2 Arrested For Assault

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

LOWELL, Mich. – Two men have been arrested for an assault that took place at the Moose Lodge in Lowell, Mich.

According to police documents, on Friday, Jan. 6, numerous 911 calls were received from people at the Moose Lodge, located at 210 E. Main Street. The callers reported that fights had broke out both in and outside of the building.

When officials arrived, they found two people lying unresponsive on the ground.

Several people were still fighting at the time, but many left upon the arrival of the police officers.

The two people who were unresponsive were transported to the hospital.

After two weeks, on Jan. 18, one of the suspects, a Lowell area man, was arrested on a charge of assault and battery. He was also arrested on a charge of disorderly conduct. He did post his $1,000 bond and was released pending his arraignment.

The other suspect, a Saranac man, was arrested on a charge of assault and battery. He also posted his bond of $500 and was released pending his arraignment.

Both arraignments for the suspects are scheduled for Jan. 30, 2013.


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  • heather halladay

    What about the the man injured?? Douglas winglar.. thank you for this, but the whole point in my email ( and I am sure many others) was to get it out there for the people who did witness this to come forward. Doug was injured very badly and we are looking for justice for him. You have not mention any thing about him in this. Doug is suffering from severe brain injuries and more. We are looking for justice for doug winglar.

  • Natalie Griffith

    I believe ASSAULT WITH INTENT TO DO GREAT BODILY HARM would be a more correct charge. They caused Doug Wingler severe injuries. There is no reason to ever kick someone in their face repeatedly… especially while they are unconscious. Hopefully the judge will add their proper charges.

  • Melissa

    I am glad to hear that the arrests were made now to get the justice that Doug deserves it has been a long and horrible 2 weeks for him. Justice needs to be taken and these 2 men need to be charged with the crime they have committed it has been a long time coming for these 2 men and now someone is taking the stand against them I hope the judge sees this also.

  • Mike

    I do believe that anytime you go to a Moose Lodge there is a small chance of getting your face caved in. Best move is to not go. People never seem to quite understand that NOTHING good comes from drinking.. But everyone just keeps rollin' the dice. Stupid