Student From Ferris State Found Unresponsive In Snow

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

A Ferris State University Student from Grand Rapids is hospitalized after he nearly froze to death after falling into a ditch while walking home from a party.

Big Rapids Public Safety Officers said he was taken by helicopter to a Grand Rapids Hospital.

“He was just motionless, unresponsive,” said Justin Desinger, a pharmacy student.

It was just before 8:00 am when  Desinger found Nicholas Suttles in the snow in a ditch near a sidewalk, nearly frozen.

“He looked very cold, kind of stiff person laying there,” said Desinger.

He said Suttles was wearing only a t-shirt and jeans but no coat.

He feared the worst and called 911.

“He definitely didn’t look normal, like a person who wasn’t in good shape,” said Desinger. “I felt they were dead when I first saw him to be honest. He was almost blue, he was cold to the touch, he just wasn’t responsive.”

“Once they started CPR there were some signs of life and as soon as they could they got him out of that snow and started warming him up,” said Jim Eddinger, Patrolman. “The only struggle we could find was him trying to get to his feet. As we looked further into it, we saw hand prints where he was literally trying to dig his way out and couldn’t get to his feet.”

The investigation uncovered Suttles may have been spotted drinking at a party near the 300 block of Morrison and had tried to walk home at about 12:30 am to his on-campus housing when he fell into the ditch.

Police are still looking into whether charges should be filed.”I was relieved to hear the news that they were able to get a pulse again, definitely made the day a little easier,” said Desinger.
Suttles was in critical condition as of Friday evening.

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  • pickles

    How terrible. Hope he pulls through without any after effects. And hope he and others learn a lesson. This shouldn't have happened. No good comes from drinking.

  • Moderation

    A my parents used to say, "Everything in moderation". Our culture does very little or nothing to teach young people to drink responsibly. When young people learn to drive or do a job, they receive lessons and guidance from adults before going solo. When it comes to alcohol, most young people receive little to no guidance before leaving for college where they're free to experiment on their own, learning through trial and error. Unfortunately, some of those errors can have tragic consequences.

    Rather than making blanket statements about the evils of alcohol or the "stupidity" of young people, maybe we should examine the cultural forces that leave young people to navigate dangerous terrain without guidance or support.

  • Sandra

    Well why don't you take your idea to the Stare legislature so young people can get a license to drink like a temporary permit until they have had practice under adult supervision for a period of time. If they are not responsible then they lose their license to drink. They can then be charged with drinking without a license and sentenced to jail lol. They should also be required to have drinking insurance, which will cost much more for a young person. Lets do it…. The State will make money off this idea too….