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    ‘Butt dial’ voicemail may have captured woman’s plea for life

    INDIO, Calif. – Jill Grant and her boyfriend Michael Franco had planned to throw a party on Dec. 23, 2013. But when guests showed up to their gated neighborhood in Indio, Calif., they couldn’t get in, and Franco told them the party was off. Grant’s brother called police—who by that time had already recovered Grant’s body. Prosecutors say Franco killed the 41-year-old high school math teacher, and the Desert Sun now reports that an inadvertent voicemail may have captured the […]

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    Police department tries its best when 5th-grader asks for homework help

    MARION, Ohio — It was definitely a first for the Marion, Ohio Police Department. They recently received a Facebook message from 5th-grader, Lena, asking for help with her homework. The message from the 10-year-old started out like this: “I’m having trouble with my homework. could you help me?” Police said, “What’s up? Lena: “I need a little help with my homework” Police: “Ok with what?” Lena: “Well I don’t understand (8+29) x 15? Police: “Do the numbers in the parenthesis first […]

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    Supreme Court to hear case of Mexican teen killed by U.S. border agent

    By Meg Wagner The case of Hernández v. Mesa The U.S. Supreme Court will hear an appeal on Tuesday from the parents of a Mexican teenager killed along the U.S.-Mexico border by an American agent, in a case that could determine if foreigners injured abroad have the right to sue in U.S. courts. U.S. officials did not prosecute Border Patrol Agent Jesus Mesa Jr. following the June 2010 shooting death of 15-year-old Sergio Adrian Hernández Guereca, who was standing in […]

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    Jesus statue decapitated twice in two weeks

    INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. — For the second time in two weeks, members of a church on the south side of Indianapolis have found their Jesus statue vandalized, giving it the appearance of being beheaded. “It makes me sad that somebody would do something like that,” said Pastor Brad Flaskamp. “I was hoping it was just a random act to destroy it in the first place.” That’s what the pastor and other members of Cottage Avenue Pentecostal Fellowship thought two weeks ago […]

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    5-year-old sneaks out with friend to ‘buy toys’ at night; driver rescues them from busy highway

    BOW, Wash. – A Washington State family is thanking a random stranger for stopping and saving their 5-year-old daughter from a midnight adventure. The young girl and her friend had waited until her parents had fallen asleep to sneak out. They had made it a quarter-mile before being stopped by Marc Breckenridge and his fiancé. “The first thing I saw was Zoey, their chocolate lab, standing right in the middle of the road,” said Breckenridge. Breckenridge was on his way […]

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    Vandals damage dozens of headstones at historic Jewish cemetery

    UNIVERSITY CITY, Mo. – Investigators are working to determine who vandalized dozens of headstones at a historic Jewish cemetery near St. Louis. Police would not say if they considered the vandalism at Chesed Shel Emeth Cemetery in University City to be a hate crime or not, according to KTVI. It is believed there was some organization behind the crime, meaning this was not the act of one individual. More than 100 headstones were damaged. Video shot from above the cemetery […]

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    Police: Idaho father shoots, kills 3 children before fatally shooting himself

    PRESTON, Idaho – Authorities are investigating what they believe was a murder-suicide after a man and three children were found shot to death inside a Preston, Idaho, home Sunday. Police believe 37-year-old Tate Lee Spillett killed two of his biological children, as well as his stepson, before committing suicide. Preston Police Chief Ken Geddes said investigators found the bodies of 6-year-old Jessica Spillett, 7-year-old Tate McCoy Spillett and 15-year-old Corbin Hilaker. Geddes said the children were shot in their beds before Spillett turned the […]

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    Missing Utah teen reunited with family after mom’s emotional plea to ‘fight’

    LOGAN, Utah — A Utah teenager believed to have been a victim of sex trafficking has been found and reunited with her family, two aunts of 17-year-old Sarah Dunsey told KSTU Saturday. Trina McCulloch and Kandie Dunsey both cried as they talked about receiving news that the teen was safe. “If you would have heard last night when [Sarah’s dad] got the call… just a lot of joy,” McCulloch said, choking up as she spoke. Sarah was last seen at the […]

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    Student grades ex-girlfriend’s four-page apology letter

    DELAND, Fla. – A 20-year-old Stetson University student got a four-page letter from his ex-girlfriend apologizing for cheating and for the way their relationship ended, accepting the blame. Instead of going for the tissues, he grabbed a red pen. Nick Lutz tweeted photos of the letter with the caption,”When your ex writes you an apology letter so you grade it to send it back.” Lutz called out her “useless fillers” as well as her “lackadaisical” handwriting. He then summarized his findings […]