIP, Mich. — Mark Barnes misses his friend Ed. They’d been friends ever since Ed moved to Comstock five years ago from Pleasantview, Ill where he served as battalion chief. Here he took on a greater role as fire chief, just like Barnes in Oshtemo. “Ed was my friend,” said Barnes fighting back tears. “There’s not a lot of chiefs in the county who can be full-time. We’re blessed to be able to do that.” Comstock Township Chief Ed […]

  • Missing teacher’s husband returns home after police search his residence

    PORTAGE, Mich. — Christopher Lockhart stepped outside for less than a minute on Friday. He walked out from his garage, picked up his mail at the curb and then went back inside his home. It was the first time he’d been home since Portage police executed a search warrant at his residence Wednesday afternoon. Portage police named Lockhart a person of interest in the case regarding the missing school teacher, and his wife of nine years, Theresa. Police said she’s […]

  • Police continue to search Lockhart’s residence in case of missing schoolteacher

    PORTAGE, Mich. — Kellie Yunginger has been through all this before. She lost her cousin decades ago and he still hasn’t been found. Thursday, she walked up and down Oak Bluff Court holding her phone upright in her hand and repeating everything she saw the Portage police doing into the speaker. “When your loved one goes missing, there’s a lot of emotions that go with it,” said Yunginger who’s organized several searches regarding the missing school teacher Theresa Lockhart. “You’re […]

  • Vigil held for Portage teacher missing for two weeks

    PORTAGE, Mich. – Police are still looking for tips in finding Theresa Lockhart, a Schoolcraft teacher who’s been missing for two weeks. Her car was found at a Park & Ride in Portage, a few miles from her home. She was last seen the night of May 18. She worked out at a local fitness center around 5:00pm and returned home. Text messages between her and her family were posted later in the evening but no one has heard from her […]