Victim Identified In Tuesday’s Shooting

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich.-Police in Grand Rapids are investigating a shooting that happened on Eastern Avenue between Franklin and Bates streets.

The incident happened at about 1:30 p.m. on Tuesday.

Family tells FOX 17 News that the victim is Emmanuel Broyles, 22. He was shot in the abdomen.

Broyles is listed in critical condition.

As of Wednesday, Jan. 17, the girl who found Broyles after he was shot said that he is not doing well.

Police are looking for a green Jeep Cherokee.

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  • lauren

    whatever happend to the "Dont ask dont tell Gun Drives"… to get the illegal weapons off the streets? Somebody got together it hink a church and authorities did and had a no question policy if they brought in unregistered weapons… they should bring that back

  • vaniece

    what is going on in my city!!! GOD i love this city , thought it was a great place to raise my children, i have been and lived in alot of city's, but i was always drawn back to Grand Rapids, i hate to leave this city, but the crime is getting way to bad.

  • angela

    praying for him and his family…hope they can catch all of the cowards that are doing all of this…people are doing it because they dont like each other for some reason but really take it to the boxing ring and take it out that way not but gun fire…learn to fight with your fist that is how i am teaching my boys if you have to use a weapon then you are a wimp….

  • Charlie

    Man what is going on in Grand Rapids now a days. I swear this is getting out of hand, To many shootings and Deaths in such a short time,

  • Janel

    there were some gang type members at a local church recently speaking to the pastor about things going on. They were looking for a mediator….

  • anonymous

    This won’t stop until all the good citizens get together and say enough. You can’t just say stop you must act. Don’t count on your city officials to get it done because that doesn’t work unless everyone gets involved! You are running out of time, the violence will soon be the normal and Grand Rapids will be a mirror image of Detroit.

  • Guest

    It's called hatred for one another. No love for self or anyone else. This is a shame. Where are the men of God of this city? Who is praying for this city. I don't mean a quick prayer, but I mean prayers where there are watchmen who are covering every watch. Satan plots and plans at night for what he will do for the next day and night. So, where are God's people, who will labor and go before the Presence of God and stand in the gap for the people of this city. People, it's time to fast and pray and I don't mean a 2,3,5,15,,20 etc prayer but I mean a flat out, I'm going into my prayer closet cause this city needs some protection. It's time to start shutting the doors to the enemy. I ,live in Florida and we are laboring. I will be praying for this city because it's time to whip this evil up out of our cities..
    Let us be watchful, get to work and get these young people to see that they are killing future generations.
    If there is going to be a meeting of gang members, intercessors need to start praying NOW!!!

  • tom

    I dont think guns are the problem.. Not being able to control your kids seems to be a problem… this is a gang war going on here. It cost the city to much money to do something.. how about 0 tolerance on gangs in GR . Oh wait that cost money lets go back to giving out speeding tickets and parking tickets thats a $$$ maker..

  • bountyguy

    Lets stop blaming Obama and lets start putting the blame where it really belongs in all colors and races.
    Back in the days people had kids to become a family where kids knew who their mother or father is and they did family things simple things like eating dinner at the dinner table together.
    It gets me we always want to put the BLAME everywhere except where it really belongs.
    If people would spend more time with their kids instead of cheating on their partners and then splitting .
    People cry well it costs to much so both need to work well quit buying 10 room houses and fleets of cars and boats ect ect we had then things back in the 60s and the cost of living was the same as today the only thing that changes is prices go up but also workers pay went up also it is just people want to show off and forget their true responsibility's THEIR KIDS as the kids are far worth more then any house car boat ect

  • Edhead

    ABSOLUTELY DEAD ON…'s not Obama, it's not the guns, it's not the video games, it's these so-called parents who raise their children like some raise cats. We'd be better off if the parents of these worthless pansies were charged and held accountable…..if they can't care for the kid, you get your baby maker taken away!