Grand Rapids Mayor Says He Doesn’t Want To See A Gun At A Commission Meeting

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. – A resident of Kent County and a supporter of gun owner rights said a Grand Rapids city ordinance prohibiting gun owners to carry openly in public is violating a state law.

One by one gun owners came up to mic to talk about the reasons they should be allowed to carry a gun openly in public, some even wore their opinion openly on their hip.  Their position is clear, they say the city ordinance prohibiting guns to be openly displaced goes against the state law.

A handful of people took the podium Tuesday during the public comment section of the regularly scheduled meeting to voice their opinion to the City Commission.

The were able to speak on the topic because one gun owner, Tom Lambert, has drafted a resolution that was put into the record today.  The resolution according to Lambert, was meant to strengthen and clarify the gun laws in the city.

He was hoping his resolution will reach the council but it’s clear from Mayor George Heartwell who said even if it’s a violation of state law, he has no plan to change the ordinance.

Heartwell said he doesn’t want to see guns at a public meeting period, he said guns can intimidate people from speaking their mind.   It’s unclear if the commission will pick up the issue at a later date.

Lambert said he had no intention of letting it go.


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  • Eric

    I praise Lambert, as a citizen, for his courage to openly call out the citiy's own admission in violating the law. To stand in the face of your oppressor takes guts. With passion he tried to convey his side, he even helped them by drafting a resolution! He didn't just complain, he acted and it fell on deaf ears. Men before us knew this day would come, when the government would openly violate our rights, which is why they gave us the power to defend, protect and overthrow if necessary. Lambert, with some pollishing you are well on your way to greatness. We are behind you!

  • Dylan

    Yes great job last night Mr. Lambert. Well done. It would have been nice if the mayor would have given you more that 3 minutes like some other people got.

  • Chuck

    I too applaude Mr. Lambert!! If Heartwell is ever a victim, he will see things differently. Pretty clear what he wants to see happen while he sits in his white castle. Maybe, possibly someone younger as mayor is the answer, with fresh ideas. And I really thought State of Mich. laws dictated…. not G.R. laws.
    Thank you Mr. Lambert!

  • Guest10

    Mr. Lambert is right…..the Mayor is the criminal here defying state law (as vague as it is). Is it a good idea to openly carry at a Public Meeting? Probably not. There's no need to. Once again though it's the principle. Some of us simply don't want to be helpless victims holding vigils until the end of time.

  • Shadow Bear

    Heartwell may as well start complying WITH the law, instead of complaining about other people complying with the law.

    Next commission meeting will be packed with people lawfully carrying; Heartwell's blatant violation of state law will NOT go away, nor be tolerated.