Gun Enthusiasts Waiting Hours in Line

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich.-Ever since the gun debate about banning military style weapons like the AR-15 Rifle, reportedly found at the Connecticut shooting scene has surfaced, places like Silver Bullet Fire Arms in Wyoming have been overwhelmed with customers.

Sam Rodriguez had already waited about 2 hours in line while some of his friends had been there longer.

“I invested into nice weapons now I want to at least go out and have fun, do my sports, with the weapons I invested in and now the manufacturers have shortages and I mean don’t think that’s fair but I want to get mine before they run out.”

The AR-15s have all sold out at Silver Bullet and places like GoldStar Outdoors in Edmore. Sam already has the guns and now its the ammo that’s becoming difficult to snag.

He explained his purpose of waiting in line was to get 30-Round mag pull clips, 20-Round mag pull  clips and some .223 auto ammunition that was about 10 tens less the price than what it was selling for online.

“It really sucks and it’s good for the small business, I love Silver Bullet so I’m glad they’re making a lot of money, but for us, it’s crazy, just an avid hunter I want to be able to have a big clip and I think I should be able to do that.” Sam said.

Even answering the flooding phone lines is next to impossible, a store spokesperson said. Gary Scharke called for three straight days and couldn’t get through. He shared his take on the government talks.

“I think it’s every time something happens like this they always blame the gun owners for it, but yet the guns don’t kill people only people kill people.” Scharke said.

People signing up to take the CCW course is also on the rise at Silver Bullet.

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  • Nitram

    I should think that when one has a job writing articles that are to be published for many to read one would do research about the subject matter to ensure accuracy. This story mentions "mag pull clips". What, exactly, is a "mag pull clip"? I know of a company with a similar sounding name. It's Magpul. They do not manufacture "clips" They manufacture, among many other things, rifle MAGAZINES. No "clips".
    Apparently the author has done no research on the subject matter. Magazines and clips are very different items

    • Jay T

      Maybe you should try and understand what you read before you are so quick to put people down. He was repeating what the guest in line told him. I get so sick of people looking to put down others over the smallest things the article is on guns and gun laws and you have to complain about terms or slang You may not know this, but you are not the all knowing. Maybe you should come down off your high horse you might start to enjoy life instead of being so negative.

  • Tom

    Pete, when a bad guy breaks in your house at 3am you can defend your family with a single shot rifle which is what Obama and Crew want. The bad guys will NOT have a single shot weapon. They will be coming at you with everything they have. But wait, call 911 and they will be there in 20 to 30 minutes. They'll get there and they will find your DEAD body along with your Family. Both my grandkids are alive because my daughter has a conceal lic.

  • Tom

    I have a question, If we can only have 10 round mags then why do police need them. Bad guys will turn in their guns and they will follow ALL THE LAWS so why do the police need them. if Obama takes our guns then the Cops need to give up theirs also. No guns then Cops don't need them either. I am Very Serious. Bad guys and Criminals would never break the law so why do police need high capacity mags or even weapons at all.