Jennifer Dowling

Jennifer Dowling


News is always an adventure. I have a great appreciation for all the traveling and learning opportunities I have discovered in my career. I am happy to continue to bring that experience into my work and provide you with the best stories and insights in stories from across the beautiful West Michigan region.

I have friends and family scattered throughout the country, but I grew up in Onsted, Michigan in the heart of the Irish Hills. After graduating from Central Michigan University, I traveled west across the Mississippi River and worked in the heartland in Des Moines, IA at WHO-TV. Then, I ventured further west, crossing the Missouri River to work in the beautiful Black Hills beneath the shadow of Mount Rushmore.  I returned to Michigan to anchor and report in Lansing, before heading to Grand Rapids, MI and my current home at FOX 17.

Some of my favorite things to do in news include….

Digging to find the truth and uncovering interesting details nobody else has discovered in a story.

I’m known around the newsroom for….

Researching complicated stories and issues.

What keeps me going?

Iced tea and ambition.

My greatest TV moments include….

Interviewing Barack Obama in his first run for president, exposing corruption in a shady city land deal involving political donors, keeping West Michigan informed and safe during the Roderick Dantzler shootings, and digging up the truth on the West Michigan fugitives in Canon City Colorado.

TV moments I’d like to forget….

When I’m trying to look good for TV and the wind or rain is not cooperating….and once in a while when Courtney Perna says strange things to me in my IFB during live shots,

If I had more free time….

I would travel and hike more.  I have been to Japan, Scotland, France, Mexico and Canada, but I would like to experience more adventures in other countries.

My favorite times are spent….

Hiking, playing bass guitar, singing, cooking, creative writing and strolling along the gorgeous beaches of Lake Michigan…and of course, when I’m at work, bringing you the best stories in West Michigan.

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