Man Attacked Outside Karaoke Bar, Hospitalized

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

MUSKEGON, Mich. – A man was hospitalized early Sunday morning after four men allegedly attacked him outside a Muskegon karaoke bar.

Adam Lee Johnson was at DJ’s Pub & Grill on Henry Street Saturday night. His sister told FOX 17 News that’s where he was beaten to the point of unconsciousness. She said the men who attacked her brother stole his wallet. She also said a friend who was with her brother that night told her Johnson was targeted because of his sexual orientation.

The owner of the pub said the incident happened after the business was closed. The owner also said it happened in an area of the parking lot that was not monitored by cameras. Employees said they first noticed something was wrong when they saw flashing lights coming from an ambulance.

Johnson was released from the hospital after receiving treatment. He has no memory of the attack.

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  • Rebecca

    Rumor is that the staff was well aware of what was happening and stood by and did nothing. People like this that discriminate are what is wrong with society. Four men against one, I hope they throw the book at them

    • Sheena /Warrior

      Yes it seems they had to know what was going on. They say they only noticed when they saw the 'lights' of the rescue vehicle. There is something seriously wrong with ALL of the 'people' working at the bar.

  • Pamela Reed

    That shit is fucked up, he is the sweet guy u will meet and for someone let alone 4 of them did that to him… Prayers go out to Adam and hope u get better soon much love to u him…

  • 2013worldseries

    People standing by and doing nothing are just as worthless to society as the "gangstas." See if that pit ever gets my business.

  • anonymous

    As an employee of the karaoke bar……(Not Nightclub), I personally did not know of this incident until the day after. The man attacked is a friend of mine also and I had no idea this happened until the day after. We have 3 security members on duty on Friday and Saturday nights and I can tell you not one of them "stood and watched!" Our security are paid to patrol the lots during business hours and monitor activity within as well. I do think better video surveillance is necessary because this act of violence is uncalled for. The owners of this place are very kind people and do everything they can to make sure they run a peaceful establishment! The 4 men who attacked Adam are African American males I am told who are mere cowards who need to be found and dealt with! Any of you who have any information on this attack need to please contact local authorities immediately so justice can be served for Adam!

  • bigmomma

    This is rediculous why are people doing this kind of crap to people. I am so glad i moved out of this area , people need to grow up and stop with the top testostirone crap.

  • Jeffery

    Don't give up your angelic talent, Adam. I have your back and a contribution to the medical bills.
    I experienced the same at the SAME place! Please get well.
    A big fan.

  • Hollywood

    I know the bar locks the doors around 1:30am and the job of security during last call is to get the people inside to leave…'s not very often that security is standing outside watching over people in fact it's rare. If Adam was outside after the doors were locked the only people who would of known would of been other bar patrons. Even they run the risk of being injured trying to get involved, the way people carry weapons around now a days I would be very hesitant trying to break something like that up. I would though be the first to call 911

  • Noname

    You know the mentality of Muskegon has gone so far down the drain that It almost makes you sick to say that you live here anymore. I have several friends of the other persuasion. I think they are some of the coolest people in town. How can someone beat up someone just for the way that they want to live their life? I hope the people who done this rotten thing gets caught and they get the books thrown at them and then that maybe some group beats up each of them. This will happen in a place that has bars and no one but no one will say a word.

  • sunshine

    It is a true shame that there is hate crimes against a person or people for being who they are. My heart goes out to the young man who was attacked by the cowards that can not except a person for who they are. And for the cowards that stood around and watched and did nothing at all, shame on you.
    And Adam, live for today, tomorrow and the furture and do not let the past disrupt it. Be yourself, love yourself as we all care and love you.

  • Jessik

    I hope that Karma pays each individual involved in the actual crime of attacking this poor man,AND the ones involved in trying to cover it up,a personal visit and I hope she makes all those who made this guy suffer,go through terror of her own accord.May Karma bring justice to all who harm any one that is an innocent.As for the victim,Adam,keep your head up and let no one tell you not to be who you want to be.You are you and no one should ever try to change that.

  • Jai

    Ok so this is my thing about all this.. Why the hell have cameras if you ar not going to secure your whole property..(WAISTE OF MONEY IF YOU ASK ME!!!) This is not the first time someone has had to deal with stupid people like that.. The service sux there.. I have once had a hate crime done by an employee. This bar just need to be shut down.. Just imagine how many acts of violence that has happened here that was not reported

  • Jai

    .. I once over heard ( well if you bring your gay ass here, then it should be beaten..) That was from an employee.. I dont care what the staff say.. They are all just protecting their jobs.. The bouncers.. Yep they sux.. It seemed like everytime I seen a bouncer they were consuming alcohol.. Well that should be against company poilicy.. Well I am sure that it is, but the bar owners just dont are… Everyone has oh their so nice.. I have sen it with my own eyes and if I was the county this would be a bar that I would shut down.. ( VERY UNPROFESSIONAL) … The only other thing I have to say Is for all the (Straight) society.. Gay bash is not cool.. Just rememeber that if your child comes out and get gay bashed on…!! What would you do.. Treat them the same.. Grow up.. I as a gay and all the other gay have the same rights as you.. We have the right to go to any establishment and spend out hard earning money as well as you folks..

    • anonymous

      Seek an attorney and take all they have.. You have a real case and you will win!!!
      Sorry for your pain and suffering and God speed in healing…

  • Jackncoke75

    It is my understanding DJ's has the practice of pushing fighters out of the building and into the parking lot and that’s where "their security stops". I have been told by security at other bars that enforcement stops at the door and they are NOT responsible for what happens in the parking lot. This is private property. Maybe Fox 17 can address this issue. Who is responsible for what happens in the parking lot?

  • Nance

    So sorry to hear about this happening to Adam, he is the sweetest people person that I have ever met. He is very talented with his voice and for someone to do this to him is so unfair, Hopefully his mental injury from this won't stop him from sharing his gift of song.

  • anonymous

    The bouncers may not be liable for what happens in the parking lot but the basis still exists for liability to fall on the owner's behalf. If there is a fight authorities should be notified whether it happens inside or out. Moving the altercation to the parking lot does not remove any basis for assumed liability. It is still on the grounds of the establishment. If the fight was moved into the street then its a different story.

  • salt water taffy

    Um I herd it was not just black males that did this, in fact (and I know this is hear say) a friend of mine helped out a guy that had left that bar that night, saying he got jumped by 4 guys but the only thing that was wrong with him was his right hand was red and the shirt he had on was full of blood and he was not bleeding any where, and he had a extra wallet in his pocket, I got all this info before the story came out. Oh and the guy is a so called bouncer there. hmmmm seems a little odd if you ask me

  • Ken

    Well. If you know something, have the balls to tell the police. I used to go there quite a bit. In recent times, the DJ would favor the newer dance music over the Karaoke and it was bringing in a different kind of croud that was much younger and energetic. It is being converted from a karaoke bar to a dance club. Confrontations happened more and more. It got to the point where we would not come in much anymore, especially as it got later.

    • salt water taffy

      Ok I guess you miss the part about hear say, I can't do anything with what I know, but you can calm your balls and know I had my friend call with the information she gave me.

  • lisa

    Im so sorry …..i will never go to this place again,this is bullshit,and i bet the staff did know it was going to happen it must have been talked about first,ya know ,its not right ,this place will not get my business again ever

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