Lindsay Kus

Lindsay Kus


After working at TV stations in Florida, Indiana, and Illinois, I have found my place in Grand Rapids and have been anchoring and reporting the news at FOX 17 for six years.

I’m a jack of all trades and a versatile anchor who can transitioning easily from hard news to light.

Over the years, I’ve had every job in the newsroom. At heart,  I’m a storyteller who loves writing, interviewing people and the adrenaline of live television.

I’ve covered everything from homicides and tornados to President Gerald R. Ford’s funeral.  I also don’t think news has to be depressing and disturbing to be compelling.

I don’t have any life changing stories about why I got into news, but I used to get in trouble for talking in school all the time. My mom also found home videos of me interviewing neighbor kids about their cannonball performance in the backyard pool at age 7. If I only had that for my resume reel!

My first paid news job was covering the farm beat for the LaPorte Herald Argus. Giddy up!

I graduated from Indiana University with a journalism degree.

I like reading, baking, scary movies, home improvements, playing sports, running and spending time with my husband (FOX 17 Anchor Tim Doty-yes I met a guy at work) and our kitten “Kitty”

I also play the piano and studied art at the Art Institute of Chicago.

FYI- with a news job you don’t have a lot of time for hobbies,  so don’t believe every bio in the biz.

What keeps me going?

“It’s not where you start it’s where you end up”

Known around the newsroom?

A person with experience who can handle any story and deliver.

What keeps me going

My family

Greatest TV moment

After doing a story on a young solider who was killed in combat,  his family sent me a card thanking me saying that in his 21 short years, that is exactly how he would want to be remembered. I keep the card at my desk.

One of the most exciting

Flying in a show plane for an air show and going upside down while filming. Not good on the stomach but great TV!

TV moment I’d like to forget

Almost getting run over by a car during a live shot about a homicide in Grand Rapids. I think it was on purpose too. Yikes!

I love West Michigan for the people. Never lived anywhere where people were so friendly and generous.

If I had more free time? I’d finish painting the house, design cute luggage and help my sister run her cake shop and go back to school to be a dermatologist.

I believe the tipster is the key good journalism so e-mail me your stories at

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