Deanna Falzone

Deanna Falzone


deanna falzone

I’m born and raised in Michigan and proud of it. Originally from Detroit, I have spent a little time all over the mitten state. Mt. Pleasant was home while I attended Central Michigan University, then I ventured over to Lansing where I worked as a reporter for almost 2 years at WLNS-TV. Finally, I landed here in West Michigan and couldn’t be happier to be apart of Fox17.

What makes this job so gratifying is being a part of a community. Meeting new people, with new stories is what makes each day worthwhile. Each one of us has a past and a story to tell, the key though taking a minute to listen. That’s when you find the true stories that matter the most to people, the ones we all can learn a little something from.

Feel to get in touch with me; I would love to hear from you:

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