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  • Israel Alcazar (left) and Isabel Soto-Mandragon  (Courtesy:
Modesto Police Department)

    Police find 26 pounds of heroin in box of diapers; 2 arrested

    MODESTO, Calif. —  Two people have been arrested after a Modesto Police dog alerted officials to 26 pounds of uncut heroin hidden in a box of diapers. According to KTXL, the heroin was discovered during a police vehicle search just after 1 a.m. Wednesday morning. The suspects, Israel Alcazar, 34, and Isabel Soto-Mandragon, 20, were in the vehicle with their 10-month-old infant. Alcazar and Soto-Mandragon were both arrested and Child Protective Services took the couple’s baby into protective custody, according to KTXL. […]

  • Boston snow shipping

    People are paying $89 to have ‘historic’ Massachusetts snow shipped to them

    MASSACHUSETTS — A Massachusetts man is making money off of the “historic” snowfall in his state this winter. According to Boston.com, Kyle Waring is selling 6-pound packages of snow on his website ShipSnowYo.  The cost?  $89, shipping included. “I put the snow in a plastic bag, and put that in tinfoil,” Waring told Boston.com’s Allison Pohle. “Then I put that package in an insulated container that’s an inch and a half thick, and ship it overnight. It’s sealed tight in Omaha […]

  • J.k. SIMMONS GR Drive shirt

    Oscar winner J.K. Simmons is a Grand Rapids Drive fan

    GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. — The day after he won an Oscar for Best Supporting Actor, the Grand Rapids Drive congratulated J.K. Simmons by posting a picture of him sporting a team shirt on their Facebook page. Simmons, 60, won the award Sunday for his performance in Whiplash.   It was the Detroit native’s first Oscar win. The photo was initially posted last summer as part of a promotional effort by the West Michigan basketball team.

  • 6764762_G

    Michigan doctor refuses to treat same-sex couple’s baby

    ROSEVILLE, Mich. — A Michigan same-sex couple says a doctor refused to treat their now-4-month-old baby Bay. Krista and Jami Contreras first met Dr. Vesna Roi in September before Bay was born, and said they were initially happy with her. “We were really happy with her,” Krista told FOX 2. “The kind of care she offered, we liked her personality, she seemed pretty friendly.  She seemed pretty straight up with us.” Krista and Jami were told to make an appointment with […]

  • Capture

    Albion man accused in store, funeral home break-ins

    ALBION, Mich. — A 35-year-old man was arrested Wednesday after a break-in at Dollar General, 110 S. Eaton St. According to the Albion Department of Public Safety, Joshua James Buchanan allegedly broke into the store early Wednesday morning.  After the alarm was triggered at about 2:30 a.m., investigators say they discovered the door was pried open. Buchanan was located by police a few blocks from the store and detained.  Officials later discovered he was caught on surveillance video in the […]

  • Excellence in Education: Michelle U’Ren from Pinewood Elementary School

    JENISON, Mich. — This installment of Excellence in Education focuses on Michelle U’Ren of Pinewood Elementary School.

  • A picture taken in January 1945 depicts Auschwitz

    German officials: Former Auschwitz guard connected to 170,000 murders

    DETMOLD, Germany — A 93-year-old man is believed to have selected more than 170,000 people for death in the gas chambers at the Auschwitz concentration camp during World War II. The former Nazi guard was charged last week, according to The Chicago Tribune. German prosecutors say he was responsible for choosing people for the gas chambers during an 18-month period in 1943 and 1944.   They believe he was “fully aware” of the procedures at the camp when it came to murdering […]

  • Bubby combined photo

    Terminally ill boy receives 14,000 birthday cards from strangers

    GRAHAM, Wash. —  Bubby Everson’s parents asked strangers to send their terminally ill son letters for his 9th birthday, but they didn’t expect this many letters. According to KCPQ, Everson has already received 14,000 letters and 3,000 packages since last week and his birthday isn’t until Wednesday. “What started out as us hoping some people would send some cards has turned into packages, custom paintings,” said Thomas Everson, Bubby’s dad The 8-year-old is battling a host of health issues, including Cytomegalovirus and […]

  • Royal Norton (Photo from Clinton Township Police Facebook page)

    Man arrested after pulling out cocaine while trying to bail out friend

    CLINTON TOWNSHIP, Mich. — A man who was trying to post his friend’s bail ended up behind bars after allegedly handing a bag of cocaine to the officer along with the money. According to the Clinton Township Police Department, Royal Norton came to the station Feb. 7 to pay the $300 bail for a friend who was in custody for operating while intoxicated. Norton apparently handed the desk officer three $100 bills, and in between two of the bills was a […]