Middle School Student Expelled For Pot Cookie

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

MUSKEGON TOWNHIP, Mich.–A middle school student at Orchard View Middle School in Muskegon County was sent home in December after bringing a marijuana cookie to school, according to Superintendent Patricia Walstra. The female student was expelled for 180 days.

This is the second incident in several months in West Michigan involving marijuana-laced treat at school.

In January, two students at Three Rivers High School were caught with pot candy. Police believe they bought it from another student.

Designed to treat pain for patients with serious medical conditions, the products are made by extracting the active ingredient or THC in marijuana.

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  • IMOP

    So the last paragraph or so leaves me to believe these weren't the homemade cookies or candies but rather the ones specificly sold to those who possess an MM card? If that be the case, just how and where did the little darlins get their little paws on them? LOL

    • sc77

      The mother posted that she uses Marijuana and makes the cookies at home and had them in an outside fridge, and the 13 year old was not aloud to go into the fridge. Had she had NO idea what was in the cookie. I'm sorry but any 13 year old knows what goes on in their home. And not only did she sneak the cookie she then began to pass it out to her friends because she claims it tasted funny. LOL

  • Darlene Henry

    Well good for the expulsion. It sends a powerful lesson. Orchard View always seems to be in the news for these types of things, yet aren't the only system with these issues. I think we have jaded media, but I've spent the entire last week in the high school watching the kids rival with spirit. I'm happy to have the administrators, teachers, and support staff and police officers that make a community through the school, and intervene for the benefit of our children.

  • NotExactly

    @IMOP all 'edibles' are made through THC-extracting methods. It's more sensationalist writing to imply it's creation for medical purposes without any actual substance behind that statement. With recipes easily available all over the internet, it's incredibly easy for teenagers to find and buy marijuana (whether it be of medical grade or street level 'mids'), extract the THC into oil or butter, and create their own THC-infused treats.

  • mmb

    The mom put a big oh post on the OV School fb page, and in there she stated that she tasted it and it tasted funny. She then gave a piece to a friend who tasted it and said it had marijuana in it. So then she states that because the girl was scared she continued to pass it out to her classmates. If she was scared then maybe she should of just thrown in away instead of continue passing it out. I commend Orchard View Schools for stepping up and trying to make there school a safe place. I also feel that the mom should lose her medical marijuana card since obviously she can't keep it away from her kids. The mom needs to step up and take the blame for this instead of blaming the school. GREAT JOB OV