Wyoming Student Jailed, Brings Gun To School

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

WYOMING, Mich. — A student from Wyoming Junior High School is being held in the Kent County Juvenile Detention Center after bringing an unloaded handgun to school Monday.

Superintendent Dr. Thomas Reeder tells FOX 17 that a female student told her father Monday night that a boy at school had shown her and other students a gun near the end of the school day.

The girl reported the incident to school officials Tuesday morning, who then told their on-site community officer.

Wyoming Police Detective-Lieutenant Scott Beckman said the officer then went to the home of the student, where the boy admitted to bringing the gun. The officer found several airsoft guns and the weapon in question.

FOX 17 has learned the student in question is an 8th-grade male. He has been expelled from the school.

Michigan State Law says that possession of a weapon in a school zone can be punishable by up to 93 days in jail and a $2,000 fine.

In a letter sent home to parents on Tuesday, Principal Jon Blackburn urges parents to “remind your son or daughter to let school officials know if they suspect any inappropriate items at school.”

Beckman praises the actions of the girl who reported the incident.

“They did the right thing when they went to the staff,” he said. “Being able to do that – not only is it courageous, especially today, but it is the right thing to do.”

Dr. Reeder says the school won’t be making any adjustments to their security. Beckman understands the decision.

“How high do you increase it?” he said. “How far do you go? There’s one extreme to the other. There’s no security; there’s a lockdown facility. I mean, how far do you truly want to go when it comes to security, and how much would be willing to accept?”

The student in question will be held in juvenile detention until a court date is set.

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  • Buck

    Ya well what about Mom n Dad ? How did the kid get a hold of the gun in the first place ?? If the gun belonged to one of them then they need to be held accountable !! Loaded or not it should be locked up when Mom n Dad are not around >>

  • Ciara

    Excuse me. that is my friend. You guys dont know ANYTHING about him so leave your two sense outta it. So if your gonna leave disrespectful comments shove it somewhere.

  • Anonymous

    I agree Buck, if the parents would have had the gun locked up like it should be this wouldn't have happened. He should be expelled and be held accountable for his actions as well as his parents. That's how these school shootings happen. Good thing he didn't use it.

  • ashli brown

    Please People! i Know what he did was wrong, but that girl shouldnt be a snitch! Free Luis thats What i say. I Wish i Knew Who Did snitch I Knock her Out!!

    • RobG.

      Why would you "knock her out"? That kid had no business in possession of that firearm. As an adult, if I was caught in possession of a firearm that didn't belong to me, it would be a felony and I'd go to prison. not only didn't this kid make a common sense decision, his parents need a stern talking to also. Believe me when I say I'm not anti-gun…..far from it. Young people need to make better choices.

    • Anonymous

      So assaulting the girl who did the right thing is your way of helping your idiot friend. I say your comment with your name at the top of it should be sent to the school and they can deal with you and your threat to this girl.

  • anonymous

    our guns are locked up even when we are around. If my husband takes the kids hunting he takes the guns out and immediately locks the gun safe where the rest are. It's careless of the parents and the child.

  • Brandalina

    The school is not going to make any adjustments??? Seriously so had the little girl not said anything the next time he brought the gun to school loaded and shot children then we could possibly think about making adjustments right???

  • Anonymous60

    And there is the problem; obviously a minor is telling an adult to "shut-up" because the BOY is a friend of hers, and then another one who doesn't know a respectful comment when he/she reads one. No disrespect, other than "shut up" has been written or expressed. Children, and yes an 8th grader is a child, have this assumption that they are on the same level as adults. Many children are left unattended and/or unsupervised, the parents or as what is now the norm, the single parent is too young and have no control over the child/children and are mainly a cash cow by way of SSI (ADD/ADHD) or DHS, sometimes both forms of government entitlement programs. It is time we quit coddling these children when they do these adult crimes and hold the parent(s) accountable too.. If we don't stop with being PC, and getting tough, it is only going to get worse, if that is even possible.

    • annie

      first of all I know the family and his mother does work I am not sticking up for him by no means but it is flat out rude to ASSUME just b/c a parent is single or on SSI or getting help from the DHS their children are not raised right!!! I had to get help from the DHS for 3 years and I am a single mother of THREE but I took care of my children and went to college while I was getting help from the DHS and I also had my 1st child at 17!!!! I am still a single mother of 3 and I now work and my children are well taken care your comment is just plain RUDE you should really think about it not ALL people who get SSI or assistance have bad children u sound dumb!!!!!

