Nicole DiDonato

Nicole DiDonato


Nicole DiDonato, FOX 17 Reporter

I’ve traveled over 1,350 miles to four different cities in my career, all around Michigan and Indiana. I am a Metro Detroit native who is thrilled to call Our West Michigan home.

This once shy girl has grown up to feel at-home in front of the camera, giving a voice to your stories. Add a an early wake-up call, and you’ve got, what I call, the perfect shift in the business! I am the morning reporter for FOX 17 Morning News. There is no time to be tired on this shift, because I never have time to be! I’d be exaggerating if I said it is non-stop from the moment I walked in the door, but it’s close! I just love it!

I am a former figure competitor, avid weight lifter and former personal trainer, yet I have no shame in polishing off a can of vanilla frosting. I also love my Detroit Tigers and Indianapolis Colts!

I’m known around the newsroom for…

Eating just the frosting off of cupcakes and pieces of cake

What keeps me going

Never having a second to sit down!

I give back to my community by…

Enjoying my local farmers markets! I also love to share your stories because you never know who is watching and will be affected.

My greatest TV moment

A friendly cat decided to use me as a human perch on live TV one morning. I also appeared in every newscast in a single day. It was during our coverage of two escaped inmates and their girlfriends. I was reporting on a number of break-ins in Allegan County during the morning, and chased the story down to Kokomo, Indiana, where the four were spotted later in the day, appearing in our evening and night newscasts. As long as I don’t have a break, I never have time to be tired!

TV moment I’d like to forget

Fill-in sports reporting during my first on-air job in Alpena, Michigan. I was a one-woman show up there. If you missed it, sorry, those newscasts happened before social media became popular.

If I had free time, I would…

Travel to other hemispheres!

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