Excessive Heat Warning Issued for West Michigan

Woman Describes Finding Man Shot On Eastern Avenue

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. — Jenette Brown was changing buses on Eastern Avenue between Franklin and Bates streets on Tuesday afternoon when she saw a man wandering in the middle of northbound traffic. She watched as he fell to the road.

“I seen the young man hit the ground in the middle of the street, like waving his arms,” she says. “So I ran over there kind of panicked. He told me he thinks he’s been shot. Like he was still traumatized from what had happened that he couldn’t believe it had happened himself.”

The man was Emmanuel Broyles, 21, of Grand Rapids. Brownsaid he’d been shot in the left side of his stomach. The bullet had torn through his organs and exited out his right side.

“He was alert and stuff,” she said “But by the time the ambulance got there, that’s when he started getting cold. He lost enough blood, he started getting cold.”

Once the ambulance and police were on scene, Brown found a neighbor who knew where Broyles’ mother lived down the street. Brown walked onto the porch and met Emmanuel’s mom, who was with her daughter and Emmanuel’s baby son.

“She told me she felt something weren’t right,” Brown said. “Because he told her ‘I’ll be right back.’ And his little sister was like…she timed him and he was taking too long. And she said when she saw us on the porch, she knew something wasn’t right. She was kind of scared. So I ended up telling her, ‘your son got shot.’ She broke down.”

Brown rode with Emmanuel’s mother to St. Mary’s Hospital where Emmanuel underwent surgery. According to the family, he is still in critical condition and there is still a chance he may not survive.

Brown’s encounter with Emmanuel felt all  too familiar after a childhood spent in a neighborhood near the scene, living what she calls “the street life.”

“When I saw Emmanuel on the ground it brought back a lot of memories,” she said.

Brown said she lost a brother and cousin to violence. It caused her to change her life.

“I stay in the house. I stay to myself,” she said. “I used to be out there in the streets. The streets ain’t nothing but a waste. Just an easy step to death or jail. They say Grand Rapids is a good place to raise kids…to those who don’t know much about Grand Rapids.”

All she can do now is look to divine intervention to bring peace back to her home.

“I do pray for everybody,” Brown said. “I pray for myself. I pray for my family. I pray for my friends.”

“I even pray for my enemies, because it’s bad out here.”

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  • grand rapids born and raised

    Correction* i know grand rapids ive been here my whole life. It is a AMAZING place to raise a family inless you live in the ghetto where people dont give a sh*t about themselves let alone anything else. How dare she. Dont confuse this great city with the failures who are ruining it. Change is coming. And these little cowards running around with guns will be caught. Dont give up gr!!

    • Hopeful in GR

      Wow. I know engaging you will do nothing but you chose to comment and if the rest of us give up an ignore your comments we are no better. Sure there are people who do bad things, and may be even punks or thugs or whatnot but that is everywhere. I think people who have lived in Grand Rapids their whole lives actually get a bit skewed in their perceptions. I was raised in the countryside around Grand Rapids and there is a lot of violence there as well. I've also lived in a lot of other places in Michigan, both sides of the state, and traveled the world. There are problems everywhere and I'm sorry but Grand Rapids is nothing special. What made me return here is family and I'm happy to be close to them. But we need to realize that we're all made of the same stuff, from the country to the suburbs to the ghetto. And I've also got to say that I've had a lot of great opportunities that people "in the ghetto" don't have like moving away and seeing the world. They don't live in the ghetto because they're garbage but because life is hard and sometimes you get stuck. You can't always get out and the pull yourself up by the bootstraps lie that we feed ourselves and our children just doesn't always work. What works is compassion. What works is trying to make the world a better place

  • Allysa Russell

    I have to "Correct" you ! The violence in GR is flowing out EVERYWHERE its not just in the "GHETTO" that is just the more popular stories the news covers the "GHETTO" crimes ! I am born and raised in GR (ive lived in wyoming, kentwood downtown, grandville and have seen the same in all places) and i agree it is a Beautiful and wonderful place to live violence is not just here it is nation wide but it is getting bad here im 22 and i barely go out anymore i stick to myself because of the violence and i have seen first hand that it is not just in the CITY its in the suburbs as well kentwood elderly couple murdered in their own home, Kidnapping in country towns, sexual assault by the zoo and the list could go on ! And i know ppl who live in the "GHETTO" who would give the shirt off their back for someone they dont know help feed the neighborhood and other acts of kidness not every person not HALF the ppl in the GHETTO are selfish heartless peices of garbage! And it has alot to do with the way the city and entire nation is divided by politics no one in the government is willing to compromise their beliefs for the good of all thats why at this time its TIME FOR US AS A CITY TO BAN TOGETHER AND LET THESE PUNKS KNOW WE WILL NOT STAND FOR THIS WE WILL NOT SIT BACK AND COWER AWAY LIKE THEY WANT US TO WHILE THEY DESTROY THIS BEAUTIFUL CITY SO MANY PEOPLE CALL HOME ! WE NEED TO PUT RACE GENDER FINANCIAL STATUS ALL OF THAT ASIDE AND COME TOGETHER AS A COMMUNITY AND STAND UP TOGETHER WE CANT DO IT ALONE BUT IF WE BAN TOGETHER WE COULD MAKE A CHANGE WE ALL WANT TO SEE!!

  • allysa russell

    I agree most deff it is worse on the se side but to stereotype the “ghetto” with implying that everyone who lives on that side doesn’t care about anyone is a crock … We as a city just need put views aside difference in opinions aside and stand together all the great wonderful ppl in this city could stand against the few distroying it!

  • Edwina

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