8th-Grader Dies In Newaygo Crash

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

NEWAYGO COUNTY, Mich. – An 8th-grader has died following a car accident that took place on Sunday.

Sources tell FOX 17 News that Dayzi Georgiades died in a two vehicle car accident that took place on Jan. 6, at about 4:30 p.m. The accident happened as a vehicle driving westbound on 120th Street in Ensley Township, lost control, crossing over the centerline. Another vehicle heading eastbound on 120th Street was unable to avoid striking the other vehicle.

Georgiades moved over Christmas break and was scheduled to start school at Grant on Monday.

Three other people were transported to Spectrum Health Butterworth Hospital.

All three were listed in stable condition.

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  • Leticia

    dayzi i love you so much i will never forget you! you had such a big heart<3 i love you i cant believe your gone… but i guess ill just have to let go. everyone in our school is so sad no one will forget how happy you were. we all loved you! good bye.

  • Anthony Eldridge

    My prayers go out to the family of dayzi she was my sisters best friend and such a good kid always kind.
    I will truely miss her comeing over for dinner with the family as she did often. Dayzi and her family had lived next door to us you couldnt ask for better neighbors. I can remember every time I seen her I would say ' Hi Dayzi how are you doing' she would always kindly say Hi back and she would always be smileing.

  • Autumn

    Dayzi is always with is. but now she is above us watching down on us. that girl always had a smile on her face and could always make me happy. I love that girl so much. now god has her in a safer place<3 Please take good care of her god<3 she was basically my family and now everyone in my family and at church are devastated. we miss you very much beautiful<3 prayers will go to your family<3 I love you girl.:) -Autumn-

  • Tiayana

    Such a beautiful girl. Gone in a short noticed. She will be missed and forever in our hearts. Its crazy, just the other day before winter break began, I seen her hugging her boyfriend all happy and smiley.. Got to school today, and now she's gone <|3

    R.I.P. Beautiful.

  • Courtney

    Dayzi was the person to come to for advice. She always knew what to say & how to say it. She loved her friends her family & her boyfriend. Their isin't a day where I see her without a smile. I miss her so much. She is looking down on us. She is so Beautiful in so many ways words cant describe. Funny, smart, sweet, kind, nice. goofy, & was always herself. She didnt care what others thought she lived her life with no regrets. Girl I love you(:
    R.I.P. Gorgeous <3

  • Shauna

    I miss her so much she ment everything to me i never ever thought i would lose her at this age she was one of my best friends with leticia i dont even know what to do with myself right now besides cry :( I LOVE YOU DAYZI

  • Lynsey

    Maybe someday we all will see you again. I don’t think someone who always brought smiles to everybody should not be gone at such a young age. The whole school is a mess. Hate seeing people this way. We all will miss you Daysi

  • cheyanne

    she was so special her eyes sparkled like diamonds and her love was like a miracle everybody enjoyed hanging out with her she healed peoples <3 heart she will be miss by everybody i just wished i could of said me last goodbyes to her but i was to late and god put a wonderful girl in this world for a reason EVERYBODY LOVE U DAYZI <3

  • I.S.J

    It's kind of shocking and you get a numb feeling that seems like it won't ever end. I am so sorry for all that has happened. I only talked to her maybe once or twice but she was seemed like the type of person who would no matter what cheer you up and make you laugh. I guess it still hasn't sunk in yet that she is well…gone. I hope everyone will just think of all the good memories that they had with her and cherish them always.

  • Christian Stoneham

    We know you are gone yet we do not want to believe it you have left us with so many great memories one of my favorite is in the summertime when you and jorem were going all crazy outside.

    You are loved and missed so much my thought is that how great the odds were why was it you?

