Bar Beating Victim Says He Was Targeted Because He’s Gay

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

MUSKEGON, Mich. – A man was hospitalized early Sunday morning after four men allegedly attacked him outside a Muskegon bar.

Adam Lee Johnson was at DJ’s Pub & Grill on Henry Street Saturday night with a few friends singing karaoke.

“I go (to DJ’s) about two or three times a month,” said Johnson.

The 29-year-old said he loves to sing, his talents were showcased on FOX 17’s West Michigan Idol where he took home first place in 2006.

Johnson said he was just leaving the bar at closing time after a night of singing when he was jumped by four men in the parking lot.

He said he never saw it coming. “I have a mild concussion and also a contusion on the right side of my face.”

One of Johnson’s friends called 911 while his attackers ran away.

FOX 17 spoke with the owner of DJ’s Pub & Grill by phone who said they were aware of the attack but it happened as the bar was closing. The owner said a few employees were cleaning up inside the bar and noticed flashing lights of an ambulance in the parking lot but never saw anything else.

There are cameras outside the bar, but the owner said none of the cameras face the section of parking lot where the attack took place.

Johnson said last month a man was kicked out of DJ’s after he tried to attack him based on his sexual orientation.

He is convinced the attack on Sunday was also because he’s gay.

“They were calling me names, and yeah, as much as I don’t want to be that guy, I don’t want to cry hate crimes when it’s not serious, but it is,” Johnson said.  “I was a victim and I’m still trying to process that and deal with that but I want to find them and bring them to justice I guess.”

Since the assault, Johnson has seen an outpouring of concern from the community.

“I’ve had a lot of support from friends and family, really overwhelming,” he said.

Kimi Zimmerman, a close friend of Johnson said she hopes that from this horrible attack, the community can rally together for some good.

“What those four guys don’t realize is Adam has a whole community of people standing behind him and we won’t tolerate it, we won’t stand for it,” said Zimmerman.

Johnson’s friends and family are in the process of putting together a fundraiser to help pay for the 29-year-old’s medical bills since he doesn’t have insurance.

Johnson said he will be filling out a police report as soon as he can, the owner of DJ’s said they will work with police to find whoever is responsible for the attack.

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  • jeremy watts

    Well to some of you idiots saying negative things… Shame on you. Adam is a far better person than you. Gay or straight. Stay in the closet is better? How would you like to live in seclusion? What a moron!

  • OTRDriver

    This is only a thought but what are the chances one of the guys who was in the group who attacked was the one that got thrown out of the bar earlier in the week? Just a thought..

  • Jai

    Ok so this is my thing about all this.. Why the hell have cameras if you ar not going to secure your whole property..(WAISTE OF MONEY IF YOU ASK ME!!!) This is not the first time someone has had to deal with stupid people like that.. The service sux there.. I have once had a hate crime done by an employee. This bar just need to be shut down.. Just imagine how many acts of violence that has happened here that was not reported

    • Sheena /Warrior

      Jai, possibly the four black guys that did this know the cameras don't cover that part of the parking lot which is a BAD place to park.

  • Jai

    .. I once over heard ( well if you bring your gay ass here, then it should be beaten..) That was from an employee.. I dont care what the staff say.. They are all just protecting their jobs.. The bouncers.. Yep they sux.. It seemed like everytime I seen a bouncer they were consuming alcohol.. Well that should be against company poilicy.. Well I am sure that it is, but the bar owners just dont are… Everyone has oh their so nice.. I have sen it with my own eyes and if I was the county this would be a bar that I would shut down.. ( VERY UNPROFESSIONAL) … The only other thing I have to say Is for all the (Straight) society.. Gay bash is not cool.. Just rememeber that if your child comes out and get gay bashed on…!! What would you do.. Treat them the same.. Grow up.. I as a gay and all the other gay have the same rights as you.. We have the right to go to any establishment and spend out hard earning money as well as you folks..

  • F. Bacon

    Whatever happened to Community Watch groups? The only way to prevent these types of things is to keep tabs on these thugs, but apparently vulnerable people are left to their own devices when it comes to their own safety.

  • Sheena /Warrior

    No one deserves a beating like this, no matter what their sexual orientation is, what sex they are, what color they are, (it was four black guys on one white guy here), what church they go to, etc., etc., etc., infinity. The people who work in this bar (THE OWNER?) are leaving bad comments on this thread. We are here to help Adam.

  • Tom

    So wait, if the employees and possibly even the owner of this bar, are OK with one of their paying and singing customers, (one who brings many others there to see and hear him by the way) being beaten by 4 other men, then I have to wonder, would they also be OK with those same 4 guys or another 4 guys doing the same thing to them? Or to the bar? Or maybe to their homes or vehicles? Yeah it sux, but that stuff happens I guess. If this kind of thing happens to them as well, let me know so I can show them all the sympathy they deserve. To run a business, and allow one individual or group of patrons to cause injury to another individual or group, weather it be physical or emotional or mental or any other form of abuse, shows just how little business you have in owning or operated any business dealing with the public in any way. You should be greatly ashamed of yourselves. Adam, I am personally sorry to hear that something like this happened in our town and especially to you. Someone knows a name, someone knows who did this and I hope they are strong enough to stand up now and tell the world or at least the police, that they can't hold on to this secret to protect someone who would do this to another human being. Someone knows and they need to come forward now with that information. Do the right thing.

  • Otrdriver

    Just a hint, complaints to the State Liquor Control Commission would go a long way to creating issues for this establishment. If it needs to be shut down then so be it, take out the owner if he is not concerned with the safety of ALL the customers that visit his place..

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