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  • Parents concerned about iPad insurance; District offers alternatives

    ZEELAND, Mich. — Technology continues to expand in the Zeeland Public School district. Superintendent Cal De Kuiper said the classrooms adopted the iPad four years ago. “An iPad is $450 per student plus the case, plus the apps,” De Kuiper said it accelerates the classroom learning experience. “We want to stay with this and we will. We just have to figure out the best way to do it,” De Kuiper said. Until this year, he said the district “self-funded” the […]

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    Murdered teen’s grandmother condemns ‘senseless’ violence

    MUSKEGON HEIGHTS, Mich. — Linda Love recalled the disturbing phone call she took from her grandson Trayveon, Thursday morning. It was minutes after the shooting death of her other grandson, Daquarius Love. Linda Love recalled, “[Trayveon] start screaming in the phone, ‘Grandma they shot Dee Dee! They shot Dee Dee, Granny!'” Daquarius Love, 17, took his last breath near Peck and Hume just after midnight. Muksegon Heights police said he was the victim of a drive-by shooting. “And he happened […]

  • Family identifies Muskegon Heights teen shot and killed

    MUSKEGON HEIGHTS, Mich. — Daquarius Love, 17, was shot and killed in Muskegon Heights early Thursday morning. His family told FOX 17 he was walking to a party. That’s when a vehicle pulled up and someone opened fire, striking him in the chest. Muskegon Heights police said the crime occurred near Peck and Hume. Police urge anyone with information to call Silent Observer at 231-72-CRIME. FOX 17 will have more from a witness, Love’s friend, and his grandmother on FOX […]

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    Ottawa County property owners call foul on drain fees

    OTTAWA COUNTY, Mich. — Park Township residents in Ottawa County are upset over a drain assessment widely deemed controversial.  They live within a drainage district consisting of roughly 1800 properties. However, only a fraction of property owners within the district are being forced to pay for the new drain. The project is valued at $6.1 million. Martha Urbin owns a home on Greenly Street. She reached out to FOX 17 about the assessment. “My individual [assessment] is $6,590,” Urbin said. […]

  • Thunderstorm and lightning safety tips

    WEST MICHIGAN — When thunderstorms are near, the National Weather Service (NWS) says “no place outside is safe.” The NWS says you’ll know lightning is close enough to strike once you hear thunder. So if you hear thunder, you’re advised to find safe shelter immediately. Watch the video for tips on staying safe during a thunderstorm. Other tips from the NWS can be found by clicking here.

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    Gas station owner accused of touching customers, exposing himself

    ST. JOSEPH COUNTY, Mich. — Gas station owner Tarsem Chand, 25, told FOX 17 the allegations against him have been blown out of proportion. However, one of his alleged victims begs to differ. “I just went in to pay for my gas, and he just came walking behind me and grabbed me right in my butt,” an alleged victim said. The woman, who wanted to remain anonymous, added, “I didn’t know what to say. I just was like in awe.” […]

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    Officer arraigned on sex charges; attorney says he was framed

    CALHOUN COUNTY, Mich. —  Emmett Township public safety officer Troy Estree appeared before a Calhoun County magistrate for his video arraignment. The officer is in the Branch County Jail. Estree faces two counts of criminal sexual conduct in the first degree. He’s accused of having sex with a teenage relative. His attorney, Josh Blanchard, argued his innocence while trying to get a lower bond set. “There’s, I think, little evidence that he’s in fact guilty. I think there’s quite a […]

  • FOX 17 questions MDCH about Medicaid and estate recovery

    LANSING, Mich. — Fred Martin Jr. took his concern about becoming homeless to his front lawn. He erected several signs which caught the attention of the FOX 17 Problem Solvers. “I got no money. I’m a sick man. I guess I’ll be homeless, wouldn’t I?” he told us in an interview. His daughter is the only person named on the deed in his Holland home. Margaret Goen passed away last October from Pick’s disease. Martin, who has his own health […]

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    Man fights $47,000 bill from state; expert explains how to avoid this scenario

    HOLLAND, Mich. —  A Holland man continues to fight the state over a $47,000 bill. He moved into his ailing daughter’s home to take care of her. Margaret Goen died in October 2013 of Pick’s disease. She also received Medicaid assistance. The state is looking to recoup $47,000 in Medicaid expenses from Goen’s estate. The state is required to recoup some of these under state and federal law. Martin said the house is the only asset that would allow the […]