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  • Footsteps in Muskegon: A walk for suicide awareness

    MUSKEGON, Mich. — Dozens of people were walking around the streets of downtown Muskegon on Wednesday night in an effort to raise awareness about suicide. September is Suicide Awareness Month, and that’s especially relevant in Muskegon County, where, according to the Muskegon Suicide Prevention Coalition, the suicide rate in the county is 56% higher than the national average. It’s a topic Lori Venderweele never thought she would talk about: the death of her son. “This is my son Austin,” she […]

  • Victim of sexual abuse speaks out to encourage sex trafficking victims to do the same

    KENTWOOD, Mich. – On the same day that convicted West Michigan sex trafficker Eddie Jackson received a 30 year sentence for ‘pimping’ teen girls from Muskegon to Grand Rapids a victim’s advocate is speaking out on the issue. Carol Veenstra said she suffered in silence for more than 60 years after being sexually abused so she can understand why many victims of sex trafficking remain silent. “There is a shame and a guilt that really doesn’t belong to the one […]

  • Sex trafficking awareness group; “2,400 individuals trafficked within the year”

    GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. – When Eddie Jackson, a convicted sex trafficker, is sentenced in federal court on September 16, one group dedicated to helping victims of sex trafficking will be paying close attention to the ruling. The Manasseh Project is an outreach program of Wedgwood Christian Services. Along with trauma recovery for victims, the project trains first responders and members of the court who often come in contact with victims of sex trafficking. They would like to see Jackson get […]

  • Liquor store

    Just weeks after Grandville OK’s Sunday liquor sales, businesses claim positive results

    GRANDVILLE, Mich. – The Grandville City Council voted in July to lift a ban on Sunday liquor sales. Now, stores are telling FOX 17 they are already seeing an impact to their bottom line. At the Wilson Party Store, clerk Garion Sutliff said the store has seen a 20 percent increase in liquor sales since the ban was lifted. Customer Michael Adams said he prefers to buy local, and he’s saving gas money he would have spent driving to distant […]

  • Neighbors: Dog ‘jumped for its life’ from second story window

    BATTLE CREEK, Mich. – Seven dogs and two cats seemingly living alone with only bags of dog food and on occasional visit for their owner. That’s what police said they found inside a home on East Avenue South, near downtown Battle Creek. Sgt. Jim Martens with the Battle Creek Police Department said a dog jumped from the second story of a duplex to the cement below, getting the attention of neighbors who then called police. “It appeared to be ematicated,” […]

  • Children continue to seek treatment across the country for Enterovirus D68

    GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. — Reports of children being admitted to emergency rooms across the country continue with symptoms consistent with Enterovirus D68. For some children, the symptoms are severe and come on quickly.  That was the case for a 4-year-old boy named D’Mari Lockwood in Chicago. “Struggling to breathe, coughing. They said the airways were so tight they actually, in Gary, said I almost lost him,” said Lakeia Lockwood, the child’s mother. It was the same thing for a 12-year-old […]

  • ‘Hero Worship': Talking to kids about domestic violence in light of video of NFL player punching woman

    GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. – It’s a video that speaks for itself.  Ray Rice, a pro-bowl NFL running back punching his then fiance, now wife, in the face in a hotel elevator back in February, The video was released online by TMZ and is generating a lot of reaction.  Reaction is even coming from the subject of the video. Ray Rice said, “What happened that night is something that should have never happened, and like I said, I have to pay […]

  • hardly homeless

    Anti-begging demonstrators in Grand Rapids, panhandlers argue they are doing “nothing wrong”

    GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. – For six week the group ‘West Michigan Hardly Homeless Panhandlers’ has been trying to raise awareness of what they are calling a scam. The group says if people want to give to charity, there are alternatives to handing someone a dollar out of a car window as you are passing by. For hours Sunday afternoon the demonstrators held signs of their own with slogans like, “Real change not spare change”.  The motto refers to giving to […]

  • vitamins

    FBI: Suspect of Meijer vitamin tampering calls it a ‘drug induced bad decision’

    KALAMAZOO, Mich. – A 35-year-old man from Richland is facing federal charges for allegedly tampering with vitamins at several Meijer stores in West Michigan. It’s a story FOX 17 first told you about weeks ago, six different Meijer stores in Allegan, Kalamazoo, and Calhoun counties reportedly had tampered packages of vitamins on store shelves. The alleged crime is outlined in a 19-page criminal complaint filed by a special agent with the FBI. The complaint said a Meijer detective was able […]