Michigan Lupus Foundation Asks The Nation’s Capitol For Help

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

WASHINGTON– The Michigan Lupus Foundation went to the nation’s Capitol to lobby for increased lupus research and funding.

Director of the MLF, Frank Mortl III, flew to the Capitol on Dec. 13, as part of We Work for Health–Michigan (WWFH–MI).

During the trip Mortl met with Congressman Fred Upton, Congressman Dave Camp’s office and Congressman Bill Huizenga’s office. While in the meeting, WWFH-MI released a highlighted data report, along with MLF legislative materials to Congressman Upton and Legislative Director Mark Ratner, which showed them why the WWFH-MI believes the biopharmaceutical industry is crucial in the state of Michigan. The documents also revealed the foundation’s need for an increase in research funding for lupus and other autoimmune diseases.

The WWFH-MI also said in the meeting that Medicare Part D is a vital resource and that Medicaid-style rebates could be harmful to their program and beneficiaries.

“If rebates are added into the mix it would probably raise premiums for lupus patients,” Mortl told FOX 17 News.

The MLF said the trip produced great strides in the fight against lupus, bringing the focus to clinical trials, local Michigan involvement and prescription issues within Medicare.

The MLF represents more than 85,000 people in Michigan who are affected by lupus.

Mortl said it costs nothing for those who want to participate in their program and/or support groups. He said that 100 percent of the funds they receive go directly to education, research and support.

For more information visit milupus.org

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  • Anita

    Ironic that a Director of a Non-profit such as this group, is in Washington asking for funds to help with research & to raise funds for Lupus awareness, when this Non-profit is actually paying a six figure salary to this director. Interesting to say the least. There are so many new Lupus groups that are cropping up across the country that pay no salaries, and all man hours are donated by their staff. Time to cut the funding to some of these big salaried Non-Profits, and start to concentrate on a cure!

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