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  • Pit bull attacks, kills 77-year-old suburban Illinois woman

    ALSIP, Ill. – Police shot and killed a pit bull that mauled a 77-year-old woman to death in the yard of a suburban Illinois home Monday afternoon, according to WGN. Officers responded to Komensky Ave and 116th St in Alsip after a young man walking his dog saw the attack and called police. When they arrived, police say the dog was still aggressive and they were forced to shoot it. Officers tried to give the woman first aid but it […]

  • New developments in search for missing Alabama brothers

    ARAB, Ala. — The FBI has joined the search for four missing brothers who were last seen at their grandmother’s home in Arab, Alabama on Friday, police said. Felony warrants have been issued for the parents, 39-year-old Marcus Eugene Simmons and 29-year-old Karissa Renee Cummings. A state missing child alert is in effect as authorities look for 1-year-old Corbin Simmons, 4-year-old Alexander Simmons, 5-year-old Nicholas Simmons and 11-year-old Ian Simmons. Authorities said they may be traveling in a 2003 white Ford […]

  • Blind cat, best friend find a new home after months at shelter

    SACRAMENTO, Calif. – Two cats with an unlikely bond finally have a home, thanks to the power of social media. Ray is blind and was found in September on the streets. He is a lot more confident with his best friend, Bea, around. The cats do everything as a pair, they even lived in the same kennel at Sacramento’s Front Street Animal Shelter. “Really gives him a lot of confidence and reassurance that everything is OK,” said Ryan Hinderman, who […]

  • Man rents food truck to feed the homeless

    WATERBURY, Conn. – Christmas is around the corner, but for Jaspal Singh the cheer came a little bit sooner. “In the spirit of the holiday I want to do something special,” Singh told WTIC. Singh has been working in Waterbury for around five years. In that time he says the community has embraced him as one of their own. Singh observed how many of his surrounding community members go to sleep hungry. So he did something about it.​ On Saturdays Singh rents […]

  • This 6-year-old is making millions reviewing toys on YouTube

    Meet Ryan. He’s 6 years old, likes to play with toys, and has just been listed as one of Forbes’ highest-earning YouTube celebrities. Per Business Insider, the young entrepreneur, who hosts his family’s Ryan ToysReview channel on the video-sharing site, helped his household bring in about $11 million in pretax income this year, simply by opening toys and other products and reviewing them online. This monetized mastery of the “unboxing” phenomenon—what the Verge has described as “a blend of innocent […]

  • Heartbreaking video shows emaciated polar bear struggling to survive

    A heartbreaking video of an emaciated polar bear is going viral online. The video, shot by National Geographic photographer Paul Nicklen, was taken in Canada inside the Arctic Circle. It shows the starving bear struggling to walk, scavenging for anything to eat. Nicklen said he didn’t want the bear to die in vain. In the days since he posted the footage, Nicklen said he’s been asked why he didn’t intervene. “Of course, that crossed my mind,” Nicklen told National Geographic. […]

  • Young boy’s emotional Facebook video about bullying goes viral

    KNOXVILLE, Tenn. – A young boy’s emotional video about another round of bullying he endured is going viral. Keaton Jones, a middle school student, tearfully explained how he was bullied to his mother and asks why people bully others. She caught the moment on video: This is Keaton Jones. He is amazing. I hope those who bullied him get what’s coming to them. And soon. — Jamie O'Grady (@JamieOGrady) December 9, 2017 One of the first to respond to […]

  • Veterinarian removes 21 pacifiers from dog’s stomach

    EDMOND, Okla. – A veterinarian in Oklahoma has quite a tale to tell after removing 21 pacifiers from a dog’s stomach. The veterinarian at Gentle Care Animal Hospital said he had to share the story because “this was the most fascinating and exciting surgery I have ever done…” A local couple recently had a baby and were wondering what was happening to all of their child’s pacifiers. One day, the child’s grandmother saw the dog, Dovey, jump up on the counter and […]

  • Toddler signals ‘help’ in sign language during photo with Santa

    OWING MILLS, Md. – Every year when Santa comes to town children and their parents line-up to meet the jolly big man – but one Maryland toddler wasn’t having it. Kerry Spencer taught her son the sign for “help” in sign language – and during his photo with Santa he made the sign. “We taught our baby sign language. This is the sign for ‘help.’ You’re welcome,” Spencer wrote. We taught our baby sign language. This is the sign for […]