Bed Bugs Shut Down Library

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

KALAMAZOO, Mich. – Bed bugs have made their way into the Kalamazoo Public Library’s Washington Square branch, causing it to shut down.

The bugs came from returned books, according to a library staff member. She said they found the bugs hiding in the bindings.

Bed bug sniffing dogs from Griffin Pest Control are scheduled to inspect the building on Tuesday, Feb. 12.

The facility will remain closed until further notice.


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  • Inez A

    Well if we hadn't listened to the crap science from Rachel Carson we'd still have DDT and no bedbugs, not to mention saving the lives of untallied thousands in developing countries who died from malaria.

  • Charlie B

    Bed bugs were already developing a resistance to DDT when it was banned, just as they're now developing a resistance to the pyrethrum insecticides now being used to treat infestations. Public education and early detection are really the best tools we have to fight bed bugs.

    • Josh

      I work for a pest control company and we do Thermal Heat Treatment to kill bed bugs. No nasty chemicals and it kills them all, even the ones in the walls and deep in bedding. Thermal bed bug remediation is the way to go. Plus you don't have to buy new bedding or replace any other furniture.

  • Guest

    from their facebook page:

    "For our followers who have expressed concern regarding the possible
    bed bug issue at our Washington Square branch: This morning, the
    Kalamazoo Public Library notified the media that staff at our
    Washington Square Branch discovered bed bugs in a few books dropped in
    the return slot. It is standard Kalamazoo Public Library policy that
    all books are thoroughly inspected upon return to each branch. These
    books were immediately quarantined, and disposed of. No other books in
    the drop box were contaminated.

    The Kalamazoo Public Library closed
    down the branch for the weekend and it will remain closed until the
    pest control company has inspected it. They are scheduled to come
    tomorrow morning. This is a precaution only. We will keep the public
    notified of the status of the Washington Square Branch re-opening as
    we receive more information. We appreciate your patience and