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Multiple Shooting Incidents Along I-96

Raulie Casteel, 43, the man suspected of terrorizing drivers along I-96 stands trial.

Casteel was allegedly shooting at cars along the busy corridor, leaving police searching for weeks.

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HOWELL, Mich. – The man accused of shooting at a number of motorists along I-96 is scheduled to be arraigned Thursday on a number of charges including terrorism.

Raulie Casteel, 43, of Wixom is scheduled to appear in 53rd District Court in Howell.

Michigan Attorney General Bill Schuette is taking over the case. During the rash of shootings, Casteel is accused of hitting a man from West Michigan.

Scott Arnold of Delton, Mich. was shot in the rear after a bullet traveled through his door and driver’s side seat, hitting him in the left side of his buttocks. The bullet stopped near his hip socket. Doctors said it could remain there for the rest of his life.

The attorney general’s charges replace the charges filed earlier in Livingston County.

Casteel also faces separate charges in Oakland County.

LANSING, Mich. – New charges announced Thursday against the man who allegedly shot at several people on I-96 earlier this fall.

Michigan Attorney General Bill Schuette authorized terrorism, assault with intent to murder and felony firearm charges against Raulie Casteel, 43.

The state criminal division reviewed evidence collected by the multi-jurisdictional task force formed to investigate the case, and worked with the prosecutors from Ingham, Livingston, Shiawassee and Oakland counties. The Oakland County prosecutor continues to handle the case filed in that county.

“These were acts of domestic terrorism against Michigan citizens and we are prosecuting them as such,” said Bill Schuette.  “I look forward to working with task force members and my colleagues from Ingham, Livingston, and Shiawassee counties to resolve this case and secure justice for the victims.”

The county-level charges previously filed in Livingston against Casteel were dismissed and replaced with charges today filed by the attorney general.

The charges pertain only to acts that occurred in Livingston County. The attorney general intends to enter evidence of similar acts from other counties under a different law.

The following seven felony charges were filed in Livingston County’s 53rd District Court:

  • One count of terrorism; based on 21 attacks, a felony charge punishable by up to life in prison
  • One count of assault with intent to murder, a felony charge punishable by up to life in prison
  • One count of dangerous weapon. Carrying with unlawful intent, a 5-year felony
  • One count of weapons, firearms. Discharge from Vehicle, a 4-year felony
  • Three counts of weapons. Felony firearm, a 2-year felony.

The first count of terrorism claims Casteel knowingly and deliberately committed violent felonies. He fired at victims driving motor vehicles, and knew what he was doing was dangerous to human life. The charge outlines several victims that were fired on from October 16-18, 2012.

In Oakland County, Casteel is charged with 60 counts for incidents alleged to have occurred in that county. Casteel was taken into custody on November 5,  2012 by Michigan State Police troopers.

On November 14, 2012, judges in Oakland County and Livingston County each ordered Casteel to undergo two separate competency and criminal responsibility tests to determine whether he is competent to stand trial in the respective counties.

The case filed today will move forward following the results of the Livingston competency exam.

LANSING, Mich.– The three counties involved in the recent I-96 shootings report that the Attorney General will be prosecuting the alleged shooter.

According to the Michigan Department of Attorney General, Bill Shuette, Ingham, Livingston and Shiawassee County Prosecutors announced that the Attorney General’s Criminal Division is going to be leading the prosecution of the accused I-96 shooter.

Raulie Casteel, 43, of Wixom is the suspect who was taken into custody on October 17, for the I-96 shootings. He has been charged and arraigned in Livingston County on six counts of alleged shooting in Howell. Oakland County has charged Casteel with 60 counts  for incidents that allegedly happened in that county.

Ingham and Shiawassee Counties have not yet charged Casteel for incidents that allegedly happened within their counties.

According to the Attorney General office, the Criminal Division will review the evidence collected by the multi-jurisdictional task force and decide what criminal charges, if any, should be filed.


LIVINGSTON COUNTY, Mich- The man accused of shooting at drivers from his own moving car on and around I-96 was in two different courtrooms on Wednesday.

Both judges said they want to take a closer look at the mental health of the accused, 43-year-old Raulie Casteel.

The hearings for Casteel lasted about five minutes in both Oakland and Livingston Counties.  Casteel faces a total of 66 felony charges in both of those counties, including multiple attempted murder charges.

In Livingston County, Casteel was brought into the courtroom wearing shackles on both his wrists and ankles.  His family filled the front row of seats in court.

The brief hearing consisted of both sides waiving the preliminary hearing and the judge ordering a competency hearing take place.

