Couple Cares For Disabled, Dying Children

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.


Every week, we bring you the story of people “paying it forward” in our West Michigan, and this one is hard to top.

For seven years, Bryce and Susan Beckett have been opening their Grand Rapids home to foster children who are considered “medically fragile.”

The term refers to kids who are disabled, dependent on equipment like a ventilator, or even terminally ill.

“It’s an honor to serve them, to care for them, to love them,” Bryce told FOX 17 News. “They’re just like any other kid. When we take on the responsibilities of a child, that’s our child no matter what.”

The Becketts have adapted their home and lifestyle to meet the demand of being 24/7 caretakers. The couple is currently caring for four girls ages 11 months to seven years. Three have been adopted so far.

“It doesn’t matter if they’re disabled,” explained Susan. “They still deserve to have a family, a mom and a dad. Sisters and brothers. They deserve it just as much as a child that’s not disabled.”

The couple has said goodbye to five children who have passed away. Bryce said they’ve learned to “love loosely.”

“I learn to love them each time, and you got to learn to give them up, let them go,” he said. “You weep, and you carry a little bit of them right there.”

The couple does get some help from nurses provided by the state. Medicaid covers the cost of health insurance and equipment needed for the kids. The Becketts are also reimbursed monthly at a set rate determined by the state for each child.

Bryce and Susan say they do it because they’d rather see the kids inside a loving home than alone in a hospital.

“It’s hard to explain, but there’s a deep fulfillment I get from loving a child that has no one to love them,” explained Susan.

“I really believe that our calling is to care for them,” added Bryce. “And we don’t take that lightly. We really want to make sure that they’re loved and they know it.”

The Becketts have been working with D.A. Blodgett – St. John’s to find and care for these kids.

For more information on that human service agency, click  here. 

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  • Robin

    What a great story for you to share with us ~ they are truly heroes in my eyes! Giving these kids the love of a family and offering them peace and comfort. THANK YOU for what you do !!

  • tammy

    Please please don’t let these people fool u.. they do this all for the money while they are constantly going on vacation, leaving the kids with the nurses. The real people they need to be congratulated are these nurses.. I know the becketts and work with DA BLODGETT ST.JOHN’S. on a personal level.. well yes I believe there are some people out there with the true hearts. This program in these people are not such. They’re out there destroying families all in the name of money…. they love these kids BC no one else does. How funny, they don’t give them the chance to. Once the child is special needs, you can gaurentee you are not getting your child back. A special needs a Foster families eyes such as.these
    Is nothing but dollar signs… these poor children that can’t speak for themselves. Are the children we see getting abused and neglected most by Foster families. I hope something is brought to light before it’s too late for these innocent lives. I know I’m working on it as we speak to make sure something is done, and justice is served. God bless all. And remember he is the 1 Creator that we all have to answer to 1 day.. happy holidays to all.

  • luke

    I know of this foster family and they are not a perfect as you may think, there is just something wrong with this situation. For Suzan to say the kids have no one that loves them is so not true, I know one of the kids they foster has a great family that loves her a lot. Those are not her kids, their main goal should be to get these kids to spend time with their family. They are asking for donations these, these people get paid a nice six figure sallery from doimg this. The sick kids get more money,

  • Marge

    I know this family personally, and see them often. They truly do love these children, and care for them with great compassion. It is tough if you are the bio family, and cannot for whatever reason care for your special needs child, but this foster family really does fill the gap, and they do not live as if they are "making money!" They are tender compassionate people, who love each child—bio, adopted, foster, as if they are their own—which is the way it should be! I'm thankful for them, as they care for the little ones that are pretty tough to take care of 24/7.