      • annie

        I also have a child who has severe seizures and nerve damage and recieves SSI and by no means is she a cash cow to me very disrespectful thing to say about "us" mothers who get assistance for our child or SSI assumptions will get u nowhere and in some cases make u sound ignorant just saying

  • anonymous

    I do not think anyone should be mentioning his name!!! I am a very close family friend and nobody should be talking about him!!! He knows what he did was wrong and he will have to deal with the consequences for the rest of his life.

  • Anonymous

    I think it’s rather ironic that some little teenie-bopper is telling people on here to stop being disrespectful to their friend yet they totally missed the blatant disrespect that their friend had for the school rules and disrespect for the students & staff of that school.

    • Anonymous

      Teenie-bopper friend is clueless as well. Talking about being disrespectful without what it means to be respectful. Its all about them!! NOT!!

  • Jenn

    Ashli Brown you do realize you just put your name with a threat to this girl. I'm glad you are so much smarter than all of the adults in this situation. Congratulations on getting reported to your school for making online threats to another student, in public, for all to see.
    It doesn't matter what the situation is, a CHILD should never have brought a gun to school!

  • Charles

    Lets chock it up to a teenager's curiosity and enthusiasm…and a chance to be the 'cool kid' for a short time.

    But strangely you all seem to think this is criminal behavior, which it isn't. Just kids being kids. After all IT WASN'T LOADED.

  • Charles

    People are overreacting. The gun wasn't loaded and he didnt point it at anyone in anger, he just wanted to be the cool kid for a short time. You all have to stop letting the NEWS brain wash you.

  • Just me again

    whoops…Tagging on the wrong station…Meant 17 which they are just as bad for exaggerating and not telling the whole story if it will increase the ratings.

  • Truth Teller

    I'm glad I got out of Wyoming Public Schools as soon as I could. Its going downhill really bad. I'm surprised this is the first time someone got caught. When I went last year I knew of at least 5 people who had Marijuana and a gun in their backpacks at all time. WPS needs to change fast, or it will be a failing school.. which it already is.. Kids being kids.. This is a gun we are talking about… What if it WAS loaded? What if he had a clip in his backpack?

    -Coming from a Former student of WPS..

  • Concerned Citizen

    It pleases me to hear that the student is being held in a juvenile correction facility if nothing else it should scare him straight and regardless of whether the gun was loaded or not it is obvious that the student should know the implication of bringing a gun to school in light of recent tragedies throughout the last decade. I was in 7th grade when Columbine happened and it saddened me so deeply…..It is a shame that this young man for a second would think that bringing a gun into a school would make him cool.

  • Katie

    To the aduts: I am saddened by the lack of common sense in some of the above replies. You should be ashamed of yourselves for doing anything but encouraging ALL of our youth to be proud of who they are and to use their education as a tool for successful futures. Remember, children's brains are not fully developed, their brains need a lot more training. Do they know right from wrong…Yes. But do they always make the right decision….No! This incident is unique and it is nothing like Columbine or to Sandy Hook. Instead of going to the extreme with our public comments, let's look at it for what it is.
    Do any of you care about what your school is doing to prepare kids for college? What they are doing to meet the Common Core State Standards? How they are challenging every kid to be successful in the classroom, and not just the ones whos parents have it all together?

    Instead of picking on this kid, Wyoming, or the 2nd ammendment…you should be setting your DVR record your favorite reality tv show because it seems that is the nonsense that is important in your life!

  • Katie

    To the boys friends who are posting: Your loyalty to him is very obvious, and he knows he made a bad decision. I am sorry you all are hurting. The rules, although we do not like them sometimes, are there to protect the entire school. Your school is safe, you have amazing teachers (even though they can be a pain), and your community (minus the blubbering idiots) supports your struggle to grow up with an education to back you. Be proud that you walk the halls with smart, brave, students and do not crticize them for doing the right thing. Your friend is strong, he will deal with the consequences for his bad decision, and you will help him by being there for him through all of it. I wish you all the best.

  • Source

    Reports of another gun at the school today have been reported. At the end of the day someone yelled gun and everyone was rushed out of the school and into safety. Police officer was running towards the room where the alleged gun was being held. No new details.

    (Sources: 5 different students who attend WMS.)

  • Anonymous

    A few people are saying that this is getting blow out of proportion because the gun wasn’t loaded. How is anyone to know this to be true unless they are actually in possession of the gun. I know that I don’t have the ability to tell this from a short distance.
    Besides, it’s my understanding that the police recovered the gun at the students home so who’s to say that it wasn’t load when he had it at school then unloaded it when he got home.

  • Asian.

    He was tryna be cool it wasnt loaded calm down, its over with. i go to this school, i think its fine. we dont need anyt adjustments because i hope no one else is dumb to do this again, and iits up to mr blackburn not us.