His mental health was first questions earlier that day by an Oakland County Judge.  Casteel’s defense attorney said they are opposed to the forsenic mental health exam but would not say why.

After the hearing, as Casteel was being led back to jail a family member said, “Hang in there Raulie.”  Casteel said, “I will.” Another family member then said, “I love you.”

FOX 17 asked Livingston County prosecutor David Morse how long the mental health test usually takes.  We were told they should have the results back within 60 to 90 days.

Until the results come back, the court proceedings will be put on hold.

If convicted on the most serious charges, Casteel could face life in prison.

HOWELL, Mich. -

43-year-old Raulie Casteel will be back in court for the second time on Wednesday.

Earlier in the day Casteel was in a Oakland County courtroom, where his attorney waived a preliminary hearing and the judge ordered a psychiatric evaluation.

He is scheduled for a second preliminary hearing at 2:00 p.m. in Howell.

Last week, Casteel was arraigned on a total of 66 felony charges including attempted murder and various weapon charges.

He is accused of terrorizing drivers on and near I-96 in October.

Police say Casteel is responsible for 24 shootings in four Michigan Counties.

Casteel was arrested at his home in Wixom. Detectives say he was a stay at home dad with a young daughter.

His wife, father and stepmother have attended each court appearance to date.

We have a crew in the courtroom and will update you as this story develops.


The I-96 shooter has been charged with multiple felonies. The shooter was identified as Raulie Casteel, 43, of Wixom, near Oakland County, Michigan.

Casteel was arraigned in Livingston County Wednesday. A felony complaint was filed by a woman who said she was shot as she drove on I-96.

Casteel entered a not guilty plea, his next court date is a preliminary exam on November 14, 2012.

In a news conference today, police said people can rest a little easier knowing that the suspect has been arrested.

Casteel was calm and showed little emotion in court Wednesday, as charges were read against him. He was charged for one of the two dozen shooting cases he’s suspected of committing.

Police say additional charges including federal charges will soon follow.

“We all want our citizens to be able to go about their daily lives without fear that has gripped the I-96 and M-52 corridor areas for the past month. It is my wish that citizens will rest easier tonight,” said David McCain, of ATF.

Casteel is currently being held on a $2 million dollar bond.


DELTON, Mich -

Scott Arnold showed us where the bullet hole went into his car while he was driving down I-96 on October 27, 2012. The bullet went through the metal on the lower portion of the door, and then through the plastic molding, hitting the seat and traveling into his left hip.

The scars on his car and his body remind Arnold of how lucky he was when police say the I 96 shooter took a shot at his cross over. Because the surgery would be too invasive, it’s likely the bullet will remain in Arnold’s hip the rest of his life.

We sat down with him at his home in Delton for more on his reaction to the arrest of Raulie Casteel of Wixom in connection to the shootings.

Arnold says he’s grateful he doesn’t have to be concerned someone might be coming after him. He says, “I was very relieved.” When he learned more about the suspect’s family, he added, “I feel kind of sorry for him because he has a wife and daughter and he ruined his life and his family’s life.”

You may recall Arnold was on the way to watch the Tigers play when he was hit and had to go to the hospital. The Tiger’s organization sent him some gifts for being a fan which he showed us. Those included a cup and a mug, a World Series hat, towel and shirt.

A letter from the Tigers reads, “We are stunned to learn of the recent injury you sustained during your travel to Comerica Park to attend Game #3 of the 2012 World Series. On behalf of the Detroit Tigers organization, we wish you the best on your road to a speedy recovery.”  The also offered him the opportunity to hose him and his family at a game in 2013.

Arnold is appreciative off the gifts and he really wants to thank the detectives for their hard work saying,

“These guys were working long and hard hours and they were stressed out about it.”

Arnold is slowly healing and is doing better than when he was first hit. However, it is still painful and it’s tough for him to do a lot of physical activity as the wound heals.

Man shot on his way to World Series game

BRIGHTON, Mich (FOX 17)—

Michigan State Police (MSP) say an incident on the highway Monday morning near I-96 and Highway 23 is not related to the other shots being fired on I-96 in Livingston County.  MSP say they area still investigating whether a rock went through a vehicle window.

A West Michigan man was injuried Sunday when a bullet hit him as he drove along I-96 near Fowlerville. Scott Arnold, 46, of Delton, was treated for a wound to his buttocks and has been released. The bullet went through the driver side door of his car as he drove to Detroit to see the Tigers in the World Series. He has since been released.

The Michigan State Police post in Brighton confirmed with FOX 17 News that they were investigating a report of another shot fired along US-23 southbound north of I-96.

The first call was received around 9 a.m.

The police activity has slowed traffic on southbound US-23 between M-59 and I-96.