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Michigan Couple Killed In Missouri

Paul and Margaret Brooks were found dead in Lampe, Mo., on January 31, 2013.

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Michigan Couple Found Dead In Missouri Were Stabbed

GALENA, Mo. — Paul and Margaret Brooks of Baldwin, Mich., were stabbed to death on January 31, said the sheriff’s office investigating the case.

The couple was found dead in a Lampe, Mo., home, and two teens were arrested.

The Stone County Sheriff’s Office released a statement that said while blunt trauma was a factor in the couple’s deaths, both died of stabbing.

In a statement, the family of the victims noted the couple was only weeks away from their 50th anniversary.

BALDWIN, Mich. — News of Paul and Margaret Sue Brooks’s murder stunned two communities, one in Missouri and their hometown, Baldwin, Mich., hundreds of miles away.

“It was just just a horrible thing, just to hear about it,” neighbor Gordy Howe said. “I don’t know a thing about it yet but we’re all still quite in shock.”  He has lived down the street from the Brooks’s for seven years.

“Paul and Sue were really very nice people. Paul used to walk around trails with us, with his dog every day. They were just great people.”

Other neighbors say the Brooks’s raised three sons who became doctors, and they themselves were the kindest people.

The couple split their time between Michigan and Missouri. They lived in Baldwin during the warmer months and moved to Missouri around Thanksgiving.

Paul, 70, and Margaret, 69, were staying at a family member’s lake house in Missouri when deputies discovered their bodies Thursday night.

“The neighbor had noticed some suspicious activity at the residence,” Stone County Sheriff Doug Rader said.

It appears the Brooks may have been killed during a break-in. The sheriff’s department wouldn’t say how they were killed. The sheriff says two teens that escaped from a nearby ranch for at-risk boys are the suspects.

“We found evidence where they had actually been in a residence that was a lake house next door,” Rader said. “It looked like they may have stayed there for a few days.”

The sheriff said the neighbor who caught the teens and held them at gunpoint ought to be commended for his actions. “I am very proud of that man today, and I thanked him and told him how proud I was,” Rader said.

The sheriff’s department said the teens, one 15 and the other 16 years old, were taken into custody and are now with juvenile authorities.


West Michigan Couple Killed In Missouri

STONE COUNTY, Mo. — Police are investigating the murder of a Baldwin, Mich., couple in Stone County, Mo.

On Saturday night, the Stone County Sheriff’s Office told FOX 17 NEWS that at 5:43 p.m. Thursday deputies were dispatched to 1722 Trace Hollow Road in Lampe, Mo., for a burglary in progress. As deputies responded they were advised that a neighbor had two people at gunpoint.

Upon arriving at the scene, deputies detained two male subjects. The neighbor had noticed suspicious activity at the residence and confronted the males. He held them at gunpoint until deputies arrived on the scene.

Further investigation on scene by the deputies found two dead bodies in the residence. Apparent signs of foul play prompted further investigation. Detectives from the Stone County Sheriff’s Office and the members of the Missouri Highway Patrol Division of Drug and Crime Control responded to the scene.

The investigation revealed the double homicide of a husband and wife — Paul Brooks, 70, and Margaret Brooks, 69 – of 1722 Trace Hollow Road.

The Stone County Sheriff’s Office told FOX 17 NEWS that the Brooks couple were from Baldwin, Mich.

The two suspects — a 16-year-old juvenile and a 15-year-old juvenile — were taken into custody and later turned over to juvenile authorities.

An autopsy will be conducted Saturday on the victims to determine their causes of death.

The incident remains under investigation by the Stone County Sheriff’s Office.