Trailer Released From Semi, Woman In Critical Condition

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

ALLEGAN COUNTY, Mich. – A woman is in critical condition after smashing into a trailer that came unhooked from a semitrailer.

On Jan. 7 at about 5:48 a.m., officials from the Allegan County Sheriff’s Office were called to a crash on 124th Avenue at 6th Street in Martin Township.

The driver of the semitrailer, Michael Mathew Pavlak, 57, told officials during the call that his trailer came unhooked and was blocking the roadway.

Before the driver could alert others with flares or markers, a Jeep Cherokee driving eastbound smashed into the side of the trailer.

Julie Ann Harrington, 45, of Otsego, was pinned inside the Jeep. The Martin Fire Department was able to get her out. She was transferred to Spectrum Butterworth hospital by Aeromed. She is listed in critical condition.

Pavlak was exiting the truck when the Jeep hit the trailer. He was not injured.

Police are looking into how the trailer became unhooked.


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  • Mike

    This does not happen often. I wonder if he just picked up the trailer. All Truck drivers MUST make sure their trailers are locked in before hitting the road. Mechanical failure is most likely if he's been pulling the trailer for some time.

    • Patrick

      Agreed. I worked in trucking as a safety director for 6 years. Pretrip inspections are an absolute requirement for safe travel. For the 5th wheel to have released that trailer, there must have been a catastrophic mechanical failure, either that, or the driver didn't hook up correctly to begin with. Usually failures of this type don't make it out of the trailer yard, especially if the trailer is loaded. I hope that the poor lady pulls through this. This is horrible!

      • Norma

        Knowing both of the people involved this is horrible all the way around. The lady was on her way to work. She is such a nice woman and very envolved in her church. The semi driver is a wonderful, honest and hardworking family man. This is in need of alot of prayers for both families involved. 2 really good people and families are being effected by this horrible accident.

  • Matthew W.

    Julie is my Aunt. Went to visit her in the hospital today. She is stable, in a medically induced coma for a while while they monitor her. She has quite a few broken ribs among other injuries and they were worried about brain swelling for a while, and still are not sure if there is any brain damage. Any prayers that people can send are GREATLY appreaciated!! She is very strong, she will pull through. There is a care page set up for her by her sister if anyone wants updates on her condition. Thank you in advance for all the support, our family is doing our best to get though this. Thank you to everyone!!

  • Caleb Larson

    "a vary long time with a lot of praying we got some good news today Julie maybe going to a neuro rehabilitation place that think they can fix her maybe some maybe a lot but not 100% I will however take her how ever she gets but this will be a long road a head I love you remember for better or not so good I will be with you all the way"

    In Regards to Julie Harrington who was severely injured in a car accident on the 7th of Jan 2013 please continue to pray for her!

  • Caleb Larson

    This was an update from the 17th of Jan.

    "Just visited the hospital and talked with Jim about the M.R.I. results. Some of the connections with her brain were stretched out, but the doctor said that, in time, will come back together. Her brain will also have to learn how to reroute certain areas and possibly relearn some things…not quite sure what yet. My favorite news is that she is now moving her left arm, as well as the. Right…and has smiled or acted irritated at times when stimulated. Her eyes opened slightly today when Jim told her to wake up, too. I feel we are seeing Gods hands in motion as she continues to improve!!!"