Excessive Heat Warning Issued for West Michigan

Both Drivers At Fault In Rollover

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

Two people were sent to the hospital Tuesday morning after a crash that police said was the fault of both drivers.

East-west traffic was blocked on 60th Street until the crash was cleared. One lane was open on Broadmoor Avenue during the investigation and cleanup.

A 2013 Jeep entered the intersection of Broadmoor Avenue at 60th Street as a Dodge Intrepid entered the intersection. When they collided, the Jeep rolled three times. Initial reports said the driver of the Jeep was ejected, but that was not the case.

Both drivers were taken to area hospitals but were expectd to recover.

The Jeep, driven by a 51-year-old man entered the intersection just before the red turned to green. The Intrepid, driven by a 65-year-old woman entered the intersection on a yellow.

No alcohol or drugs was believed to have been involved.

(Reporting and image by Eric Florence, FOX 17)

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  • Sam

    Everybody obviously in too big of a hurry and does anybody stop on a yellow light anymore??? And WHY would you move into an intersection on a red light??? OH WAIT, I know, it's the "me first" mentality of driving that's out there now.

  • J

    Or I’m pretty sure everyone has tried to beat a yellow light! Mistakes happen and I’m sure this was the case here!!! Lets just be thankful every is expected to recover, and try our best to avoid these situations!

  • marie

    I seen this accident after the fact today. It was horrible. I was convinced people lost their lives in it. I'm glad to hear they will recover. I have been sick to my stomach all day after seeing the distroyed cars. I think about my 16 year old daughter gonna get her licence in about a week and am just praying for God to put a buble of protection over her and that she also makes wise choices as she begins to drive.__

  • LInda

    I also saw this crash yesterday on my way to work. I was sure there had to be lives lost when I saw the vehicles. I immediatly broke into tears due to the fact of losing my own18 year old daughter in a horrible accident almost 6 years ago. Thank God these drivers will survive. Marie, I also thought my daughter had a buble of protection around her. She didn't. My daughter was a safe driver and made good choices, but when an 18 wheeler came at her after he crossed the center line, it was out of her control. Talk to your daughter about defensive driving as well as making good choices, and pray that bubble doesn''t burst.

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