RSV Case In Infant Is A Warning To All Parents

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

MUSKEGON, Mich.- It was just five weeks ago that Shannon Rudicil left Hackley Hospital in Muskegon with her adorable baby boy, Dallas. Little did she know, that they would be back, admitting her tiny son for two overnight stays due to respiratory syncytial virus (RSV).

“RSV is a respiratory virus that is very common for children under 2 years of age,” infection control preventionist Summer Pike said. “It’s actually the most common respiratory infections that we see. Its symptoms can be runny nose, cough, some lose their appetite when they are younger children you can tell.”

In most cases, the children fight their way through it, with not so much as a visit to the doctor. However, in some cases it can attack the lungs and have serious consequences.

The Rudicils, it all started last Thursday, and the doctor passed it off as a common cold, Shannon said. She kept an eye on Dallas, but he got worse. “He started wheezing and more coughing, kind of like he’s choking.” Shannon said.

By Tuesday, Dallas was in the emergency room. “They took his oxygen … It was very low. After getting the baby on an IV and oxygen, blood work was done, and the diagnosis was RSV.

Shannon noticed Dallas’ color changing, a major symptom. She also noticed that when she would snuggle him up to her chest, which he usually loved, he fought to sit up instead.

Just like the flu spike this season, RSV is also on the rise, doctors say. Pike  advises that any parent to follow their instincts.

While there is no way to immunize for RSV, having good hand washing hygiene and disinfecting the house can play a big role in keeping this deadly virus at bay.

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  • jennifer

    i know what she is going through my son had rsv at 2 yrs old and i took him to hackley er and they ran test and said he had rsv and that cause he was 2 yrs old it wouldnt affect him as bad as a premature baby and i told them that he refused to drink or eat and all he wanted to do was sleep and he had a high fever and they said he wasnt dehydrated and sent him home and as a mother i knew something wasnt right with him so i left hackley and took him to mercy er and they did blood work and said he had to stay in the hospital for 3 days cause he was so dehydrated and that if i would of took him home he probably would of died well after his 3 day stay for dehydration mercy released him and said if he goes back to wanting to sleep again and not eating or drinking to bring him back in well the very next day all he wanted to do was sleep and he refused to drink and i didnt have transportation back to mercy so i called a cab and when i took him back to mercy er they were putting oxygen on him and i didnt know what was going on and then tehy told me he couldnt breath on his own and they admited him for 3 days and they were giving him breathing treatments for 2 days and i had to make them stop because he was hitting the nurses and the breathing treatments were making him flip out and the dr refused to change his medications and said that it cost to much and i wouldnt be able to afford it so i made them take him off the breathing treatments

  • Jen

    Hmm I wonder if it was Dr Mikesell! Cause I took My 2 1/2 yr Special needs daughter to him & he passed it off as just a common cold!! We have been @ Helen Devos Childrens Hospital since Tuesday! She’s struggling but slowly getting better!!! Glad he is home & well

  • Linda RN

    NOthing agaisnt the hospital you showed, but if you would have went to HDVCH you would have gotten your facts straight!!! There is a vaccine for RSV but it is very expensive. Most children DO NOT go home on "nebs" as they do nothing for RSV. Please stick to the facts. You should have concentrated more on the symptoms and when parents should bring their infant in. RSV is deadly but it doesn't have to be. We have a children's hospital in Grand Rapids! Why wouldn't you do your story there? Hackly transfers all there sick children to us. They only keep the stable ones. I'm glad this infant did well and I wish the family well.

    • Shannon

      Linda as i am the mother to this infant. my son was not transferred to Grand Rapids because he was doing better. There is more to why they sent him home on a nebulizer. There is also more to why Leigh Ann did the story here in Muskegon. We know that there is a vaccine for RSV but my son did not meet the qualifacations to get the vaccine and I do not have the cash just sitting there. While we were in the hospital they explained everything to us. I am no expert on RSV but I do know my child unlike anyone else. I mean no disrepect and everyone is entitled to their opinions but Leigh Ann and myself should not be judged or anything like that for trying to help others. People really need to have some respect to my son and my family. We did not ask to go through this.

    • sum1elsewhoknows

      shame on you linda. there are other hospitals other than in GR you know. as well as towns other than GR! negative people really erk me…

    • garry

      i can't believe how cold hearted you are linda,you think money grows on tree's.your hospital over charges as much as your over paid!!!you are nothing but an ignorant cold hearted nuse!!

  • ALG

    Yeah, way to jump to conclusions Linda. You don't know this case or anything other than what was reported in the article. You don't know what was discussed at that hospital. You are insinuating that none of the doctors at that hospital know the symptoms, warning signs, and treatment protocols for RSV because they don't work at your hospital and because the report wasn't written the way YOU would have done it! If you want reporting done your way become a reporter and have at it. If you want better news reporting maybe offer up some constructive ideas and stop attacking. It just makes you look ignorant.

    • garry

      thank-you alg that is my grandson the artical is about thank-you for your reply and putting this cold hearted nurse in her place.

  • Ken

    Ah, come on Linda. Hehe. But honestly, there is no vaccine for RSV. There is, however, a immune boost vaccine that helps fight against this RSV.

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