After two decades on the radio in West Michigan, Robb became a traffic reporter in early 2006 and has been FOX 17’s roads scholar since 2008.

Born and raised in Southern California, he’s a Dodger fan. But he doesn’t surf and has never been in the movies. He did meet a few stars out there.

His first car was a 1966 Barracuda, but it sounds cooler than it was, due to dents provided by the previous owner.

As a driver, he adheres strictly do his ‘five-over’ rule: never drive more than five miles per hour over the speed limit.

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    Thanksgiving weekend will see the most travel in years

    DEARBORN, Mich. — Michigan’s population is about 9.89 million, which means about 15 percent of us, or 1.5 million, will travel more than 50 miles during this Thanksgiving weekend, says AAA of Michigan. Nationwide, the number of people traveling is expected to be the highest since 2007. Gas prices could be one reason. AAA of Michigan figures current gas prices are the lowest since 2008. Prices on GasBuddy.com, where drivers report gas prices they see, were reported Wednesday morning as […]

  • 11-23-15 YouTube screen shot boy with hiccups

    Video: 7-year-old boy gets hiccups while singing Australian national anthem

    Last weekend, 7-year-old Ethan sang at an Australian baseball game, and he wasn’t going to let a case of hiccups stop him.

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    Web Moment: So, motorized picnic tables are a thing

  • I-96 at Cascade future interchange crop

    Unusual I-96 interchange at Cascade Road won’t be used until end of 2016

    GRAND RAPIDS TOWNSHIP, Mich. — You don’t get to drive on the wrong side of the road until the end of 2016. Work on the interchange at I-96 and Cascade Road will be suspended until spring of next year, so drivers will not use the unusual “diverging diamond interchange” design until the project is finished at the end of 2016. In the DDI design, traffic over the expressway switches sides for easier access to exit and entrance ramps. For a […]

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    Westaby Web Moment: The chicken that tweets

    There’s a chicken out there that’s tweeting. Not clucking. Tweeting. Chick N Treats, a fast food chain in Australia, is using Betty the chicken in their effort to getting the Guinness World Record for first chicken to tweet. The company’s Twitter account, @ChickenTreats, started off the common way, as the company tweeted about specials and menu items. But once they decided on the tweeting chicken idea, they put Betty in an enclosure with a keyboard and turned the Twitter account […]

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    MDOT finishes project to solve crash problems at Tulip City Truck Stop on M-40

    HOLLAND, Mich. — A project meant strictly to solve a safety problem has been completed on M-40 south of I-196. Now we have to wait and see if truck drivers pick up on the new way to get out of the Tulip City Truck Stop. In the past, semi rigs pulled out of the truck stop lot from the business driveway, turning right or left. But it takes a full 11 seconds for a rig to complete the left turn. […]

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    AAA to auto manufacturers: Stop eliminating spare tires on new cars

    DEARBORN, Mich. — For years, auto manufacturers have been leaving out something a lot of drivers may assume is still included in their bright, shiny new wheels: the fifth wheel, commonly called the spare tire. Now AAA of Michigan is weighing in and urging manufacturers to spare the spare tire. AAA of Michigan, in a release on Tuesday, noted that tire inflation kits are replacing more and more spare tires in new vehicles in their efforts to get better gas […]

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    New driveway helping to make M-40 safer

    HOLLAND, Mich. – The Tulip City Truck Stop on M-40 just off of I-196 in Holland is a major stop for truck drivers.  It has also been the scene of several bad crashes and fatalities. It takes 11 seconds for a semi-truck to pull out of the driveway, into the northbound lanes of M-40.  Several ideas of road changes were proposed, but a simple one was made to help the situation. An access drive takes trucks behind the businesses to […]

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    Don’t Waste Your Money: Holiday price wars are already underway