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Teen Reported Missing From Cedar Springs Found

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

CEDAR SPRINGS, Mich – A teenage girl was reported missing Monday, last seen leaving Cedar Springs Middle School. She was later found early Tuesday morning by police at a gas station on Grand Rapids northeast side.

A report was filed at 3:45 p.m., Alyssa Jordyn Bergman (A.J.), 13, did not ride her bus home which caused her mom to call police.

Area law enforcement was alerted along with family and friends searching the White Pine Trail all evening Monday.

Alyssa mentioned to a friend that she was heading to the trail as school let out. A family member was showing a photo of Alyssa to the clerk at the Marathon Gas Station on Bridge Street in Rockford who said she had been in earlier.

During a police interview, the clerk said the girl was in around 4 p.m. asking for directions to a bus terminal.

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  • theresa

    My hopes and prayers go out to the family for a safe return on their daughter keep ur heads up and looking she out there somewhere God. Is watching her

  • Alyssa

    Everybody here is the updates, I have found out..
    Well first, I've been walking the White Pine Trail from 17 mile to 14 Mile, since 7:00pm. With my mom and Kelly Alvesteffer.
    This is our information:
    Alyssa Bergman's friend saw her walk down 16 mile, turned south onto the White Pine Trail. Nobody said where she was going, or headed. Around 3:00-3:30pm a burgundy suburban went onto White Pine Trail off of 16 mile, headed South… We don't know if that was a stranger following her, or a firefighter person, type. Aj has been upset for a few weeks, she only told me she was upset today due to a boy. Her mom and Aunt went to the boy's house, but no show. Apparently, Aj had gotten into trouble yesterday, we don't know why or what for. We also found out that she has been on Facebook, online chatting, in a chat room. Her mom started walking North from West. River Dr. There's been people from Summit/Russell Road, to West River. There's been people from 12 mile to Summit, also from 14 mile to 17 mile, and there's a couple on quads. A firefighter volunteer did say they did have cops up in Sand Lake, this volunteer also said that he would try to get the thermal camera out right now. Please, if anybody has seen her, or anything, please let us know… She was last known wearing black thick boots, a black/white hoodie. There was a cop car on the trail.
    Several people have been trying to call her mom, but it's sadly died… Her mom, doesn't know any of this new information. Please call the cops, if any information! This is my friend! I've been her friend since 1st grade! Please please, help!

  • John

    Why do they not have a Search and Rescue team out looking for her? I know Kent County has one and has some dogs or something and a Helicopter. They should get their Heli out to search for her.

  • Martin Nelson

    I agree about the search and rescue, but it warms my heart to see the efforts of my former community coming together for this girl…..praying she returns home safely!!

  • Shaun

    She is safe. A good samaritan talked her into calling the police. He brought her to the my store where I called the police. Her mom showed up about 5 minutes later and they were reunited.

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