  • Samantha

    R.I.P Everyone basically knew her…. I will miss you Dayzi…. Goodbye…. We will all see you someday </3 WE MISS YOU!!!! R.I.P

  • Don't wan't to say

    hey pretty lady, how are you up there having fun and eating ice cream? Well truth is I'm not doing so well. I really need you here with me. We all need you here with us. Your such a beautiful girl with a beautiful soul. I still can't believe your gone, I think every day that your not gone you are here but you don't want to be seen. Well I guess i will have to get over it but I know I'm not going to be able to. I miss you baby girl, I can't wait for the day I leave this cruel horrible world to be with you. Words will never describe my love for you, then again nothing will. I have told you over and over how much I loved you but it was never enough. Words are not good enough. I miss seeing your joyful face smiling all the time. And when you would sing in the hallways at school. You were just perfect. I could go on and on with good things to say about you and not a bad thing to say. You deserve the best, and you certainly got it. You get to be with god and all those that you missed. You will never leave my heart you will always be there. Always. Nobody has forgotten you. My friends and I still talk about you everyday. I could really use one of your perfect little Dayzi hugs right now. i just need you to sit by me and say, don't worry everything will be okay I'm always here for you. I'm sure your the reason for all the beautiful sunsets that came when you passed. I watch you video everyday and just smile. Just when i thought i would never hear your voice again I found that video. When I watch that video i remind myself that the world wasn't fully filled with bad people. I remember walking in the hallway and you would hug me and say i love you! And you stayed there for a minute. I remember when you said you were moving. I said but you can't leave why do you have to? And you said I don't know. Little did I know when I walked into my first hour I would run back out and collapse in the hallway and just lay there screaming in pain. I miss you girl. I still can't seem to get it through my head your really gone. Every once in a while I feel your beside me. Right now i feel your watching me. i guess I better let you go love you baby girl with all my heart. Gone but never forgotten<3 R.I.P Dayzi <3

    • Don't wan't to say

      yeah I'm not done. I remember the very last thing you said to me. We got all excited because I was going to come over a few weeks after you were settled in. I told you i was going to see you as soon as possible and we were going to go to a bunch of concerts. But all that changed. I't will be awhile before I see your pretty little face. I regret every day I didn't say hi to you. that's all I can think right now. I'll be writing on here almost every week. I love you baby girl. <3 night beautiful.

  • don't want to say

    hey Dayzi,
    How is it up there? Well I just wanted to say how much I need you right now. To be here telling me its okay, and that you will always be there when I need you. Man. So young, so beautiful, I truly do believe you were born as an angel and was brought to this world to teach all of us something. You taught me that it's okay to be different and not care what anyone thinks, as long as you're happy. Why did such a kind soul have to leave us. We all need you Dayzi, we all need you. It seems like since you passed people have turned into complete ass holes. I don't think you understood how much people loved you. I still wonder to this day if you knew. I don't see how anyone couldn't of loved you. Your just perfect. When I say perfect I don't mean some preppy little spoiled bratty miss know it all girl. I mean beautiful, smart, kind, loving and I could just go on and on. I can never think of one time you got me mad. I remember when i herd you had died, I was confused… not knowing any other words then what just happened last night, how could this happen… no, this can't be possible.. can it? No this couldn't of happened. It just can't be real. Next thing I know I'm sitting at your funeral, on the floor, staring at your casket and thinking, my god Dayzi is in there she really is her body is not breathing it's just laying in a white box with nothing left but memories. Her laugh, her smile, her hugs are just suddenly gone. And right then I had a flash back of you. You were skipping down the hallway and jumped on me and said I love youuu and laughed i hugged you back and then you said you were moving. I said moving? No. you can't move. You can't. And you hugged me and said it's okay. The last day I saw you, you ran up to me and said good bye. I'm really going to miss you… love you. and we hugged for a minute and you left. Then i looked at your casket again waiting for it to move or something. But it just wouldn't. I really miss you. I miss your little hugs, they were calming. I just have to let it sink into my dark soul that your gone. But u can't. I think of you everyday and think, I wonder if she would still be alive if she didn't move. We were all expecting you to move but we never would have thought of your little body getting crushed and you being tooken to a hospital and not making it. And to think that moment you died half of us were laughing and having fun not caring about anything. And you were dying thinking of us. It breaks my heart to think I wasn't there by your side. We all can agree that it surly will be hard the few more years we all have. I just want to die for one day so I can visit you. And then come back to life, and take you with me. But i know i can't. well its 1:30 in the morning so im going to bed. Maybe you can visit me in my dream tonight and we can talk? i hope we can. I love you girl. Never forget that R.I.P </3 and to everyone else reading this i wish you luck with the hard times of the girl we loved and will never forget. Dayzi. <3