Steve VanBergen

Steve VanBergen


My name is Steve, and I’m a Senior Producer at FOX 17 News.  I get to write what the anchors say.

I have been in West Michigan my entire life.  I grew up in Oceana County — aka ‘The Real O.C.’ — and lived there up until I graduated from Hart High School.  From there, I went to college at Grand Valley State University, where I majored in Broadcasting.

I enjoy listening to people who haven’t lived here very long complain about the weather: it’s always too hot & humid in the summer, too cold & snowy in the winter, or any other ludicrous claim about Michigan’s conditions.  Nature carved us out as a giant mitten for a reason.

Motorcycles are among the greatest inventions of all time.  I ride whenever possible, and may have permanently damaged my circulatory system by being out in the cold for too long.

My musical tastes are co-enjoyed by absolutely nobody else in the newsroom.  Heavy metal is my genre of choice, and I have absolutely no idea what is being played on the radio.  Country + Pop + Dubstep x Rap = Me Having a Bad Time.  I’m good at math.

When I’m not riding or listening to deafening, angry music, I’m being a computer nerd or playing video games…or re-watching The Wire, The Shield, or Freaks and Geeks for the 11th time.

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