Woman Is Able To Vote From Hospital Bed

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.


A hospital room doesn’t look much like a voting booth, but for one Kalamazoo woman with emergency surgery on election day, it became just that, thanks to the dedication of one Kalamazoo city clerk.

“I had to go into emergency surgery on Tuesday morning,” says Lynette Knobloch of Kalamazoo.

Knobloch is recovering from a bowel obstruction at Borgess Medical Center that required life-saving emergency surgery. The doctor’s orders coming on of all days…Election Day.

“I have not missed a vote since I was old enough to vote,” says Knobloch.

Knobloch had long ago made something of an informal promise to a friend who had gotten her interested in politics…that she would always stay involved in the process.  That friend had just died, making this election more important than ever.

“Mr Whitman was a really big part of that and I wanted to vote and I actually sat here and cried for a half an hour 45 minutes, Monday morning, because I knew I wasn`t going to be able to,” says Knobloch.

So, Lynette turned to the Kalamazoo City Clerk’s office and City Clerk Scott Borling came personally to her rescue.

“Lynerte called on Election Day and described her situation,” says Scott Borling, Kalamazoo City Clerk.”

Borling drove to the medical center in his own car, walked into her room and gave her the ballot. Once completed, he sealed it and took it safely back to be counted.

“It`s nice to be able to help someone out in that situation where through no fault of their own they could be in a position to not cast a ballot,” says Borling.

“They brought it in and I filled it out. He waited here for me to fill it out and he took it back and I didn`t miss 2012,” says Knobloch with a big smile.

It was a relief and a happy ending to her desire to participate in our great democracy and a reminder of the kindness and dedication that still exists in our wold today, even on a busy day like election day.

“I just thought it was really awesome that he would take the time to use his own vehicle and own gas, not a lot of people do that nowadays,” says Knobloch.

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