‘Right-to-Work’ Impact on Indiana

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

Among other concerns, union workers in Michigan fear lower wages are ahead if the governor signs ‘right-to-work’ into law.

However, what’s happened in Indiana under the law? What were the immediate effects?

FOX 17 turned to business expert Gerry Dick for answers. He’s with “Inside Indiana Business” and has years of experience covering business in the state.

“When Indiana became the 23rd ‘right-to-work’ state in February of this year, there really were no immediate effects. Other than the fact that tensions between organized labor and business organizations like the Indiana chamber of commerce became even more inflamed,” Dick explained.

“It’s a very controversial issue in our state. The lines were very clearly drawn between organized labor and business. I think over time any impact from ‘right-to-work’ legislation will be felt in the coming months and years,” he added.

Michigan democrats say legislation was rushed through. What was the case for Indiana?

“‘Right-to-work’ legislation has been talked about, has been discussed here in the state of Indiana for a number of years. It was brought up in the last session of the Indiana legislature and dropped it. It was not pursued at that time,” Dick explained.

“House republicans and republican leadership including Governor Mitch Daniels, made the indication early on in the session that would be pursued, there were committee hearings and things that took place. So relatively speaking, it went through in an expeditious manner but committee hearings and the process did take place over a couple of weeks,” he continued.

Have more companies relocated to Indiana since ‘right-to-work’ passed? Have worker wages dropped as some fear?

“A few companies have cited ‘right-to-work’ as a reason, one of the reasons they located here, in making their announcements, but in terms of other things like wages and those types of things and the impact, it will be a number of years in my opinion before that really plays itself out,” Dick explained.

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  • JayDee

    How can more business and lower unemployment be a negative result . Whats negative is the greedy unions TAKING a piece of every workers check so they can influence elections that should be decided by the very workers they're robbing.Real solidarity would be the workers uniting and standing against the six figure income union pigs and tossing them out on their asses.

    • JeapersCreapers

      I think the six figure income portion is nothing to worry about. Unions want living wages for everyone. Not just the upper management and above. Do you believe slave labor is what everyone wants for their childrens futures? That's where the current trend is heading

  • VFG

    I don't want police. Should I have to pay taxes for them? Or what about the recreation center? I don't want to pay taxes for that either.

    Union is for the good of the people. For safety, for fair pay. Too bad if you don't want to pay it.
    If you don't like it, find a new job. Otherwise feel thankful you're being tooken care of with your dues.
    Much like you are with the police, and much like your town is with the recreation center.
    It's for the greater good.

    Now that unions are going to be destroyed, so are households who aren't living high off of the hog in the first place. Just compare right-to-work-states worker's benefits compared to non-right-to-work state's benefits. The difference is noticable enough, and everyone, union or nonunion, suffers.

    If the union is destoryed because no one pays dues, other companies who are nonunion will also pay less with less benefits. They'll all follow suit.

    We're all in big trouble.

  • M Kerby

    I never voted for my boss but he gets some of my money and everyone else's, and he doesn't do a dang thang. The less we get paid for the work we do, and that includes the disappearing benefits, the more money the top officers in the company make, the happier they are with the boss, the more he gets paid. Youve heard of rewarding NEGATIVE BEHAVIOR! See the conundrum, the quickening whirlpool we are in? Funny, the boss is going down with the ship, although he thinks he is unexpendable. Truth is we're all heading down the drain and he (has got his eyes closed and) doesnt see the drain YET.
    Change the system SO THAT WE WHO ARE THE ONES WHO WORK (& our families) WILL HAVE ENOUGH TO EAT, ROOF OVER OUR HEADS, AND MEDICAL HELP WHEN EMERGENCIES HIT. These things are disappearing or out of reach to more and more people, and considered luxury from the fat cats at the top of the business food chain, those that gallivant all over the world, their playground. We work, they don't. We add value with our labor. What do they do? They meet w legislators to draft and vote for RIGHT TO WORK FOR LESS!
    I'd love to see legislation requiring that a company official at any level have a ceiling on their pay not to exceed 3X the lowest paid worker. Then they may care about the least of us and we may all be on the same page. Now that would be a start to working class justice! Unions are only around because greed brought them into existence. Chew on that one. MK