Bus Attendant Won’t Seek Charges Against Kid

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

VAN BUREN Co., Mich. — Charges won’t be filed against a student who admitted to assaulting a bus attendent, according to the student’s father.

Justin Edwards, 7, is the student at the center of the incident which took place Monday morning.

He said he took his harness off and stood up on the bus along the route. When the bus attendant told him to sit down, he said he punched her.

The bus attendant then filed a police report with the Van Buren County Sheriffs Department.

David Edwards, Justin’s father, said Justin is a special needs students with behavior problems.

Edwards said he met with Van Buren Intermediate School superintendent and the transportation supervisor, Thursday.

He said he saw video from the bus incident. Edwards said his son beat on the attendant.

He said the meeting with district officials went well and the attendant chose not to seek charges.

Edwards says Justin was suspended from taking the school bus Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. He wasn’t suspended from school.

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    • Char

      The child is in a harness–that tells you that he is special ed–possibly autistic. He may look normal, but it isn't as simple as just discipline.

  • Rachel

    He probably is special needs, otherwise there probably wouldnt be an attendent on the bus. But eaither way even if he wasn't you can't whoop a child an expect to get a better outcome, thats just going to show him its ok to hit.

  • bountyguy

    Where my child attends school they have several special needs students and it takes special teachers to be with these children .
    They take the students to the buses with harnesses and they have to strap them into the seats and it takes several minutes some days to just get the kids on the buses but they have extra riders to help with the kids to where if they try to take their security harnesses off they can stop them.
    The reason they have the harnesses is to protect themselves.
    They are not harnessed for discipline them it is for the safety of the child and you dont as some wrote give them a serious ass whopping as you dont fight violence with violence the child is 7.
    He is a special needs student which means they need special attention and a different way of teaching.

  • Anonymous

    This is my oldest child and why on God’s green Earth would you think it’s ok to “whoop” him? What is wrong with YOU? My child may not be acting appropriate on the bus, but hitting him surely isn’t going to solve anything! I can assure you that I believe he does deserve consequences but they better not involve being hit since he lives with his dad and step-mom!

  • Chelsea

    Children with disabilities don't know any better an there angry can over power them at times depending on what the severity of the disability that child has yadaya…..but whoop the child?…What would make you think violence would stop violence? The adults of the bus should have known this about the child..an should know about the disability itself to determine how the behavior can be…some kids react very bad to being yelled or maybe there has been altercations previous to this one.

  • Anonymous

    This is not the first time my son has been in trouble. It’s sad, but the doctors are still working with Justin to figure out EXACTLY what’s wrong with him! Prayers to my baby! Mommy loves you Justin!

  • bill

    I have a granddaughter that has autism and other problems but I would not hit her. I also drive school bus for a living and the bus monitors are there for the kids,so where was she when he was taking off his harness she should have been there to stop him.YOU DO NOT BEAT AN ASS because a child misbehaves.It just makes it worse sometimes!