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  • van andel fire

    Crews respond to small fire at Van Andel Arena

    GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. — Fire crews responded to a small fire at the Van Andel Arena on Sunday night. The first call came in around 10:30 p.m. It’s not clear what caused the fire, but according to police, it might have been the exterior lights. The fire has since been put out, and no injuries were reported. It’s not believed that the building itself sustained serious damage.

  • Kalamazoo Police Public Safety graphic

    Suspect in custody following stabbing

    KALAMAZOO, Mich. — A 63-year-old man was taken to jail after police say he stabbed his neighbor. On Thursday night around 11:56 p.m., public safety officers responded to a report of a stabbing in the 2300 block of S. Burdick. They found a 42-year-old man with a laceration to his shoulder, who said that his neighbor stabbed him with a knife following an altercation. Officers tried to talk to the suspect, who refused to come out of his home. Eventually, […]

  • Giggles the pig

    Pig named ‘Giggles’ begins ‘hampaign’ for Flint mayor

    FLINT, Mich.  — A new candidate threw her hat into the ring in the run for Mayor in Flint, and she certainly seems to be hamming it up for her campaign. According to WNEM, Giggles the Pig is making a run for office thanks to a clerical error that caused all of the candidates to miss the petition deadline. That means there’s a possibility that there won’t be any human candidates on the ballot this fall, leaving it up to the write-ins. Among […]

  • Mercantile Bank Facebook Fan of The Day copy

    Facebook Fan of the Day: May

    (To become a FOX 17 Facebook fan, go to our fan page and click like!)  5/1: Susan Barlas 5/2: Rachel Houseman 5/3: Mark Brotsman 5/4: Carol Zanter Foerch of Muskegon 5/5: Sheena Kik of Holland 5/6: Mickey Davis 5/7:

  • Mercantile Bank Facebook Fan of The Day copy

    Facebook Fan of the Day: April

    (To become a FOX 17 Facebook fan, go to our fan page and click like!)  4/1: Edwin Colegrove 4/2: Maggie Lu of Kalamazoo 4/3: Tina West 4/4: Jess Frahm 4/5: Kelly Decker 4/6: Sarah Jones 4/7: Andrew Ostema 4/8: Sue Kalee Prins 4/9: Cora Edwards of Otsego 4/10: Ashley Warner of Trufant 4/11: Sarah Menzel 4/12: Cassi Kuyers 4/13: Danny D’Andrea 4/14: Don Wight 4/15: Jason Blowers 4/16: Rose Erwin of Grand Rapids 4/17: Steve Mayes of North Muskegon 4/18: […]

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    Facebook Fan of the Day: March

    (To become a FOX 17 Facebook fan, go to our fan page and click like!)  3/1: Mary Baker 3/2: Dianna Gregory 3/3: Christopher Vande Guchte 3/4: Kristal Nicole 3/5: Chelsea Reed 3/6: Katherine Fuhrman of Greenville 3/7: Phil Bott 3/8: Janet Hendrick 3/9: Dawn Marsh 3/10: Alexia Hart 3/11: Kim Van Horn of Holland 3/12: Jennifer Krammen-Kodat 3/13: Jessica VanderMey 3/14: Misty Slater 3/15: Dan Street 3/16: Drew McCormick 3/17: Teri Barker 3/18: Andrea Martin of Grand Rapids 3/19: Tracy Ellenwood […]

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    Facebook Fan of the Day: February

    (To become a FOX 17 Facebook fan, go to our fan page and click like!)  2/1: Brian Post 2/2: Sally Smith-Tewell of Marhsall 2/3: Emily Meyerink 2/4: Katey Ross 2/5: Mary Boot of Grand Rapids 2/6: Darryl Holbrook 2/7: Adam Bayles 2/8: Susan Fedell 2/9: Scott Palethorpe of Belding 2/10: Amber McQueen of Grand Rapids 2/11:  Steve Reeb 2/12: Esther Ashley of Grand Rapids 2/13: Herbert Phillips-Walker of Paw Paw 2/14: Lonnie Morren 2/15: Judd VanMelle 2/16: Traci Harrell 2/17: […]

  • Serena Dunbar - Missing teen

    Missing teen found safe

    ROCKFORD, Mich. — Serena Dunbar, 15, who was previously reported missing on Wednesday night, has been found safe. Police say she was found at her home in Rockford. According to police, Dunbar ran away from Network 180, on Fuller Avenue, just after 8:30 p.m. and was considered endangered and suicidal. Police say Dunbar is well.  

  • Courtesy: Isabella County Sheriff's Department

    Man accused of stalking girl since she was 12, sending her lewd videos that included a dog

    UNION TOWNSHIP, Mich. — The Isabella County Sheriff’s Department has arrested a man who they say has been stalking a 14-year-old girl since she was 12-years-old and sent her several lewd videos, one of which included a dog. Police say Glen Timberlake, 27, drove from Mt. Peasant to Austin, Texas to meet the teenager, and that the two had been texting and talking online for the last two years, and that their conversations had become sexual over time. Police also say […]