Medical Marijuana Dispensaries Busted For Selling Products Illegally

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

KENT COUNTY, Mich– The Kent County Sheriff’s Office recently conducted an investigation, where they busted three different medical marijuana dispensaries for selling their products to people without a medical marijuana card.

“I think they are kind of stretching the law,” said Det. Lt. Ron Gates, Kent County Sheriff’s Office. “They’re not suppose to make a profit and a lot of them are in it for profit obviously they have to make a living, they have to pay for the building and pay for the equipment.”

The edible products are made by extracting Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) from the plant, which is the active ingredient in marijuana. Gates said they can then turn that into butter and place that in just about anything.

“A lot of these dispensaries are actually making the edible food that they are selling to some of their patients and selling it to some people that aren’t,” Gates said.

Friday, students at Three Rivers High School were caught with suspected marijuana laced candy on them. School administrators found out about this, through and anonymous tip. Law enforcement thinks people could be getting products like this marijuana laced candy, from dispensaries that are selling the product illegally.

“They get five patients that they can sell to and we and we have received information through silent observer, through informants that they are selling to more than the five that they’re allowed,” Gates said.

The Kent County Vice Unit has brought charges on three different dispensaries for selling their products to people without a medical marijuana card.

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  • WMCC

    Were the dispensaries actually selling to people without cards? Or is Det. Gates still not willing to admit that patient to patient transfers are legal. We as patients and or caregivers do not need to be connected unless its for the growing of plants.

  • Gpiccuto

    "Medical Marijuana Dispensaries Busted For Selling Products Illegally".

    Which are these dispensaries that you claim were "busted"? In the video nor in the article there is no claim of any dispensary being "busted" by any law enforcement agencies nor has there been any formal charge against any of them. Why do you have to resort to outlandish and false headlines to grab attention? Do you honestly think I will come back here to read anything after you just lied to me and took me for an imbecile? This piece has no solid information just biased propaganda. That should be Fox News motto; "No solid information; just biased propaganda!". The anti Marijuana group is grasping at straws, they don't know what to invent anymore to try and stop the movement.

  • Charmie

    This is simple propaganda and not very good propaganda at that.
    Reality is, enforcing our drug laws decreases public safety on a scale that makes these assertions look like childs play, literally. Take a look at these Michigan State Police Crime Statistics for the last three years, coupled with the asset forfeiture "earnings." The fact is, law enforcement can seize whatever they want, without a conviction or even bringing charges. This policing for profit decreases public safety, year after year and county by county.

    Kent County Offenses and Number of Arrests:
    arrests/incidents x 100 = arrest rates per incident
    Prostitution 64/79 = 81%
    Drugs 2444/3141 = 77%
    Arson 11/102 = 23%
    Rape 106/659 = 16%
    Burglary 253/3091 = 8%
    Robbery 151/1545 = 3.5%
    Car theft 55/675 = 8%
    Murder 0/10 = 0%

    Prostitution 76/ 86 = 88%
    Drugs2386 / 2990 = 79%
    Murder 4/13 = 30%
    Rape 122/ 669 = 18%
    Robbery 117/ 678 = 17%
    Arson 14/ 155 = 9%
    Burglary 266/ 3849 = 7%
    Car theft49 / 787 = 6%

    Prostitution 92/ 108 =85%
    Drugs 2745/3251 =84%
    Murder 4/11 = 35%
    Rape 140/686 = 20%
    Robbery 135/785 = 17%
    Arson 22/134 = 16%
    Car theft 70/785 =9%
    Burglary 286/ 3362 = 8%

    Asset Forfeiture
    Local Police
    2011 $449,147
    2010 $439,935
    2009 $375,395
    2008 $365, 121
    2007 $368, 892

    Kent Co. Sheriffs and Prosecutors
    2011 $685,760
    2010 $716,885
    2009 $337,478
    2008 $325,243
    2007 $133,933

    Generated by Charmie Gholson, Founder of Michigan Moms United

  • Guest

    I would like to see some reporting on companies like SweetStone and their compliance with FDA, DEA compliance and regulations. Where are these consumables being manufactured? In a home kitchen? What licensing do they have to go through? Are these manufacturers legal businesses? A quick search on the Michigan's Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs site shows no business named SweetStone. Are companies like these feeding the public schedule 1 controlled substances without going through the proper governmental processes? Seems a little fishy to me.

  • believer

    Anybody can go to the pharmacies in michigan and get meds weather their perscribed or over the counter, and they still cause more harm than any grade pot ever grown.we see it all the time when a curious child finds pills in the cabinet and the parent finds their child dead. if it were pot the child would likely get hungry, eat and fall asleep. then wake up and b just fine to live another day. lets have common sense on the issue of marijuana. nobody has EVER died because of a marijuana over dose, and people die daily by over dosing on percribed meds daily.